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The Game

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The Game.

Original title, I know, but don't let it put you off.

It's amazing. It's incredible. It's an act of genius. Whoever thought of The Game is awesome - but is now hated by thousands. :P It's quite a popular game.. but it isn't advertised either... it's been passed on by word of mouth, so it's untracable and unstoppable. And now I am passing it on to you...

What is "The Game"?

Well, I guess I should explain how to do it. It's confusing... so, get your thinking caps on. When you get your head around it, it seems so simple!

The aim of The Game is basically to forget about The Game. Once you remember The Game, you lose. You then shout out "I've lost The Game!" and if you're near anyone who knows about The Game, they will also then (thanks to you) lose the game, and have to do the same. Once you lose the Game, you restart it again and forget about it, until you remember and lose The Game again. It's a never-ending cycle... unless you actually forget about The Game for the rest of your life :)


The brilliant thing about The Game is that it's a good tool to annoy someone. Speaking as someone who has been a participant in the game for quite a while, everytime I lose the game I get a bit angry and annoyed at myself. But... this can be used to annoy other people. :P If others are around me who know about The Game when I lose it, I'll mention that I've lost The Game to them and then so do they! They get annoyed and angry, and it's fun to watch! It's also encouraged that if you lose The Game and you are not with any fellow participants, then you find a way to contact them to tell them you've lost The Game. It doesn't matter how, it's just funny to spoil The Game for someone else. Be creative! Draw a picture for them... send them a letter... email... instant message... text - anything! You get a weird sense of happiness from spoiling someones mood because of some game. :P

Pass it on!

Once you've got the hang of The Game - pass it on! It's stupid and pointless, but loads of fun! I have a dream that one day, I could shout out "I've lost The Game!" in a public area and everyone around me would be cursing at me... Help make that dream come true, and in the meantime, have some fun with The Game! :D

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