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Home and Away star's sexy pictures

Guest Tasha

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THE Prime Minister's son might be dating an ex bikini model, but Seven heir Ryan Stokes can go one better on his mate Tim Howard - he's dating a pole dancer.

Raunchy shots of Home and Away actress Jodi Gordon have been splashed all over the UK tabloids this week, as the saucy pole-dancing episodes from the hit Seven soap went to air.

Ex-model Gordon shot the scenes before she started dating mini media mogul Stokes, and they screened in Australia in early March - before her profile really hit the big time.

While The Sun raved about Gordon's "sensational raunchy outfits'', the actress described the pole-dancing training and TV scenes as "fun''.

"The outfits were tiny - I had a Catwoman suit with a mask and lots of little Kylie Minogue numbers with disco glitter and teeny shorts,'' she said.

Tiny yes, not to mention a little at odds with the the glamourous persona she now presents as Stokes's stylish handbag at corporate events and exclusive functions.


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