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Walk Away

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Story Title: Walk Away

Type of story: Midlength (5-15 chapters)

Main Characters: Martha & Jack with Lucas, Sam Ric + others

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes - slight spoilers for Aus/UK viewers

Any warnings: L

Summary: Can Martha truly forget Jack and, walk away?

Songs used... Walk Away by Blue

NOTE: I will continue with 'Everything Happens For A Reason' but, I had an idea for another fic so, here it is!


She sat there, staring at the reflection in front of her. Her tired and gaunt face was clearly evident, despite the application of make-up. In Martha's mind, her fatigue was the consequence of weeks and weeks of physical work. But, in her heart, she knew the labour was just an excuse, an excuse for the emotional turmoil she had been living in for the past few months.

Eighteen months ago, she was the happiest she had ever been. She was surrounded by family and friends whom she loved and was happily married to the man of her dream. But, just as in the short space of time she had gained her ultimate dream, it was taken away from her; just as harshly and abruptly.

Martha knew she was to blame for her current situation. Hindsight was so bittersweet and such a bitch. If only she knew back then what she was so sure and confident of now, then things would have panned out so differently. But now, of course, things were too late…

Taking the lip gloss in her hand, she swivelled the top to reveal the sticky liquid. Moving the applier slowly towards the direction of her lips, she paused. Applying the gloss on her dry and expressionless lips would to some extent provide some impetuous but, would not succeed in doing something which she hadn't done for several months; smile.

Martha let out a small laugh. She couldn't help but laugh at the irony. There was only one person in the entire world that could somehow miraculously make Martha feel anything they wanted her to. This individual was the reason for her current plight but, he was also the catalyst for the happiest moments in her life; Jack.

Jack wasn't even in Summer Bay at the moment but he could still control the way Martha thought and felt. He and Sam were going well and that was just an unfortunate fact Martha just had to come to terms with. She hadn't seen Jack for over two months and no matter how rational she tried to be, she still couldn't get him out of her head. 'It's true what people say' Martha thought, 'Distance does make the heart grow fonder…'

Shaking away her thoughts, she stood up and adjusted her dress. She allowed the peach colour material to fall so it was inches above the floor. Her hair hung loose, as strands of curls cupped her face; complimenting her facial features perfectly. Martha knew the next couple of hours were going to be torture. She had tried her hardest to get out of the commitment but, in the end, she gave in. This was an important day for someone important in her life and despite feeling uncomfortable about it; Martha knew she had to put her selfish needs to the back of her mind.

Knock Knock.

"Hey, you ready?" asked the voice.

Martha nodded.

"Wow, you look absolutely amazing cuz" Ric said, as he rubbed her shoulder.

"Thanks" replied Martha, as her stationary lips curved slightly at the top to form a 'smile'.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come with you. You know what the boss is like. He gives me hell when I want the day off, and with this being short notice…" Ric said, trailing his voice.

"Hey, no worries" Martha replied, touched by his genuine concern, "I know your boss in a moron" she smirked.

Ric looked at Martha and laughed. He knew this was just a façade and Martha was hurting inside. In a way, he admired his cousin for her pretence but, he wished she would open up. Ric knew Martha was an expert at keeping her problems to herself and he was aware of her reason behind it too; their Granddad.

In a rare moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago, Martha had revealed to Ric that she didn't want to burden Alf with her problems; considering his age and weak heart. Despite Ric's attempts to make her seek help, Martha had made him promise that whatever she does tell Ric, would remain between the two of them. To stop her from completely shutting down and not sharing any of her problems with him, Ric reluctantly agreed.

"Anyway" Martha continued, "I think I've found a suitable replacement".

"Yeah, Luc is looking forward to it" smiled Ric, "You two have been pretty close the last couple of weeks, haven't you?"

"I guess we have. He's a sweet kid and has been going through a pretty rough time of it too after all that business with Naomi"

"Well, he's all suited and booted downstairs, ready to escort you" Ric warmly said.

"Ok, tell him I'll be a few minutes, I just need to make sure I've remembered everything".


(10 minutes later)

"I know I don't have to tell you mate but, will you look after her today? It's going to be pretty rough on her and I just want to make sure she's going to be ok" Ric asked Lucas, as they sat in the Diner waiting for Martha.

"Of course mate, there's no need to ask" Lucas said affirmatively, "Martha's been great to me these last few weeks. It's almost like what we were when she and Jack were together. To be honest, I've missed having a big sister figure around the place and Martha's filled that role perfectly. It's only fair I repay the favour".

Ric nodded, "Thanks mate".

Martha made her way down the Diner stairs that led to the kitchen. She once again straightened out her dress, making sure there were no creases. Gaining her composure, she made her way towards where Ric and Lucas were sat, all the while keeping her head down and concentrating on her feet; being extremely careful not to fall over in her heels.

*wolf whistle*

Martha's head shot up in the direction of the noise. The culprits; Ric and Lucas, who laughed at her embarrassment.

"Was that really necessary guys?" Martha said, rolling her eyes at their immaturity, even though she was secretly flattered at the gesture.

"Oh come on, it's not our fault you look so hot" Lucas grinned as both he and Ric stood up, "But honestly Martha, you look gorgeous".

"Thanks" she gushed, as a new wave of embarrassment hit her cheeks. It had been a while since Martha had been complimented on her looks. Usually, she would shrug it off and not let it bother her. It was only ever when Jack used to compliment her, Martha used to get embarrassed. Just the manner and the way he would convey those sweet words would be enough for Martha to go weak at the knees.

"Must be the Holden way" she quietly whispered to herself.

"Huh, what was that?" Lucas asked not hearing very clearly, as he waved Ric off.

"Oh nothing" Martha said a little too quickly, "Come on Luc, we should get going. Mia will literally kill me if I'm late for her wedding" she explained looking down at her watch, "And with these killer heels, it'll take me forever to get there".

Lucas laughed, "Come on then" he said warmly as he gestured for Martha to link her arm with hers. Martha happily complied as they both made their way towards the door.

"Oh damn" Martha cursed at her forgetfulness, "Sorry Luc, I've forgotten something. I just need to go back to my apartment and get it" she said, bending downwards and shuffling around her feet.

"Okkkkk" Lucas elongated, "So why are you taking your shoes off then" he questioned, hoping it wasn't as silly as it sounded.

Taking her shoes, she plonked them into Lucas' hand, "It'll be quicker this way" she grinned as her eyes glistened with excitement, "You go wait in the car, I'll be back in a jiffy" she said, holding her dress up to her knees and making a dash for the stairs.

Lucas did what came to him first; laugh. But, his face soon fell. He had remembered what Ric had told him about how Martha was so good at disguising her true hurt and pain. Had Lucas not have seen it for himself, he would never have believed it but Ric was right; Martha was becoming an expert at putting on a front for other people. It really hurt Lucas when he thought about Martha's predicament. He knew full well she had feelings for Jack, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Lost in his trail of thought, Lucas was brought back to reality at the tapping of his shoulder.

"Hey kiddo" came the voice.

Lucas turned around, "Jack!" he said, pulling his brother in for a hug, "When did you get back?"

"About half an hour ago. We went to go see the old man first and he said we would find you here" Jack happily said as Lucas noticed the extra glisten in his brothers' eyes.

Just as Lucas was about to open his mouth to speak again, he watched as Sam appeared from behind, pulling Jack closer into her.

"Oh, hi Sam" Lucas said a little deflated. Sam just nodded in response. Lucas couldn't help but notice the over-bearing smiles plastered on both their faces. "So I'm guessing you guys had a good time on holiday then, you can't seem to wipe the grins' off your face".

"Well, you could say that…" Sam replied, nudging Jack slightly.

"Wait, before we saying anything" Jack interevened, "You look dressed for an occasion, what's with the swish suit?" he questioned.

"Oh, I'm going to a wedding with a friend" Lucas answered, deliberately choosing not to name Martha.

Sam and Jack both laughed.

"There must be something in the air" Sam said in a sing-song voice as she continued to giggle.

Lucas stood there stunned. His mouth was agape and the palms of his hands began to sweat. It wasn't confirmed but he had this negating feeling in the pit of this stomach. He was dreading what he was about to hear.

"Yep, that's right mate. Sam asked me to marry her, and I said yes" Jack finished, as took Sam into his arms and held onto her tight.

All of a sudden, the sound of glass smashing halted the proceedings. Jack released Sam and placed her carefully at the side of him. The whole of the Diner stood still as all attention and eyes glared at the exit. Lucas, who was still facing Jack and Sam, closed his eyes. If he felt like the carpet had been taken so remorsefully from beneath him then, what about her? What about Martha? Shuffling his feet so he was facing the opposite direction, he looked down at the floor; unable to look her in the eye. Rather, he focussed his attention on the mess that had been created on the floor. Small pieces of glass had spread itself across the tiled flooring. Kneeling down, Lucas picked up the once perfectly wrapped wedding gift. It was a glass photo frame which had been engraved especially; 'Congratulations to the Happy Couple on your Wedding'…

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Puuujjaaaa! You started a new fic! YAY! :D

And despite your promise to update EHFAR before I go away. I forgive you, because that chapter was brilliento :D

Dont like the fact that Jack and Sam are engaged though <_<

Urgh, and Sam asked Jack! That just twists the knife further *cries*

I might have a few words for you on msn :P

Great start though, *cough* hopefully you'll update this one more regularly *cough*

Oh yeah, and dont forget the other one. lol

Looking forward to more!

PS. And if I dont speak to you before I go away, REMEMBER to keep the faith, you can do it Puja, I believe in you :wink: lol

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Awww! Poor Martha!!! :(

I hate Sam. <_< Luc's great! :D

Jack... is fit, but with Sam. So... he gets no real emotion from me right now.

What's Martha's secret though? Something she has to keep from her Granddad?

In a rare moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago, Martha had revealed to Ric that she didn't want to burden Alf with her problems; considering his age and weak heart. Despite Ric's attempts to make her seek help, Martha had made him promise that whatever she does tell Ric, would remain between the two of them. To stop her from completely shutting down and not sharing any of her problems with him, Ric reluctantly agreed.

Something's up with Martha... Uh-Oh

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