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Cadburys Wispa returns!

Guest Dan F

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Web campaign prompts Wispa return


Internet campaigners have prompted chocolate giant Cadbury to bring back its defunct Wispa bar.

The brand vanished from UK shelves four years ago amid declining sales and was replaced with Dairy Milk Bubbles.

But online petitions and campaigns on social networking websites have been calling for Cadbury to think again.

The firm, which has its main factory in Birmingham, has agreed to relaunch the Wispa for a limited period and 23m bars will be available from October.

Cadbury spokesman Tony Bilsborough said: "We have noticed the web interest for some time and the consumer passion has undeniably swayed our opinion to relaunch Wispa.

"This is the first time that the power of the internet played such an intrinsic role in the return of a Cadbury brand," he added.

The return of the Wispa, originally launched in 1981, is scheduled to be for a limited period, but Cadbury has suggested that if sales are high, the chocolate bar could remain on UK shelves.

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Lol! Brilliant. I really wish they'd bring back Cadbury's Marble though, that was the best chocolate bar EVER. *sob*

Ew! I hated that! It's nice Wispa is returning but I won't be eating it unless Cadbury's stop using slave labour to make it.... sorry to throw that happy note in :)

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Slave labour? :o

I'm sorry... but I can't resist Cadbury's. :P So glad Wispa is back! :D I wondered where that had gone...

No problem, I don't judge others, I'm in no place to as I still buy clothes that have been made using slaves... I can't change the world but the fair trade chocolate thing is one way I'm going to try, you can't fight every battle. Check out the link in my sig for stop the traffik to read more. (I am a cadbury's girl and I live in hope that one day the fair trade mark will appear on the purple wrappers and I will be able to tuck in to a traffik free wispa!)

I liked Vice-Versas, or Black and White Minstrels as I called them.

They were YUM! I'd forgotten about them, Shots are probably their replacement, they are nice, the main thing that tries to tempt me away from eating fairtrade! *has a little cadbury's daydream*

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