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Thurs, 16 Aug 07 - Episode # 4484

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Fall Of The Empire “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 16 Aug 07 - Episode # 4484)

Note 1 : we had the opening credits for a 3rd day in a row [weird]

Note 2 : as you may have already guessed, the blank lines tween the action in each ep guide indicate when there’s an ad break, so it’s especially intriguing to see that ALL the action [below] tween ad breaks 1 & 2 took place at the ONE location - I can’t remember that happening in quite a while.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Bruce – with gun pointed AT Luc & Annie – insists that they aren’t going ANYWHERE.

MANSION : Jazz is more than a little not as confidant as Tony that inviting the likes of sally, Leah, Dan etc to a get together today will help their opinion of Jazz.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie & Luc are now locked in her bedroom. Luc tries all the doors and the windows – but even its is nailed shut.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Drew [with Ric beside him] is driving his car. Drew comes to a halt – as does another [V familiar now] car. Lisa gets out and tells drew that Denni [sit in his car] has challenged drew to a race – and there’ll be consequence is Drew doesn’t.

DINER : Drew & Ric enter - and drew tells Ric that Denni previously challenged drew, but Drew thought thetr he was kidding. Ric is way worried about what is happening.

MANSION : Geoff arrives, and tells Tony about how Luc went to the farm to0 see what’s happened to Annie – and that that was ages ago. Tony insists top jazz that he has to investigate – and to tell sally & co [when they arrive] that Tony will be back as soon as possible.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Bruce hollers out to Annie that she is a TOTAL sinner – and you can see that Annie is really badly affected emotionally by what is happening.

MANSION : Sally, Brad, Leah & Dan arrive – and things don’t atrt well when jazz doesn’t have many of the drinks that Sally & co suggest that they’d like to have. Jazz insist that Tony will be here soon.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Tony & Geoff arrive, and Bruce fires at them [he is in the house – with a window just slightly open]. Annie is sooo trying NOT to freak out.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Tony & Geoff are using Tony’s car as cover – in case of more shots are fired. Whilst Tony tries to talk to Bruce [and is not get far], Geoff see that Annie & luc are in the locked etc room. Geoff enters house via another window, and whilst Tony keep Brice distracted, Geoff is able to free Annie & Luc. They go out the window that Geoff came in. Geoff insists that he HAS to end this. Geoff goes back into the amen part of the house, and finds the rifle – he pointed it at Bruce, and REALY looks like him want to KILL Bruce, but Tony [behind Bruce at front door] insists that if Geoff kills his grandad, then Bruce will “own” Geoff AND Annie FORVER.

Geoff puts the gun down – and he and Tony exit the house. They get in the car – Annie & luc already in car – and Tony drives off. Bruce meanwhile REALLY realises what his actions have led to =- and he starts to cry.


DINER : Fisher tells Irene how much he is struggling to teach the kids this time – but Irene insists that Fisher shouldn’t give up, as Annie especially seem to be REALLY taking advantage of [in a good way] Fisher’s vast amount of knowledge.

OUTSIDE DINER : Lisa approach Belle – who is annoyed/shocked when Lisa wonders if Belle will be at the race that Drew has agreed to.

SURF CLUB : Dom insists to Drew (and Ric] that Drew HAS to race Denni – who is a “bit” psycho and will definitely not take too kindly to the news that Drew has backed out of the challenge.

MANSION : Sally & co get onto the subject of institutions as they might small talk with jazz – the latter thinks ALL institutions [esp. marriage] are sooooooooooooooo not her, and kinda EVIL. [LOVE that Jazz's comments have come straight form the Cordelia Chase School Of Tact]

HUNTER HOUSE : Tommy, Luc, Annie & Geoff look as though they are all try to get their had around what happened. Tony insets that he has to bail [jazz thing] whilst luc insists that he has no trouble with geoff n& Annie staying here for now.

Annie goes to the kitchens – after saying that she’ll get a start on dinner. Geoff joins her in kitchen – Annie looks very worried etc, and Geoff hugs her.

MANSION : Belle arrives, and Jazz’s hoes that that will be a god thing evaporate quickly – bell oes into kitchen [where drew is] and tears strips off him because of Lisa and the race.

Sally, Leah etc decides to bail.

SURF CLUB : Dom & Lisa insist to belle that drew HAS to race Denni, and Lisa admits that ALL of this is to get back at drew for treat her the way that he did.

MANSION : Jazz is lying on the couch, with Tony sit beside her. Jazz teals him how much a disater today was. He suggest that she should stop drinking – and at least have some non alcohol drink before going to sleep. When Tony looks down though, jazz is already asleep.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Drew pulls up in his car. Lisa tells him that although she planned this, that Denni has gone all psycho all here. Lisa suggest that they [drew & Lisa] sort this out in Drew’s room. After Lisa gets in car, drew drives away – and only then do we sees Denni [in his car] nearby. [end of ep]


Will Drew REALLY risk it all [Drew/Belle, his life] by actually competing in this drag race???


The official H&A site has behind to scenes action of the illegal race [on wet & winding roads]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Sally - electric blue (“spangly” busted) spaghetti strap top/white [black floral] long skirt

SILVER : Jazz - silver [brown lattice motifs across the bust] spaghetti strap top/dark long pants

BRONZE : Tony – brown [blue vertical stripes] button up shirt


Annie - SBH uniform

Belle - white [black horizontal stripes etc] t/black short skirt [with red belt]

Brad – brown [pin strip] button up shirt/dark long pants

Bruce - grey overalls/grey “old school” hat

Dan – blue [white stripes on sleeves] jacket/dark shirt/light brown long pants

Denni – black cap/white polo shirt

Dom - white [red & blue checks] button up shirt

Drew – black [unknown motif] t/black long pants

Fisher – white button up shirt/dark long pants

Geoff - royal blue button up shirt/bone jeans

Irene – olive green long sleeve blouse

Jazz – off white long sleeve blouse & matching skirt

Leah - purple [with silver block across bust] wide collar top/dark jeans

Lisa – red [gold unknown motifs] t/denim jeans

Luc - green & white [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

Ric – light blue [grey “urban” motifs] t/faded jeans

Tony – grey t/dark long pants

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