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Wed, 22 Aug 07 - Episode # 4488

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Aden Strikes Back “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 22 Aug 07 - Episode # 4488)

BEACH : Maddie really can’t believe it when Cass tells her what happened with Henk. Cass admits that she not know where this going to go.

They then talk about the upcoming school formal – Cass tells Maddie that she has LOTS of ideas.

DINER : Cass talks to fisher about how many ideas etc she has for the formal – whilst colleen suggests that the Yr 12 kids should go “old school” with the formal.

Sam & Rory enter – Rory tells Sam that he is looking fwd to go to school that the likes of Maddie, Belle and Annie attend.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Brad talk to Sally about his thoughts about Rachel/Henk.

Nearby, Dan approach Rory – he suggest that Rory makes an appointment to see Dan [school counsellor] son.

When Dan has walked away, a couple of older bys tease Rory, but Aden sees this and “suggest: that they should desist.

NOAH’S : Henk enters and he is kinda surprised when Martha tells him that Cass told her about how he was too drunk to get into the flat above diner without assistance form Cass.

Jack enters just as Henk bails, and jack jokingly comments about how close Martha & Henk seemed.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Cass sees Aden with Rory and thinks that it’s Aden who is hassling Rory – but Rory tells her that Aden helped him.

Cass, Aden and other Yr 12 students, incl Maddie join fisher in one of the classrooms to discuss that formal. Cass voicess all her ideas – and all the research that she’s done, but Aden especially isn’t that ken on her suggestions, and he & his friends “suggest” that the position of student formal co-ordinator should go to a vote. Cass can’t believe it when fisher agrees – especially since none of the other students showed any keenness previously to be involved in arranging the formal.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Soon after, Cass talks to Sally in a corridor – and she’s not all that keen when Sally takes Fisher’s side in this.

Nearby, Aden and his gang are encouraging ppl to vote for Aden. Rory approach Aden & co and Aden invites Rory to go to lunch with Aden & his gang.

DINER : Aden & his friends continue to treat Rory a little too nicely – you just know that they are up to something, whyilst maddie tells Cass that all the ppl she has spoke to is alosop do so.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Maddie tells Cass that with every person she speaks to, the more ppl are voting for Cass.

They see Henk nearby, an Cass tell Maddie that she will see her at school soon.

Cass approach Henk – and he is rather surprised when she tells him all the details of what occurred last night – the kiss, Henk pushing her etc.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden tells Rory that if he does Aden a favour – by exchanging some of the real ballot papers from ones that Aden have done up, Aden will make sure that Rory isn’t picked on again.

Rory goes into the classroom, and makes the exchange.

NOAH’S : Alf ask Martha she can take him to an eye special appointment. Martha is worried that they’ll be now no one to help Cass with her next shift, but the juste entered the room henk offers to help out.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Cass, Aden & the rest of the class eagerly aite fisher reading out the result of the vote – Cass is shocked when fisher announces that ADEN has won.

DINER : Cass is sitting with a dark haired girl called Izzy when maddie enters. She tells Cass that the vote was rigged – maddie found the ballet papers ion bin in the class – and more ppl voted that are in yr 12 etc.

Maddie & the other 2 see Rory – and he is already looking sheepish. Maddie & co unzip Rory’s schoolbag, and find the REAL ballot papers.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Fisher tells Rory that he is on dentation for what’s happened, but Cass & maddie insists that Rory isn’t the ring leader here.

After Rory bails, fisher & Cass get into a rather serious verbal stoush when fisher says that the new vote for formal coordinators will HAVE to comprise of candidates other that Aden or Cass. The latter REALLY verbally fights this – o the point where brad enters the room and breaks up the argument.

DINER : Rory admits to jack & Sam & Dan tat he did what he did so he wouldn’t get picked on by bullies. Dan asssures Sam that Aden & there others WILL be dealt with [something about the Scholl’s anti bully system].

NOAH’S : Cass enters, and given what’s already happened today, she isn’t pleased that she’ll be working with henk. She “suggest” that they try as much as they can to keep out of the others way.

NOAH’S : Son after, Cass head for the storeroom to get some more supplies. When she gets in there, she strays to cry. Henk enters not long after 0 she tells him all the bad things that have happened today, incl the felling that sally betrayed her by siding with fisher earlier.

Henk move physically closer to Cass – and they, of course, kiss!!!! [END OF EP]


How will ppl react when they find out bout Cass/Henk??


Before the week is out, someone will die [after Denni’s car barrel rolls] during the street race rematch

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Cassie - light brown (Noah’s ) shirt-dress

SILVER : Sam - black & grey [horizontal striped] v neck top

BRONZE : Jack - sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt


Alf - light blue [brown check] button up shirt

Brad - white button up shirt/black long pants

Colleen - purple & yellow floral dress

Dan – choc brown button up shirt/black velvet jacket

Henk - black button up shirt

Izzy - SBH uniform

Maddie - SBH uniform

Martha - orange thin strap singlet top

Rory - SBH uniform

Sally - black long sleeve top

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