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More Than Anyone

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Story Title: More Than Anyone

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tasha, Kim. And other guest characters.

BTTB rating: T A/R MA Recommended 15+

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC) Sexual Content (L) Language (A) Adult Themes

Summary: Jack is 20 and Martha is 19. Jack works for a big business corporation, but I don't know what it's called and what he actually does lol. What he does for a living won't actually be mentioned, but his job will be as it's needed for a section in the fic.

Ha! That didn't make much sense did it, oh well :P

Martha works at Noah's bar. Her parents are alive, but they probably wont be mentioned either lol.

Jack and Martha live next door to each other.

Nothing major will be happening in this fic really :P It basically just looks at the dynamics of their relationship :)

Note: This fic will not be updated as regularly as my other ones, im also going on holiday soon for two weeks, so it obviously wont be updated during that time.

Also, the fic wont be proofed.

Enjoy :D

Chapter 1:


Slamming the car door shut behind her, she stood on the spot; before scanning her eyes down the dark and silent street. Every house light and street lamp was switched off, creating an eerie and almost deadly atmosphere. Frowning, she shrugged her shoulders, before strolling down the garden path and making her way towards the front door.

Standing at the door, she placed her key in the lock. Giving the door a good shove she forced it open, before walking inside.

Walking over towards the table, she flicked on the light switch. She huffed in annoyance, as the lamp failed to work. "Urgh, just great" she muttered.

Standing in the centre of the dark living room, she placed her hands on her hips. After such a long and gruelling day at Noah's bar, she really didn't need this hassle.

Standing with her back to the door, she failed to notice the black figure that silently crept up behind her.

"BOO!" he shouted as he pounced on her from behind.

"WHA!" she gasped, spinning around in shock to face the culprit, "JACK!" she yelled, whacking him hard on the arm.

"OW!" he laughed, before rubbing his wounded arm up and down as he pouted.

"I should have guessed you'd try that one" she said in annoyance.

He giggled to himself through amusement. If only he had brought his camera with him, her facial expression was priceless.

"So, anyway" he tried to stifle his laugh. "We have a power cut" he told her as if she was stupid; before walking over towards the dinning room table and picking up their only source of light; one small and fragranced candle.

"Yeah Jack, I did notice" she rolled her eyes. "Did you try the fuse box?" she asked as she threw her bag down onto the couch.

"Well I would have, if I could find it" he giggled like a little school girl.

She rolled her eyes at him, "it's in the basement, dumb-ass" she smirked. "Ill get the torch so you can go down and have a look" she said as she walked off into the kitchen.

"What! Are you kidding me! The basement! Im not going down there! God knows what scary and horrid creatures will be down there, just waiting to pounce and feed on my soft and vulnerable flesh!" he exclaimed like a drama queen, as he looked at her through wide eyes.

"Jack!" she exclaimed, laughing at him as she presumed he was joking. Her face slowly fell however and her jaw dropped open. "You are kidding, right?"

He shook his head fiercely, "me and basements, really don't go".

She laughed through bewilderment. In almost 15 years of knowing Jack Holden, she had never realised how much of a wuss he was. "so your seriously going to make me, a girl, go down into the basement, by myself and try and fix the fuse box" she asked him dumbfounded.

He frowned as he contemplated her statement, "sounds good to me" he shrugged his shoulders before nodding excitedly.

She shook her head in astonishment, before flicking on the torch, "well, it's lucky one of us isn't a total wuss. So I guess that makes me the brave and heroic one, and you the scaredy cat" she smirked before walking off towards the basement door.

"Puh" he scoffed, "I am brave! And courageous!" he lifted his head up high, "I just … fancied taking a day off" he said, sulking and folding his arms.

"Aw, that's ok, you take your time off, you precious baby boy" she mollycoddled him, before stifling a laugh.

"Ok, if im not back in 5 minutes, be sure to ring the cops, no doubt some nasty beastie will have ripped my head off" he said, trying not to giggle, before turning the door handle and peering down the dark and cobwebby stairway.

"Good luck" she heard Jacks distant voice call down to her as she took each slow step at a time.

Clinging onto her torch, she made her way down to the bottom of the basement. Flashing her torch light over to the one corner of the room she spotted the fuse box. "Thank god" she sighed through relief as she walked over towards it; all the while, darting her vision from left to right, just to ensure that Jacks ridiculous idea of a basement beastie wasn't correct.

Placing the torch in her mouth, she unhooked the fuse box, her eyes squinted at the many levers and buttons that sat within the container.

"Great" she said un-amused, how the hell was she supposed to know what was what.

Reaching inside, she aimed to flick the top lever. However, before her hand had quite reached its destination, it became caught in the mountain of cobweb that wound continuously around the levers.

"Urgh" she said as she felt the cool and cotton-wool like material cling to her skin. Pulling back out, she felt as something tapped the back of her hand. Frowning, she directed the light onto her hand; she was not nearly prepared for the sight that was set before her.

Her eyes shot open in sheer horror, as she looked down at the large black and hairy individual, which had oh so kindly, graced her hand with its presence.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" She shrieked the most high pitched and loudest shriek that the world had ever come to hear, before flinging her hand around in the air like a hysterical mad man, and legging it straight up the stairway.

"WHAT! WHAT IS IT?!" a freaked out Jack stood at the doorway, as he watched the blurry figure approach him at lightening speed.

"A big hairy black spider" she cried as she lunged at him, pushing him backwards.

"Ooh" he laughed as he re-gained his footing, "Now whose the scaredy cat" he smirked as he held her in his arms.

"Whatever! You weren't almost just attacked!" she exclaimed as she hid in Jacks chest; her arms tightly wrapped around him.

"Aw, there there, Jacky's here to protect you".

She huddled in his warm and welcoming chest for several long seconds, before pulling away from him and frowning. "Well, at least I was brave enough to see what was down there; you're too scared to even attempt to go and look".

"Yep" he agreed with her, "And I think you just found out why" he laughed.

She narrowed her eyes, she really wasn't amused.

"So, don't suppose you fixed the fuse box then?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Nope" she said in annoyance, "but there's no point anyway, it's obviously a problem down the entire street, I guess we'll just have to wait till it's over."

"Yeah, I guess. Oh well, at least we've got some form of light, and that's defiantly a positive" he looked down at the tiny candle that he held so preciously in his hands.

"Yeah" she laughed, "The whole days been a total bust, the house is now consumed in complete and utter darkness, the refrigerators lost all electricity, so the food will be all defrosted, but yes, that little candle, saved the day" she spoke sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. She giggled back at him as he looked awfully offended.

"Hey, don't insult the candle Martha" he pouted as he shook his head in a teasing fashion

She continued to laugh at him before turning and walking away, "come on" she called back to him, "Oh yeah, I forgot to say, my parents have gone away for a couple of weeks. Sooo" she continued as she rummaged around by the phone receiver, "here's the spare key, it mom's but she left it here," she said as she threw it over to him, "if you'll even use it that is" she laughed.

"Thanks, well you never know, one day I might surprise you" he grinned as he gave her a wink.

"Jack, you never fail to surprise me" she smiled sweetly.

"Oh I know baby. It's a natural gift" he smugly lifted his head.

She laughed at him before playfully whacking him on the arm again, "Come on".

"You no, im starting to notice a very violent streak in you Martha, remember, violence is not the answer" he joked as he followed her up the dark stairway.


Walking over to the opened window, she closed it slightly, allowing for just a tiny bit of air to seep in and out. For the past 10 years, that window had remained open.

You see, it wasn't actually a window, well, it was, but for Jack and Martha, it was a doorway; their doorway.

The truth was, the majority of the time, which was almost 99.9% of the days out of the month, they would sleep together, in the same bed.

It all started 10 years ago; when Jack was 10 and Martha was 9.

At first it was just exciting, they would sneak into each others rooms and escape their parents, stay up late and start talking, or creep up on each other and pounce on the other when they least expected it. But now, it was more of an everyday occurrence, it was part of their daily routine to go around to each others houses and stay the night. And their parents didn't seem to mind anymore, once they had gotten passed the terror and fear of something secretly going on behind closed doors, they'd gradually accepted the fact that they were just very close friends.

Placing the candle down onto the bedside table, he sat down on the bed. "So how was your day? Boring as always?"

"Yeah" she groaned. "I really need to get out of there Jack, its like torture, every day's the same. Boring and monotonous" she spoke slowly as she emphasised her dreary words.

"Im sorry Hun, you no that if I could get you a job at our place, I would. But were over staffed as it is."

"Yeah I no, thanks" she smiled over at her best friend. "Ill be back in a sec, im going to get changed" she said as she grabbed a hold of her PJ's and made her way into the bathroom…

Jack sighed as he watched his best mate walk away, totally warn-out and dejected, she always tried to put on a brave face but he could see right through it, he just wished he could do something for her.


Jack lay on top of the bed sheets as he looked out of the window, gazing out into the night's sky.

"Are you in early tomorrow?" he asked as she re-appeared from the hallway.

"Nope, im not in till the afternoon" she smiled.

"Cool, because ive got the next two days off" he grinned.

"Lucky you", she smiled as she climbed into bed beside him.

Lifting the sheets up, he too shuffled inside. "Ahhh" he breathed out, "there's nothing better than getting an early night's sleep" he smiled.

"Oh please, you don't have to lie to me" she smirked. She was almost certain that there was something else that Jack found all too appealing.

"Not everything's about sex Martha" he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, so you're starting to listen to me now" she grinned as she moved onto her side.

He laughed at her comment, "I always listen to you. You're the light of my life" he smiled as he leaned over and kissed her forehead, "good night" he finished, as he snuggled into the sheets and closed his eyes.

She smiled across at her best friend, as she watched his eyes close shut; before leaning over towards the table and blowing out the candle…

"Good night hun" she spoke softly as she rested her head down on the pillow…

Note: Jade, I changed 'doofas', to 'dumbass', just for you :P

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Thanks everyone, your comments are appreciated :D

Had to cut this one down because it was majorly long, and sometimes I worry that you might forget what happens half way through the chapter if there's too much to read :unsure:

Anyhoo, enjoy :)

Chapter 2:

Martha awoke to the sound of heavy breathing. Rolling over to the edge of the bed, she peered down to the floor.

“Morning” she smiled, her eyes still sleepy.

“Hey” Jack called up to her, as he momentarily stopped his stomach crunches. “The electrics back on, finally” he rolled his eyes, as he grinned up to her.

“Oh good” she said before a yawn, “gosh, im so tired” she groaned, “why’d I have to work today”.

Aw, well hey, why don’t I come in and keep you company?” he offered as he flipped over and started on his push ups.

“Nah, its ok, you’d be too bored hanging around the place all afternoon, and there’s no point us both suffering”.

“Well, I don’t mind, the offers there” he said in between puffing for breath.

“Thanks” she smiled down to him.

“Right, im going for my run” he said as he jumped to his feet, “ill be back in an hour ok” he added, as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.


Walking over towards the window, he pushed the frame upwards. Cocking his one leg over, he shuffled through.

“You know Jack; you can use the front door now. My parents aren’t here, so it’s not like you’re going to wake them up” she smirked as she watched him climb through the window.

“Yeah, I know, but it’s always more fun this way. Its like im a superhero.” he grinned, “In fact, I always did think that spidey suit would look awesome on me, and its not like I don’t have the body for it” he muttered under is breath as he thought for a moment, “anyhoo, ill see ya” he piped up, before ducking his head beneath the frame and climbing down. “Don’t miss me too much” his distant voice called out from below her bedroom window.

She giggled to herself softly as she heard him leave, his feet slumping down onto the ground as he landed; before hearing his quick footsteps jog away from the house.

Turning onto her side, she looked at her digit clock. It read, 7.00am.

“Damn Jack Holden and his constant early mornings” she grumbled as she plonked her head back onto the pillow.



“Hey, im back,” an energised Jack climbed back through the window. “Man it’s hot out there” he panted as he jumped down onto the carpet.

Placing his hands to his hips he took in a few deep breaths, before looking straight-ahead at the young woman that re-entered the room. “So, you’re up then” he smirked as he looked over at the newly dressed Martha.

“Yep, thanks to you and your annoying 7 o’clock wake up call” she rolled her eyes.

Sorry” he stifled a laugh, “but hey, the earlier you get up, the longer the day is” he grinned.

“Yeah, and a long day at Noah’s bar is just what I need” she said with sarcasm.

Aw, im sorry” he smiled sadly, “come here” he said as he opened his arms out for her.

“Urgh, no way!” she scrunched up her face, “Don’t even think about coming anywhere near me!” she warned him, “ive already had a shower, and I don’t want a hot and sweaty man draped all over me” she whined before smiling.

Aw, don’t be like that” he giggled, “come on, give Jacky a biiiiig hug” he grinned as he walked forward to her, “You know you want to” he raised an eyebrow.

“No! Go away” she laughed as she hurriedly climbed across the bed to try and escape his sweaty form.

“Fine” he scoffed as he folded his arms in front of his chest, “I know when im not wanted” he sulked.

“Aw, you are wanted Jack, seriously, next time I want a hot and sweaty man to drip all over me, ill defiantly come to you” she smirked.

He laughed at her comment, “oh I know you would hun, any woman in their right mind would” he arrogantly replied. Grabbing at the front of his shirt he pulled it upwards, before whipping it over his head and showing off his well formed torso, “I mean, who wouldn’t want this” he cocked an eyebrow as he indicated to his well built physique.

She rolled her eyes at his arrogance. It was rather intriguing how, as the years went on and he grew as a person, so too did the size of his head. But for Martha, it was all quite amusing.

“Maybe I should stop now” he giggled as he came to terms with just how smug he could be sometimes.

“Yeah, that’d be a good idea” she grinned back.

“Hey can I use your shower?” he asked as his body shone in the light from his sweat.

“Yeah of course, go ahead, you know where everything is.”

“Thanks” he smiled before walking off towards the bathroom.

Closing the door behind him, he threw his top to the floor. Pulling down his shorts, he walked over towards the shower cubicle, before stepping inside.

Turning on the shower, he began to sing … “Im too sexy for my car, too sexy for my car, too sexy by far … And Im too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat, what do you think about that …” he continued on; his voice gradually getting louder as he bopped along in the shower, to his rhythmic tune; oblivious to the fact that Martha, as well as possibly the entire street, could hear him sing, “Im a model and you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah, I shake my little touche on the catwalk.”

Martha couldn’t help but laugh as he sang from the bathroom, she could only imagine the dance moves he was doing in there, she had seen Jack Holden dance before, and believe me, it was defiantly an award winning performance.

“Hey Martha!” he called out as he stopped singing, peeping his head around the shower curtain.

“Yeah” she responded as she stood behind the door, holding her breath and desperately trying to stop herself from laughing.

“You’ve run out of shampoo, you got anymore?”

“Yeah, hang on” she called back.

Walking over towards the cupboard she pulled out the new bottle. “Im coming in, ok” she said as her hand gripped the door knob.


Walking inside the misty and moist room, she squinted, before making her way over to the shower cubicle, “here you go … sexy” she smirked as she held the shampoo bottle out into the air.

“Thanks” he grinned, taking the bottle from her hand and giving her a wink, as he poked his head around the shower curtain.

“Your welcome” she laughed.

Turning around she made her way for the door.

“So you don’t want me to come in today then?” he called out to her; causing her to stop.

“Erm … I don’t mind, but you’ll be bored out of your brain, I thought you wanted to catch up with Kim anyway?”

“Yeah I do, but I don’t mind hanging around”

“Thanks Jack, but id feel a whole lot better if you spent your day off doing something you’ll actually enjoy”.

“Yeah, well id feel a whole lot better if I came down and kept you company” he smirked back.

“Yeah well, I have the final word, im smarter and wiser, so you’ll do as I say” she stood her ground. Jack could be stubborn sometimes, but she was just as bad, and thankfully, she nearly always got her way.

“Whatever, you can’t stop me if I come down and sit with you” he kept on.

She rolled her eyes at his comment; he just never let up sometimes. “Sure I can. I can bar you” she replied smartly.

His head shot around the side of the curtain at lightening speed, his facial expression clearly showing he was dumbfounded at her final comment, “What!? You’d bar me!”

“No, course not” she giggled, “but if I did, it’d be for your own good” she smiled.

He grinned back at her before shaking his head a little. Pulling back, he disappeared behind the curtain once again.

Turning the shower off, he grabbed the towel from off the rail. Wrapping it around his lower half he fastened it securely, before pulling at the curtain and sliding it open.

“You know I only want to make sure you’re alright” he looked at her with sad eyes, “I don’t want you to rot away in that hole”

“Aw, I know, and as soon as my parents get back, im going to say something to them, and then ill look for another job. And hey, who knows, my perfect job might be just around the corner” she smiled, trying to stay positive, she hated it when Jack worried about her, he would always look at her with those adorable puppy dog eyes; it was heartbreaking.

“Yeah, totally” he smiled back. Walking forward he stood before her, “you know what you need now don’t you” he smiled at her sweetly.

She titled her head, her eyes narrowing inquisitively, “what’s that?”

“A nice … big … HUG!” he lunged forward and caught her unawares, wrapping his wet arms around her tightly.

“Oh! Jack!” she whined through a laugh, as her head stuck in his wet and naked chest, “now im all wet” she moaned.

“Aw, come on now, there’s nothing wrong with a little water” he smirked as he held her into his chest, gently rocking her back and forth.

“There is when ive already had a shower this morning” she mumbled into him.

“Yeah, sorry” he laughed softly, “but don’t you feel better now”.

“No, I feel wet” she mumbled in annoyance.

Releasing his tight hold of her he looked down at her face. He giggled as her forehead frowned and her lips formed into an adorable pout.

He grinned down at her, pleased at his efforts, he loved to play around and tease with her, he could only ever do it with Martha, she was about the only person who new how to take it.

Leaning down, he placed a kiss on her forehead, before he released her body completely.

“You got any of my clean clothes lying around?” he asked as he stood in front of her.

“Yeah” she rolled her eyes, as she wiped away the water on her cheek, “there’s some in my left drawer”.

“Ok, thanks” he grinned as he walked passed her and off into her bedroom.

“UH! Look at my top! It’s got a wet patch now!” she whinged, releasing a small pout.

“Aw, poor baby. But don’t worry, you can pull it off” he winked.

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Thanks everyone :D

I just want to repeat that if you're expecting anything REALLY dramatic to happen in this fic, it wont. It's not that kind of fic, it's more about just looking into their interesting little relationship, so if we move at a slow pace, that's why :P (stuff will happen though, I dont want to make it completely boring now do I. lol)

Hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 3:


Martha dashed around the kitchen like a headless chicken, she had work in an hour and a half and she still hadn’t eaten yet.

Rushing through the hallway she stood at the bottom of the stairs, “Im having an early lunch Jack, I have to be in work by 1. You want something?” Martha called up the stairs.

“Yeah, that’d be great, thanks” he yelled back, before scooting down the stairs and into the kitchen to join her.

“Mmm, what’s for lunch mom” he smirked as he plonked himself down on the chair.

She laughed at his comment before placing the plate of salad on the table in front of him.

“Oh yummy, salad!” he exclaimed with sarcasm.

“Well, if you want, mommy can put you a pizza in. Although …” she glanced down to his stomach, “I have to say, you might want to watch that gut of yours” she smirked.

His jaw shot open at her hurtful words, “What gut!?” he asked, horrified.

“Oh, nothing, never mind” she smiled back sweetly.

His face stayed in a frown as he looked down at his physique; “im not flabby” he sulked, “in fact, some have referred to me as the Mr Muscle man of 2007” he looked on at her smugly.

“Yeah, course they have”.

Looking down at the many green leaves that sat on his plate, he scrunched up his face, before dipping the one leaf into the Italian salad dressing and taking a bite. “You know, ordinarily I would have had that pizza” he spoke as he continued to chew his food, “but maybe you're right, I need to watch the old figure” he tapped his stomach, “I mean, how will I keep up this drop dead gorgeous physique if I eat junk food all day” he looked at her with wide eyes.

She stifled her laugh as she looked over at him munching away, he could be so amusing at times.

Riiiiiiiiiiing … Riiiiiiiiiiiing …

“Oh, ill get it.” Martha sprung to her feet.

“Hello” she spoke down the phone, “oh, hey Kim … yeah, he’s right here, ill pass you over”.

Handing the phone over to Jack she retook her seat.

“Hey man, what’s up? Uh huh … oh, erm” he paused looking over at Martha with unease.

Already Martha knew what he was thinking. Raising her eyebrows, she sent him a look that said; ‘don’t be an idiot! JUST GO!’

“Yeah, that’s fine, ill see you later then” he continued, rolling his eyes at Martha; he hated it when she got her own way. “Yeah, ok, bye”.

Placing the phone down onto the table he turned to Martha, “there! Happy now! I’m spending the afternoon with Kim.”

“Yep, very happy” she grinned smugly. “Seriously though Jack, thank you for your concern, and I love you for it, really I do, but ill be fine”.

He nodded back, choosing to leave it alone this time. He didn’t want to keep going on and on and on about it, that would only cause tension between them, and he really didn’t want that.


“You ready to go?” Jack asked as he grabbed his car keys.

“Huh? I was going to walk”

“Aw, don’t be silly, ill drive you. I’m heading to Kim’s now anyway”

“Oh, thanks hun, but I think id rather walk. I need the exercise” she smiled.

“Martha, come on, it’s fine; im driving passed there anyway. It seems stupid you walking all that way.”

“Really Jack, I’d prefer to walk” she kept on as she grabbed her bag off the side.

“Are you sure? Cause the weather chick said it might rain today” he said with unease as he peered out the window.

“Jack, really, it’s fine, and it’s not going to rain” she rolled her eyes, “this is summer bay, it never rains here” she smirked.

“Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you”

“I would never say that,” she smiled, “right, ill see you later ok” she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Yeah ok, don’t work too hard”

He watched as she exited through the front door, before rolling his eyes at her stubbornness; she always had to get her own way.

Waiting 30 seconds he made his way out to the car. Jumping inside he started the engine.

Driving merely 50 feet at 10 mph down the road, he spotted her. He giggled to himself as he slowed right down, silently driving along in neutral as he crept up behind her.

Winding the window down he tried to stifle his laugh, before speaking up…

“Oh Martha” a sweet voice called out as she noticed a car creep up beside her.

Turning to her side at the voice she smirked, “Jack, what are you doing?” she laughed as she strolled alongside the car.

“What do you think im doing, im driving to Kim’s.” he grinned as he leaned over to talk to her. “Look Martha, this is stupid” he laughed, “get in the car and ill drive you to work”.

“No Jack, im taking a stand! From now on, it’s a NO to cars! Im walking to work, every day” she spoke firmly as she kept her head up high.

Unfortunately for Martha however, god was just not on her side. The heavens slowly began to open and the sky turned an angry grey colour.

Drip … drip … drip …

“What the…” she mumbled as she felt the water droplets splash on her face. “Oh no” she frowned.

Oooh dear” Jack smirked as he noticed a sudden change in the weather, “what are you going to do now Martha?” he raised his eyebrows as he watched her from the comfort of his car.

“Pfft, like I can’t handle this Jack” she tried to shrug it off as she squinted her eyes to look ahead through the pouring rain, “and remember, as my best friend once said, ‘there’s nothing wrong with a little water” she added smartly.

Jack desperately tried to stifle his laugh as he drove along the street beside her; watching as his best friend, slowly but surely got flooded by the pouring rain.

“You know, if only you’d listen to me more. You wouldn’t be in such a mess now” he smirked.

“Oh please Jack, what mess!?” she stupidly added.

What was she talking about! Any idiot could see she was getting herself into some right strife. But Martha was just too stubborn to admit it.

Well, I think ill get going then” Jack continued to tease, “I guess ill leave you too your nice gentle walk” he called out.

She could feel her face heating up, if he kept on for any longer, she would surly explode.

“Pity you didn’t bring your brolly huh” he smirked back, “oh well, only another 15 minutes until you reach your destination, and im sure that if lucks on your side, the rain will stop in no time”.

“Yep, im sure it will” she put on her extra wide grin as she looked over to him.

Jack could tell she was starting to get annoyed, which only made the situation even more appealing for him.

“Ok, see ya” he grinned, giving her a smug wave before winding the window back up.

She watched as he slowly pulled away, the rain still splashing down on her head. That was it, her only chance of escaping this wretched and god for shaken weather.

“NO! JACK! WAIT!” she cried as she ran over to the car, waving her arms around in the air hysterically and trying to get his attention. “Ok I surrender” she cried as she reached the vehicle, “I can’t handle this anymore” she grabbed the car door handle, pulling it open.

“Oh, but wait,” he put his hand in the way; blocking her entrance on purpose, “I thought you were taking a stand against cars” he teased.

She glared across a deathly stare as she forced her way inside. Slamming the door behind her she pulled down the mirror.

“Urgh! God! Why me!” she moaned.

Man do you look great” he tried to stifle his laugh, “you know, you can barely tell you were in the rain at all” he smirked with wide eyes, biting the side of his cheek as he forced himself to avoid bursting out in hysterics and laughing in her face.

She huffed in annoyance, she really wasn’t amused. “Just drive smart-ass!” she growled at him.


Pulling up alongside Noah’s he turned the engine off.

“Oh my god, look at me Jack!” she whined as she looked down at her drenched clothes.

“Well” he stayed smug, “I hate to say it, but you brought it on yourself” he smirked.

“You’re not helping you know” she glared at him; “look at me” she pouted as she looked across at him with puppy dog eyes.

“Aw, poor baby.” He mimicked her pout, “well at least the air con’s helping your clothes dry out. And hey, you don’t need to be in work for another 8 minutes, you’ll be dry in no time” he smiled.

She released a small sad smile, before her face continued to fall, “why does everything backfire on me Jack”.

“Aw, come on” he reached over and pulled the hair from out of her face, “it’s not that bad. And besides, look at the positive, it was pretty funny” he giggled.

She nudged him in the side before laughing, “I’m trying to be all sad and depressed here and you’re not helping” she tried to hold her giggle back.

“Sorry” he pouted back before smiling. “You know, how about later I … OH MY GOD!” a startled Jack quickly reacted, before ducking his head and sliding down his chair.

“What are you doing?” she scrunched up her face at her friend’s bizarre behaviour.

“Nothing, just get down” he ordered as he tugged at her arm.


The two individuals ducked for cover as foot steps were heard walking passed the vehicle.

When the coast was clear, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Wow, that was a close one” he giggled.

“What the hell just happened!?” Martha asked dumbfounded, as they both shuffled back up.

“Oh, nothing” he replied causally, before uneasily glancing over towards the young blonde woman that walked up ahead.

Martha frowned before looking up into the direction of his eye-line. “Oh, let me guess” she rolled her eyes as it finally clicked, “another one night stand that you promised to call but never actually got around to it. Am I right?” she said smartly.

“Maybe” he shuffled in his chair as he looked away from her.

She shook her head before laughing at him, “you are a menace Jack Holden” she smirked.

Jack just smiled back at her, keeping his mouth shut.

“Right, I think ill be going then. Thanks for the lift” she giggled.

“Your welcome, I guess it’s just a pity you didn’t accept my offer of a ride before you left the house” he smirked.

“Oh ha ha ha” she said with sarcasm, “and maybe I should call that pretty girl over so we can all have a nice long chat” she teased.

“You wouldn’t dare” he narrowed his eyes.

“Wouldn’t I?” she raised an eyebrow; if he wanted to play and tease her, then that was exactly what she would do back. “Ill see you later sweetie,” she cooed as she playfully rubbed his cheek.

“Ah, get outa here” he laughed as he shooed away her fussing, before quickly kissing her on the cheek and re-starting the engine.

“See ya later” she grinned back.

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^Kat, you're strange :P

Thanks to Emsey :D

I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 4:


“No … no … no … urgh definitely not” she groaned as she sieved through the many clothes in her wardrobe, “oh great, I have absolutely nothing to wear!” she grumbled.

She placed her hand to her head in worry and sadness as she looked on at her wardrobe helplessly.

“Maybe the yellow dress” she mumbled as she ran her fingers down the material, “or maybe a top and skirt” she frowned as she pulled out one of her fancier tops.

“ARGH!” she roared as she threw her top behind her in frustration.

“Erm, thanks babe, but this really isn’t my colour” Jack smirked as he sat on the ledge of her window, holding onto the recently thrown top, of which he had smartly caught.

“Oh, hey, sorry, didn’t see you there” she turned around, failing to smile as her mind stayed fixed on something else.

“You ok?” he asked with unease as he noticed her obvious state of stressing. Climbing through the window he landed on the floor. Walking over to her bed he folded and placed her top down neatly onto the sheets, before walking over towards her.

“Yeah, im fine. Im just … panicking” she spoke with worry.

“Aw, why? What’s wrong?” he stood behind her, rubbing his hands up and down her arms comfortingly.

“I … I have a date tonight” she turned to him briefly, suddenly turning all shy and awkward.

“You have a date?” he smiled, “that’s great hun, im really happy for you”.

“Thanks. This guy called Billy came into Noah’s this afternoon. He’s really nice, we got talking and he asked me out for dinner” she smiled.

“Aw, look at you blushing. You’re so cute” he smiled sweetly.

But her own smile gradually fell into a pout as she slowly moved over to him, “im scared” she whispered in an almost silent tone, embarrassed to be feeling that way, as she buried herself into his chest; almost like a child would do with their parent.

“Aw, don’t be scared. You’ll be fine” he wrapped his arms around her protectively.

“But … ive never been on a date before” she kept her head down in his chest, not wanting to look up as she found it all far too embarrassing.

“Aw, don’t worry; you’ll be fine, seriously, if he’s any kind of gentleman, he’ll look after you. And if he doesn’t, he might be receiving a little present from Jackyboy.”

She laughed softly as she held onto him. She loved how Jack was always there for her.

In all of her 19 years, she had never even had a boy friend, if she was honest, she’d never really wanted one, she had always gotten so much attention from Jack; there was really no need for one. But now the opportunity had arisen, she wasn’t going to let it slip by.

“It would help if I could actually find something to wear” she spoke up as she peeled herself away from Jacks warm and comforting arms.

“Hmm, what do we have here” he muttered as he walked over to Martha’s wardrobe, “Gosh, I never even knew you had so many clothes” he laughed.

“Yep, so many” she rolled her eyes, “but still, I have nothing to wear” she groaned.

Off in his own little world he picked up one of Martha’s skirts. “Hmm, I wonder if I could fit into this” he frowned as he studied the small white material.

He laughed to himself as he held it around his backside, “Does this make my bum look big,” he put on a girly accent as he angled his butt in Martha’s direction.

“Jack! Stop messing around!” she screeched as her eyes glared daggers at him.

Sorry” he laughed, before clearing his throat and trying to be sensible. He resented his immature behaviour at times. “So, you found anything?” he asked, looking at her with wide eyes as he tried to suppress his laughter. His mind was still focused on his previous amusing moment; he did crack himself up sometimes.

“No” she spoke sadly, as her eyes began to water.

Noticing her worried and tearful expression, his face quickly fell. He had no idea how hard all of this would be for Martha; it was understandable though really, considering she’d never actually been in this position before.

“Hey, come on now, don’t get upset” he spoke softly as he walked over to her once again. “Look, whatever you wear, you’ll look stunning; you always do. You could wear a bin liner and still pull it off” he laughed softly.

“I don’t want to wear a bin liner though” she pouted as she gently leaned into him.

“Aw, you won’t have to” he pulled her closer. “Show me what you’ve got, and ill give you my opinion” he smiled.

Ok” she hushed back slowly, “not that there’s actually anything to show though” she frowned as she looked up at him helplessly. He smiled down at her, his vision fixed in her sad and vulnerable eyes as he witnessed her pure innocence shining through.

He would do anything to protect her, she was his angel, the one person he would never want to live without, but there were certain things he just couldn’t do for her, and this was one of them; this time, she would be on her own. And all that Jack could do now was just sit back, and hope that she would make it through in one piece.

Leaning down he placed a kiss on her one cheek, before pulling away and smiling, “come on, im sure we’ll find something” he rubbed her back encouragingly.

Nodding, she pulled away from him, moving over to her cupboard she flicked through her outfits. “Now, I was thinking of wearing a dress, but, would that be too fancy for a first date?” she turned back to him, “maybe I should have asked Tasha for help” she muttered under her breath.

“Nonsense! I can be a girl!” he nodded proudly, “and anyway, it’s about the guy’s opinion, it’s a guy that’s taking you out, remember” he raised his eyebrows as he grinned.

“Fine” she rolled her eyes, “which of these two do you prefer?” she held out her two dresses.

“Erm, definitely the yellow” he smiled.

She smiled back; pleased he had chosen the right one, “great, thanks” she perked up, at least now she was getting somewhere.

Throwing the other dress back into the cupboard, she made her way into the bathroom.

“So, is he picking you up or, do you want me to take you?” he called out as he sat on her bed.

“No, he’s coming to pick me up” her distant voice called back to him.

“Ok, cool”.

Lying backwards he settled himself down on the comfy sheets, staring up to the ceiling for a few seconds before closing his eyes…

Minutes passed by and Martha failed to re-appear. “You done yet?” Jack called out as he opened his eyes and looked down at his watch, “I never thought you’d take this long getting ready” he smirked.

“Jack, I have to look my best, I want to make a good impression” she whined.

“Oh please, you always make a good impression”.

Eventually the door unlocked and out walked a shy and nervous Martha.

Pushing himself upwards he re-took his seated position. His eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he looked over at his beautiful best friend. “Wow” his eyes glinted with desire, “you look … breath taking” he gushed.

“Really” she blushed.

“Yeah … absolutely,” his eyes stayed fixed on the stunning young woman that stood before him; she had never looked so strikingly gorgeous before. He couldn’t help but feel proud of his beautiful best friend at this moment in time. “So, what times he coming?” he asked as he snapped out of his gaze.


“Cool” he smiled.

“Gosh, im so nervous” she lifted up her hand, watching as it shook ever so slightly before her eyes.

“Aw, well like I said, he’ll look after you. And if there’s any problems, just call me, ill be around there in a flash ok” he smiled as he stood up in front of her. Despite his happiness for her, he couldn’t help but feel slightly unnerved about the whole thing. In all of his life, he had only ever been the centre and most important male in Martha’s life, and the thought of someone else coming along and possibly shooing him out of the way, didn’t exactly amuse him.

“Thanks” she smiled, “I better get my shoes on” she added as she made her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.



Knock knock…

“Oh god that’s him” she spoke in a panic as she rushed over to the table and picked up her bag.

“Hey, just try and chill out a bit yeah” he tried to calm her, “don’t work yourself up so much, and have fun” he added, “Oh yeah, and if he’s a jerk, ill kick his ass” he smirked as he leaned over and quickly pecked her cheek.

“Thanks” she laughed. “Ok, here goes” she spoke quickly as she felt the butterflies build up in her stomach.

He nodded as he stood to the side, allowing for Martha to open the front door.

Swinging the door open, there stood a young and smartly dressed man, with dark hair and brown eyes, “Hey” smiled Billy. “Wow, look at you. You look beautiful” he beamed as he took her hand in his.

“Thanks” she smiled back. “Oh, this is my friend Jack” she pointed to Jack who stood beside her in the doorway.

“G’day mate” he shook his hand.

After the pleasantries were made, Billy and Martha made there way towards the car; with Jack stood watching, just hoping and praying that his best friend, on her first official date, wouldn’t return to him broken hearted…

Preview: How does the date go? Should Jack be worried?

Note: Sorry Tash, I didn’t include whatever it is I might include in this chapter lol. Possibly the next one :P

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Thanks again to Emsey :D

Warning: content may be unsuitable for younger readers

Enjoy :)

Chapter 5:

The door slammed shut and a deflated Martha stood with her back to the wood. Closing her eyes she scrunched up her face; why did she have to be such a total loser!?

“Hey you’re back” Jack’s voice rang aloud; shaking her from out of her thoughts.

Opening her eyes she put on her fake grin, “Yeah, hey” she replied, walking into the living room and looking across at Jack who sat in the chair.

“Did you have a good time?” he asked as his eyebrows rose; awaiting her response.

“Yeah, it was great” she smiled, “I think I’m going to go and get changed” she continued before turning on her heel and hurriedly walking up the stairs.

His face fell into a frown as he noticed her weird behaviour, something wasn’t right…

Swallowing hard he followed her up the stairs. There weren’t many times when Martha acted cold and out of the ordinary, but as soon as she did, Jack would notice, she may have thought that she could fool him, but the truth was, she didn’t have a chance in hell; he could always read her like a book.

Standing in the doorway he spoke up, “are you ok?” he asked as he noticed her uncharacteristically shuffling around the room.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” she pulled off her sandals, throwing them into the corner of her room.

“I don’t know … you tell me.”

Stopping her movements she stood on the spot, before turning to him with saddened eyes.

“Hey, come here” he opened his arms out for her as he slowly approached her.

Releasing a heavy breathed-filled sigh, she shuffled towards him, gently leaning into his chest and resting her head in the crook of his neck.

“What happened?” he asked softly, all the while silently dreading her response.

“Nothing really” she mumbled into his neck.

“What do you mean? Something must have happened, why else would you be so upset”

“I’m not upset,” she whined, “well, I am, I just … I just … I feel like a loser” she responded.

“Huh?” he frowned; the response not really what Jack was expecting. Pulling back slightly he looked down at her face. She stayed tucked neatly in his neck though, refusing to pull away, she felt safe and snug here, she could stay here forever.

“So,” he continued after several silent seconds, “he didn’t … hurt you then?”

“What?” she finally peeled herself away from him, “no, of course not” she frowned.

“Well, I don’t know do I.” he stood back, “you seem so upset, what else could it be”.

She silently shook her head, before walking over to the bed and sitting down; “it’s not him … it’s me” she looked up at him helplessly.

“I don’t understand” he looked across at her as he tilted his head to the side.

She sighed, looking down at her hands before continuing, “The whole evening was really nice. We got along really well; we’ve actually got quite a bit in common, surprisingly”.

He nodded cautiously, not quite knowing where she was going with this. “So, what’s the problem?” he asked carefully.

“Erm … well” she stuttered, “we were at the door, and he was saying good night to me, and …” she paused, unable to bring herself to say it, she felt so ashamed.

“What?” he urged her softly as he walked over towards her, placing himself down on the bed.

Turning to the side, she briefly looked across at him; before feeling as her awkwardness began to take hold. Standing up she walked over to the window, looking outside at the dark and starry night sky.

“Martha” he called out softly.

Turning around she looked down at him, “He … he tried to kiss me” she answered softly; as she looked over to Jack and studied his puzzled expression. “But I … I couldn’t” she sighed. “I didn’t know what to do” she paused slightly, “the truth is … I’ve never kissed anyone before” she looked down at the ground, unable to look into his eyes as sheer embarrassment took over her.

He looked up at her through saddened eyes; his heart breaking at his friend’s obvious state of misery. “Oh Martha” he sighed. “Look, I…” he spoke softly as he stood up to meet her eye-line.

“URGH!” she exclaimed suddenly, interrupting his calming speech, “I just feel like a total idiot!” she flung her arms into the air.

“You’re not an idiot” he frowned as he walked over towards her.

“Yes I am! Im nearly 20 years old and ive never even kissed anyone. How is that normal?” she asked.

“Ok firstly, it doesn’t even matter that you haven’t ever kissed anyone, its no big deal, just because your 19, doesn’t mean you should be in a serious relationship and contemplating having kids or whatever” he rolled his eyes, “and secondly, your not abnormal, don’t ever think that. I mean, you may be a little weird,” he smirked, “but I’m weird too, we’re weird together” he grinned as he tried to lighten the situation a little.

“But … at least you’ve had that experience. I’ve been waiting 19 years for that, and by the time it comes around, im too scared to even try it” she whined.

“Look, don’t stress ok” he stood in front of her rubbing his hands up and down her arms as she looked at him.

“Yeah but, I just feel so embarrassed. He must have thought I was a total idiot for pulling away”. she spoke deflated.

“Not at all, and on a first date, are you kidding me! He shouldn’t even be expecting a kiss from you” he frowned.

But you do it all the time” she whined.

“Yeah, but we’re talking about him, not me” he smirked before laughing slightly.

She playfully whacked him on the arm before walking over towards her cupboard. Standing in front of the life-size mirror, she studied her appearance, “So, you don’t think im a total freak then?” she asked as she turned back to him briefly.

“No, of course not. I would never think that” he smiled as he took a breath. “So, apart from the end of the date, you had a nice time?”

“Yeah, it was nice. Were even going out for lunch tomorrow” she smiled.

“Aw, that’s great. See, there’s nothing to get stressed about. One little kiss isn’t going to make much different to an already great night out” he smiled.

“Yeah, I guess, its just … what if he goes to kiss me tomorrow, and I get all awkward and pull away again, what do I do then” she began to panic.

He smiled at her innocence before walking over to the bed and sitting down, “come here” he tapped the sheet beside him.

Looking over to him she suddenly felt awfully uneasy. “Why?” she responded nervously.

“Come here” he urged her softly, smiling up at her as he waited for her to join him.

Although hesitant she slowly walked towards him, taking a seat beside him and turning to face him.

“Close your eyes” he hushed as he looked into her eyes.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she realised what was about to happen. “Wait, Jack” she shook her head as she started to panic.

“It’s ok” he calmed her, “it’s ok … just close your eyes”.

Swallowing hard she did as she was told, and allowed for her eyes to gently close shut.

Shuffling forward, he leant inwards, bringing his lips up to her own and feeling as her warm and quick breaths glided across his skin. Seconds later he had cupped her mouth with his moist and tender lips.

Closing his lips he briefly pulled away, before recapturing them once again in another soft kiss. He continued to kiss her as the seconds passed by, eventually feeling as she gradually responded, her own lips beginning to move against his as she gently kissed him back. Their kisses were not urgent or hurried in any way, just sweet and soothingly gentle.

She moaned through pleasure as she placed her hand on his thigh; leaning herself further into him and allowing for the kiss to grow in intensity. Her mind turned a blur as she got lost in the moment; letting go of all of her concerns and inhibitions, and allowing for herself to just go with the flow, enjoying every single second of the experience, as she shared her very first kiss with her loving and caring best friend.

Slowing down their movements, they eventually pulled away, with Jack placing one last soft and tender kiss on her lips, before ending the moment completely. Both panted for air as they looked into each other’s watery eyes.

Releasing a smile he swallowed hard, before speaking up, “see, wasn’t so scary was it” he spoke in a deep and lust-filled voice as he raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head in silence. Her mind was still spinning from their previous intense encounter, preventing her from forming an adequate sentence.

Her body tingled all over; she just ached to experience it all over again. In fact, she probably enjoyed it a little too much if she was honest.

“You know, even when you think you can’t do something, because it just seems all so new and scary, usually it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as you first thought, and when you try it for yourself, you realise it just comes naturally” he told her.

She nodded in agreement, beginning to feel like a bit of an idiot that she had worked herself up so much.

“And anyway, you’ve definitely got nothing to worry about, you’re better than half the girls I’ve kissed” he smirked as he rose to his feet.

“Jack” she grabbed his arm, pulling him back down, “thanks” she smiled, before lunging forward and pulling him into a hug.

“Aw” he laughed as he rubbed her back; clearly their kiss had meant a lot more to Martha than he had first thought, and for that, he was very grateful, at least now her fears and concerns had finally been put to rest. “No worries, I’m not having my favourite girl in the world worrying about nothing” he smiled as he pulled away, quickly pecking her on the cheek before standing up. “Right, I’m shattered, I think I’m going to beddie byes”

“Yeah, me too. I need to get out of this dress as well” she said as she rose to her feet.


“So now you understand huh?” he spoke from out of the silence, as the two individuals lay side by side, tucked up snugly together in the bed.

“Sorry?” She asked as she tilted her head to the side.

“Why they keep coming back for more” he smirked, “I’m just too loveable. If there was an award for best kisser, I’d get it for sure”.

“Oh please” she scoffed.

“Made your legs go weak” he teased as he flipped over and looked across at Martha, “good job you were sitting at the time, I’d hate to think what would have happened if we’d been standing” he cocked a cheeky eyebrow as he looked across at her.

She shook her head as she laughed at his arrogance, it didn’t help the fact that he was right though, he had made her legs go weak, along with sending many of her other body parts into overdrive with desire, not that she’d tell him that though, “you are so big-headed” she laughed.

“You only just realised” he playfully nudged her side. “Well, at least you’ll be going to sleep with happy dreams now. And don’t worry, I won’t be surprised if you accidentally jump on me in the night and start kissing me. I wouldn’t blame you. Stranger things have happened” he smirked.

“Oh that’s ok honey; I think I can contain myself” she rolled her eyes. “Besides, I think once was enough” she said in a worrying tone of voice, before giggling.

He raised an eyebrow at her final comment, “Please! You wish you could have more” he teased.

“Yeah yeah, keep telling yourself that baby” she smirked back…

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6 and a half, god damn pages! :o

Hope you can all stick with me :P

Thanks to Emsey. Love you :D

Enjoy :)

Chapter 6:

“Wakey wakey baby girl. It’s morning time” Jacks big face stuck in Martha’s view as she opened her eyes.

“Huh? What’s going on?” she grumbled as she tossed and turned in a disorientated state, “leave me alone Jack, it’s my day off, I want a lie in” she whined as she pushed him away at the chest.

“Now now, we’ll have none of that thank you,” he teased as he gently grabbed her arm, “So, are you going to actually get up, or am I going to have to force you up” he smiled sweetly.

“Urgh, why?” she rubbed her fingers over her droopy eyes.

“Why?” he scrunched up his face, “Well why not? It’s a beautiful morning; we’ve both got the day off, so I thought we could spend it together. Starting off with our run,” he grinned.

“Run?” she frowned, as she pushed herself up slightly, “I don’t do run’s Jack, you know that. Me and run’s, they just don’t go” she groaned. “Besides, I’ve got lunch with Billy later on”.

“Oh, right” he rolled his eyes.

“What?” she frowned as she noticed him roll his eyes at her. “You’re not jealous are you” she smirked as she raised an eyebrow.

“Jealous!?” he scoffed, “please, I’ve got plenty to do today. I won’t even notice that you’ve gone”.

“Whatever” she giggled. “Now leave me alone, I’m going back to sleep” she pouted at him, before pulling the covers over her head and snuggling back down.

Seconds passed by and no sound could be heard. Thankful that Jack had decided to leave her be, she closed her eyes once again…

“Ahh” she let out a peaceful sigh as she stretched her legs, before feeling herself begin to drift back off into a calming slumber.

However, before she came to within reaching distance of her dreams, she was harshly pulled back out; her body suddenly becoming exposed as the sheets slid from above her.

“WHA!” she exclaimed as her eyes shot open wide, looking down at the foot of the bed where a very smug Jack Holden stood holding her duvet. “You didn’t think I was going to let you get away that easily did you?” he grinned as he cocked an eyebrow.



“Ok, you ready to go?” he grinned as he stood outside with Martha, waiting for her while she did her necessary stretches.

“YES” she groaned as she shot him a deathly stare.

“Good, come on then” he beamed as he began to jog away from her; “you won’t regret this, I promise” he smiled back.

Rolling her eyes she decided to grit her teeth, she would do this, but just this once; she couldn’t let Jack think that he could just always get his way with her.

Running up to him the two began their jog around the bay…


“Jaaack, I can’t” she whined as she tried to keep up with him. “My foot hurts” she moaned as she grabbed a hold of his arm, trying to stop him.

“Come on Martha, we’ve barely done a quarter of what I usually do.”

“Yeah but you do it all the time, I’m not as fit as you. I can’t do it” she moaned, “urgh, I’m stopping, my foot hurts. I think I’ve sprained it,” she continued to whinge before finally ending her jog and hobbling over towards the nearby bench.

He rolled his eyes as he looked back for her, seeing her in the distance, looking grumpy and annoyed as she perched herself on the wooden bench.

Running back over towards her he took a seat on the bench. “What have you done? Did you twist it?” he asked as he looked down at her foot.

She just shrugged her shoulders in response; she was far too annoyed with him to actually respond or engage in conversation.

“Tell me where it hurts? Is it your toes or your ankle?” he studied her distant expression as she looked up ahead. “Your not even going to talk to me now, is that it?”

“My foot hurts” she repeated as she turned to him and pouted.

“Aw, poor baby” he replied as he mimicked her pout. Reaching over, he placed a strand of her fallen hair behind her ear. “Alright, come on, I’ll give you a piggy back ride home” he smiled as he took to his feet. “Come on, it won’t take long, hop on” he smiled down at her.

“Is that what you say to all the girl's” she smirked as she tried to stifle her laugh.

He nodded and laughed at her comment, “that’s very funny” he grinned back, before his face turned straight and un-amused.

“I thought so” she grinned up at him.

“If you’re quite done, are you going to get on, or am I going to have to leave you here?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Fine, help me up” she groaned as she held out her hand for him to take.

Helping her up, he kneeled down slightly, allowing for her to jump onto his back.


“Yeah, lets go” she replied as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


“There we go” he smiled as he placed her down on her bed. “Better?”

“No” she groaned, “my foot still hurts.”

In actual fact, her foot was fine, a little warn out from all of the running, but she hadn’t actually sprained it, she just thought that Jack deserved to suffer a little while longer for ruining her beauty sleep.

“Aw, well how about I take a look at it” he suggested.

“Oh, so you’re a doctor now are you?” she rolled her eyes.

He shot her a glare before untying her shoe laces.

“Well, I sure hope these aren’t like stink bombs” he smirked as he held her one foot in his hand; mentally preparing himself for the possible stench that could result from removing her sock.

“Do you know that you’re a pig sometimes?” she snapped at him before smiling sweetly.

He shot back a toothy and exaggerated grin, before retaliating, “and do you know that you’re a pain in the ass?” he grunted.

She glared back at him, feeling as her temperature began to rise. He could really get under her skin sometimes. “So doctor Holden, is it broken?” she asked in a sweet tone of voice.

“Haven’t got that far yet, to be honest I’m still a little frightened to remove your sock” he looked down at her. “I mean, god knows what toxic gases might be released into the atmosphere once I do” he smirked.

She tried to stifle her laugh, forcefully preventing the smile that was trying to seep out onto her face. “You’re mean” she pouted.

“Aw, You know I’m only joking” he cooed back at her; before smiling.

Crouching down, he carefully removed her sock, gently holding onto her bare foot with his hand. Leaning down he placed a soft kiss on the top of her one foot, “there, that better?” he smiled as he looked ahead at her.

She stubbornly shook her head, not willing to give this one up as she was still in a mood with him.

“Alright” he rolled his eyes as he placed her foot down gently onto the bed, “what am I going to have to do to make it up to you? Huh?” he asked as he came around to her side, stooping down beside the bed.

She stayed silent, looking up at the ceiling and trying to ignore him, she knew that by doing this it would get to him.

“Come on Martha” he moaned as his face gradually fell. “Talk to me” he kept on, as he placed his hand at the top of her head and gently stroked her hair.

“Well,” she finally turned to him; “maybe you could start by NOT waking me up so early in the morning” she looked at him seriously, before her face slowly turned into a smile, “you’re so cute when you get all worried Jacky” she giggled.

“Huh?” he scrunched up his face in puzzlement as he pulled back slightly.

“And my foot feels fine now thanks, must have been that magic kiss of yours. It worked like a charm” she smirked as she gave him a wink.

His forehead creased as he finally worked out that he had been played for a fool. “There was nothing wrong with your foot in the first place was there?” he groaned.

“Well, not really” she giggled softly. “But thank you for looking out for me, you are so sweet” she smiled innocently

He glared back at her as he rose to his feet, “I was right before, you are a pain in the ass” he groaned before smirking.

“You love me for it” she grinned, kicking her feet out and wiggling her toes.

“That I do. That I do” he smiled back. “Right, since you aren’t actually an invalid, I think I might finish my run, if that’s ok with you of course? Your royal highness” he smirked.

“Sure thing, I’ll enjoy the piece and quiet while you’re gone” she grinned back.

He rolled his eyes at her before leaning down and kissing her forehead, “you know I’ll get you back” he whispered in her ear in a sing song voice, before pulling away, “see you later” he grinned as he turned and walked away.


Martha hopped from out of the shower cubicle, pulling the towel off the radiator and then wrapping it tightly around her body. Throwing her head forward she scrunched it up into another spare hand towel, before standing up straight and turning to the mirror.

It was now 10.45am. Exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes until her date with Billy.

She had to admit, she was rather nervous, not only was she praying that it would turn out well, but flashes of the previous night continued to jam her mind. Because despite Jack putting her mind at rest and proving that she could in fact kiss someone, it would always be different with someone else, a stranger, someone who she may not trust and wouldn’t be familiar or comfortable with. But with that said, she would just have to grin and bare it, and pray that this time, it would end on a lighter note.

Riiiiiing Riiiiiing …

The phone from down the hallway rang allowed.

“Damit” she grumbled. Clinging onto her towel she unlocked the bathroom door, making her way into her bedroom.

“Hello” she answered down the phone, “oh hey Tash … yeah im fine … today at 3? Yeah that should be fine, we’ll see you then. Bye” she ended the call.

Pulling the hand towel from out of her hair she let her wet and wavy ringlets fall loose. All the while she clung onto her towel, trying her best to cover up her wet and naked body.

An unexpected and cheeky wolf whistle, rang through the room as she stood with her back to the window; dragging her from out of her concentration.

Frowning, she turned around to face the culprit. “JACK!” she screamed, pulling on her towel tighter to make sure everything was covered.

“Looking good” he said in a sing-song voice, before grinning.

She glared back at him; she was hardly amused.

Relax, I didn’t see anything” he smirked as he jumped through the window.

“Well good” she shot back, before smiling, “where’ve you been anyway? You’ve been ages”

“Oh, sorry, I got talking to someone” he responded in a casual manner as he walked passed her and grabbed a towel from out of the airing cupboard.

“Oh right. Well I’m just getting ready for my date, he should be here in about an hour. Oh and Tash called, she said we could meet her and Kim down at the beach at around 3 if we’re not busy.”

“Ok cool” he grinned. “And it looks like you’re not the only person who has a date now” he smirked as he cocked an eyebrow.


“I met this woman on my jog; we got talking and exchanged numbers. I’m going out with her tonight” he smiled.

“Aw, that’s great,” she smiled back.

“Yeah, she seemed pretty cool” he replied as he jumped onto the bed.

“So what’s she like?” asked Martha as she grabbed her clothes from out of the drawer.

“Oh, erm, she’s blonde and…” he began.

She rolled her eyes at his answer.

“What?” he asked laughing.

“Every time I ask you that question, you always seem to respond with, oh, she’s blonde” she rolled her eyes in a mocking fashion.

“I do not” he whined in defence.

“Yes you do. Out of the 5 girlfriends you’ve had recently, actually, that’s a little too bold; let’s try one-night stands,” she rolled her eyes at him; “they’ve all been ditsy blondes with an extreme lack of brain cells” she looked at him through wide eyes.

“Oh please, they have not. I date smart women” he tried to gloat.

“Oh really, like who?” she rose her eyebrows; ‘this will be interesting’, she thought.

“Erm … well,” he paused, scratching his head and desperately trying to think of a good comeback, “Ooo, there was that one chick who was a math genius” he looked on smugly.

“Oh really. See, I don’t remember her. You know what Jack, I don’t give you enough credit; you really do ‘date’ smart women” she smiled, before again rolling her eyes. “Seriously though Jack, why not hold back a little, try finding someone who is actually worth your time, try brown haired girls instead of blondes for once” she told him.

“Thanks, but I’ve already got one brunette nightmare in my life, I don’t think I need another” he smirked as he walked over towards her and kissed her on the forehead, “but I have to admit it, you are right, I’m worth far more than what those girls can give me” he responded smugly. “But it’s all in the name of fun” he grinned back; looking at her through wide and sex-hungry eyes, “and like I said, I don’t need anyone else right now, I’ve got you remember” he smiled before walking off down the stairway.

She smiled back as she watched him walk away; he was far too good for just any random girl, but at least he didn’t take it all too seriously. The problem with Jack was, he loved sex just that little bit too much, hence why he had pretty much made his way through the entire summer bay female population.

As she stood off with the fairies, her mind suddenly kicked into gear, alerting her that she now only had … 40 minutes to get ready.


Preview: How does Martha's second date go?

Note: Im going away on the 20th for two weeks, and I'm not sure if i'll be able to update again before I go away. I'll try though. I know it's quite a long gap for updating, but I hope you'll be able to stick with it

Thanks :)

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Im not exactly pleased with this chapter, but I wanted to give you something before I left.

So here it is, I hope its ok :)

Also, I was originally going to put the flashback in italics, but I did it on microsoft word and it was rather hard to read due to it being quite a lengthly flashback, so it's just been kept as normal :)

Warning: Content unsuitable for younger readers

Chapter 7:


“Ok, ill see you soon” smiled Martha as she waved Billy off; watching as the car disappeared down the street.

Closing the door behind her, she sighed, “thank god that’s over” she mumbled, before pushing herself off the wooden door and making her way up the stairs.

“Hey hun, your back” Jacks voice appeared from behind her as he followed her up the stairway.

“Yeah” she replied briefly.

Walking over to the bed, she perched herself on the edge, before looking up at Jack with a small but deflated smile.

“Should I ask?” he smiled nervously; by the look on her face, he had pretty much guessed it didn’t go well.

She smiled back before turning away. Looking down at her hands she stayed silent.

“What happened?” he asked as he sat down on the bed beside her, placing his hand on her one leg encouragingly.

“Oh, nothing major” she tried to shrug it off as nonsense, as she pushed herself backwards and over towards the headboard. Pulling the sheets over her, she shuffled inside and snuggled up into bed.

“You sure?” he asked as he looked down at her.

“Uh huh.”

He sighed before pushing himself backwards and joining her beneath the sheets. “You don’t want to tell me?” He asked as he placed his head on the pillow and looked across at her.

She shrugged under the covers before looking down at the bed in a sulking manor.

“Come on Martha” he urged softly. Reaching beneath the covers he placed his hand on her waist; gently rubbing her up and down in a soothing motion. “Talk to me”.

“There’s not much to tell to be honest” she began as she took a breath, “lunch was great. We talked, laughed, got along really well. And then he took me back to his place…”

… Flashback …

“Great house” she smiled as she walked through into the living room.

“Yeah thanks, it’s actually my parent’s second house. It was never used so I moved in.” he told her as he showed her to the couch.

“Second house?”

“Yeah. Some might say they’re relatively well off” he smirked.

“Oh, lucky them” she rolled her eyes before giggling softly.

Sitting down on the couch he silently turned to her, “You seem nervous” he smiled as he picked up on her slight tension.

“No, im not” she replied quickly with a grin, before turning away from him and feeling as worse as ever. Why did she always have to be so darn obvious all the time?

“Well, would you like a drink?” he asked as he placed his arm nearest Martha, up onto the head of the couch.

“Erm, sure why not” she smiled back; but finding it awfully hard to even look directly into his eyes.

“Ok, what would you like? Juice? Or wine?” he asked with a smile as he shuffled onto the edge of the couch.

“Erm, juice is fine, thank you”.

“Ok, ill be 30 seconds”

“No worries” she smiled.

Oh god, she thought, where was Jack at a time like this, only he had the power to make her feel better. Looking down at her watch it read 2.15pm. Oh good, she thought, well at least now I have the excuse of getting back.

Seconds passed by and Martha sat alone in silence. Her eyes scanned across the room and studied the many family photos and ornaments that sat on the surfaces. It was a nice and rather grand place. In fact, possibly a little too grand for Martha’s liking.

“So your best friends a guy huh?” he asked as he re-appeared in the doorway.

“Er, yeah,” she replied with unease, not really knowing where he was going with this one.

“No, I think that’s cool.” He smiled, handing the juice over to Martha and sitting back down, “I used to have this girl who was my best friend. She was great, we did everything together.” He paused deep in thought, “I really miss her”.

“What happened?”

“Well, we were both quite young and confused. The friendship kind of turned into something more” he told her. “We broke up in the end … and now I don’t even speak to her” he spoke regretfully as he laughed softly.

“Wow, im sorry”.

“It’s alright; I guess its just about knowing where the other stands, the boundaries and what not. But im sure you two don’t have a problem with that” he smiled.

“No, not really. We both know where we stand. Jack means the world to me, and I wouldn’t do anything to risk our friendship. It means too much to me” she smiled.

He nodded in understanding. “well, I hope your friendship lasts, and if it means as much as you say it does, then, you’ll no doubt be friends forever” he smiled back.

“Yeah, we will” she spoke with certainty.

“Well, ive had a great time today” he changed the subject with a smile.

“Yeah me too.”

“So, maybe you want to do this again?”

“Yeah, that’d be nice.”

Just as she was about to calm down and relax a little more, her nerves had yet again took over.

As the moment dropped silent, their eyes locked together in an intense gaze. But despite her feeling rather uneasy, she couldn’t seem to look away.

Slowly he shuffled forward, before gently taking the glass away from Martha's hand. Placing his arm back over the head-rest he leant inwards.

‘Oh god, here it comes!’ thought Martha as she watched his face continue to near her.

Her breath caught in her throat as his lips came ever closer. Until eventually, they touched.

His lips gently brushed against hers, sending a delightful shiver up Martha’s spine. Moving her lips against his, she gently kissed him back.

Their lips continued to press up against each other, with every movement gradually becoming much firmer and much more intense.

Placing his hand on her thigh, he gently pushed upwards, slipping beneath her silky summer dress and caressing her one leg.

She felt as his hand ran up and down her leg, however the tingles up her spine were now far from pleasurable, and she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable at his touch.

As the kiss grew with added passion, Billy continued to get lost in the moment. Feeling the need for more, he moved further forward.

His weight pushed against her, forcing her gently backwards until she lay helplessly on her back, their mouths all the while connected as he pried her lips open with his tongue.

Slipping his tongue into her mouth he caressed her teeth and mouth surface, before gently sucking on her bottom lip and releasing a pleasured moan.

Feeling his body pressed up firmly against her own, and his hand continuing to slide up and down her leg, was far from settling for Martha. So much so, that she was prepared to do anything to end it.

Placing her hands on his chest, she ran them up to his shoulders, before gently pushing him and shoving him away.

“Sorry” she gasped, “Erm, I have to go”.

He pulled back with a frown, “Why? What’s wrong?” he asked, his face clearing showing he was hurt and confused.

“Nothing, I just, I have to go, im meeting some friends at 3 and I don’t want to be late” she smiled.

“Oh, right, of course yeah, sorry” he apologised as he pushed himself upwards and stood beside the couch.

Holding his hand out, he helped her to her feet. Before grabbing his coat and smiling, “better get you home then.”

She nodded in response, not really knowing what to say, before following him out of the door…

… End of flashback …

“Hmm, interesting” Jack frowned as he continued to rest his head against the fluffy pillow.

“You think I’m a loser, don’t you” she looked down at the sheets as she drew circles with her fingertip in the mattress.

“No, not at all. In fact, I can’t believe he went that far with you on only your second date,” he frowned in annoyance. ‘What a toe-rag’, thought Jack, how dare he put his grubby mitts all over his girl, so soon in their relationship!

“Oh please” she scoffed, “you’ve gone further than that on a first date” she smirked, dragging him out of his thoughts.

He turned to her, raising his eyebrow and giving her the ‘look’ that said, don’t start!

“Fine” she rolled her eyes. “I just … I hate this Jack” she sighed, “he’s a really nice guy, but …”

“But what?” he asked softly.

“But … it didn’t feel right. He didn’t feel right …” she paused, glancing up to his eyes before focusing back down. “He was … rougher than you were” she hushed back, keeping her head down in slight embarrassment.

He smiled back at her innocence; she really was an angel in his eyes. “Aw, well you know, not everyone’s the same. You’re going to feel different things with different people.”

“Yeah but, what if every guy I go out with, feels the same, and I just don’t like it” she looked across at him helplessly.

“Hey, you can’t know that” he rubbed the material on her waist tenderly, “like I said, everyone’s different. And you can’t just give up on all relationships just because your first one didn’t feel right. If you ended up doing that in everything you try, you wouldn’t get anywhere in life”.

“True” she nodded slowly.

“Good, so stop focussing on the negative all of the time and try and move passed it. Ok?” he smiled.

“Ok” she reluctantly smiled; maybe Jack was right on this one, maybe she shouldn’t just jump to conclusions so quickly, she would just have to learn to give any possible relationship she may have, a chance; and who knows, some day, she may actually find the man of her dreams.

“Thanks Jack, you always seem to know what to say,” she smiled.

“Aw, that’s ok. I’m glad I can help, well, to a certain degree anyway”.

“You do. I don’t know what I’d do without you” she smiled shyly.

Seconds passed by and their eyes stayed connected, until eventually, they both leaned forward in unison, taking each other into their arms and holding on tightly.

Placing his hand on her back, he gently rubbed up and down, before removing her fallen hair with his fingertips and placing a kiss on the top of her bare shoulder.

Rolling her over, he lay her on her back, before pulling away and hovering above her. “Ooh, I have something that might cheer you up” he piped up suddenly and grinned down at her.

Looking up into his beautiful brown eyes, she smiled, “what’s that?”

“I got a call when you were out” he began, “As it turns out, ive got a work conference coming up. And, get this; it’s out in palm cove.”

“Wow, that’s a bit fancy for a work conference”

“Yeah, totally, but im hardly complaining” he smirked. “It’s for 5 days, all expenses paid, and im allowed to bring a guest. Soooo…” he grinned, “What do you say? You want to come with me?”

“Are you serious!?” she laughed.

“Yeah course, why not. Im not exactly going to invite Kim along with me now am I” he smirked.

“No, but … wow”

“So, is that a yes?” he grinned.

“It’s a, HELL YEAH!” she laughed.

“Excellent!” he beamed. “Also we could both do with a break anyway. So it’s perfect timing”.

She nodded up at him through sheer thrill and excitement. Finally thing’s were starting to look up…

“Ok, well I hate to break this bubble of excitement, but we better get going, were meeting Tash at 3, remember” he said as he pushed himself off the bed and stood up.

Standing in the mirror he smartened his clothes, before turning back to the bed and looking down at a still snugly wrapped up Martha.

“Come on, lazy bones” he smirked as he flipped the quilt over and clung onto her hand, “get up.” He gently tugged at her arm.

“How about, you go, and I stay here and sleep” she smiled sweetly.

“Err, let me think about that … NO” he exclaimed with a grin, before kneeling down on the bed and shovelling his hands beneath her body.

“Jaaack, don’t, leave me alone” she laughed through her whinging as she felt herself rise from the bed.

“Here we go” he heaved her upwards and shuffled them both off the bed, cradling Martha in his arms as he took to his feet, “gosh your heavier than I thought” he gasped before laughing.

“Why do you never let me sleep?” she pouted.

“Oh please, you’ve got the whole holiday to sleep, thanks to me, and my glorious job” he grinned smugly.

Letting go of her legs, he carefully placed her down, allowing for her to stand before him.


Yeah, I suppose” she moaned before smiling.

Shuffling her feet into her sandals she smiled, “ok, let’s go”.

Note: Thats the last update before I go on monday. I hope you'll all be able to stick with me.

Thanks for reading :)

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Hey guys, I'm back, and with a very long chapter :)

I hope you're all still out there :P

(Amber you better keep your end of the bargain :wink: )

Enjoy :D

Chapter 8:

Following a 5 minute walk down the street, Martha and Jack strolled onto the beach, hand in hand, and in search of their friends. To an oblivious onlooker, they would appear as a couple very much in love, but that didn’t matter to Martha and Jack, if anything, it just re-affirmed their closeness; and it was just the way they liked it.

“Did Tash say where they’d be?” Jack asked as he turned to Martha.

“No, she just said they’d be around and about”.

“Oh, well great. Shouldn’t be hard to find then” Jack rolled his eyes before grinning.

“Don’t worry” she laughed as she squeezed his hand, “im sure they’re … somewhere” she frowned as she scanned her eyes across the well-populated beach.

There was an electrified buzz in the atmosphere; the sun was blazing like an inferno, and the many groups of families and friends were lazing about and generally just enjoying the summer weather.

It was at times like this when it really hit Martha at just how lucky she was, to live in such a beautiful and exotic sea-side town such as summer bay; it didn’t get much better than that!

“Urgh, I can’t see them” groaned Jack as he squinted up ahead, “how about we just stop and hang here for a while, I’ll give Tasha a call and let her know where we are” he turned to Martha, “yeah?”

“Sounds good to me” she smiled back as she pulled Jack down onto the sand.

Unlatching their hands and releasing their previously entwined fingers, they sat down, side by side. Tilting to the side, Jack fiddled around in his pocket, before pulling out his mobile phone and preparing to dial.

“Oh wait!” yelled Martha; stopping a startled Jack from dialling, “I see them” she smiled as she waved her arms in the air and signalled towards the two individuals that played together in the ocean.

“Geeze, are you trying to give me a heart attack woman!” exclaimed Jack as he gulped loudly; placing his hand to his beating heart.

“Sorry” giggled Martha, before turning her attention back out to sea. “They’re a great couple aren’t they” she smiled as she watched them up ahead.

“Yeah, I guess” replied a not-very-interested Jack, as he pulled over his shirt and threw it to the side.

“They’re both lucky to have found someone” she added as she looked down at the sand in sadness.

“Hey” he frowned as he gently nudged her side, “I thought I cheered you up”

“You did” she smiled back.

“Doesn’t seem like it. You’re still sad”

“No, I’m not” she shook her head as she looked across at him through wide eyes, “ok, fine. Maybe I am” she sighed.

Jacks face continued to fall as he looked across at the petite young woman; he hated seeing his friend so depressed.

“Come here.” He opened his one arm out to welcome her, whilst moving his leg to the side and allowing for her to sit closer to him.

She smiled as she shuffled across, sitting in between his legs and laying her head down gently on his warm bare chest. Suddenly she felt relaxed and her body was finally at ease. She didn’t know how it was possible, but Jack Holden had some kind of magical power when he was around her, and even something as small as a comforting hug would do just the trick in mending her broken heart.

“What’s wrong?” he asked calmly, “Is there something still on your mind?”

Placing his hand across her forehead he gently caressed her skin, all the while holding her close to him.

“No, not really. I’m kind of over the whole Billy thing now. It’s just … it’s still hard, you know; when every time I turn around, I see my friends, or my family; and there all with someone, and their happy. And here’s me, not even able to handle 2 measly dates” she scoffed.

“You’re being too hard on yourself” he spoke softly, “like I said before, you need to stop focusing on the negative. And just because your friends are all seeing someone, doesn’t mean you have to as well. Your 19 for goodness sake, you’re supposed to be having fun, not thinking about settling down.”

“Yeah but, I can’t help it. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I have this tendency to worry about the future” she spoke flatly. “I mean … what if I end up alone” added a sad and depressed Martha. “I know I shouldn’t be worrying about things like that, but I do, I can’t help It Jack.” she frowned, “Who would want me anyway?” she spoke defeated.

“Hey, stop that” he nudged her, “don’t even begin to think or talk like that. You are amazing, and whoever ends up with you will be the luckiest guy in the world” he wrapped his warm arms around her waist and kissed the side of her head. “And you're not going to end up alone” he rolled his eyes, “you’ll have me. We’ll always be together. And anyway, I’ve already settled myself to the fact that were going to end up together, and I'm cool with it, so it's all good” he shrugged his shoulders.

She frowned, pulling backwards and turning around in annoyance, “well gee, thanks Jack, that makes me feel really great about myself” she scoffed at his thoughtless words.

“Oh wait, sorry, that came out wrong” he apologised, as his eyes shifted away from her in avoidance. “What I meant to say was, I know were going to end up together, and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” he gushed.

“Jack, what are you talking about?” she exclaimed in bewilderment.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Martha, were practically married anyway” he laughed.

“Yeah but …” she began, before shaking her head in confusion, “I’m not sure I understand” she added as she studied his eyes for answers.

“I’m just saying, that that’s what will probably happen, and if it does, I’ll be overjoyed, I’ll be the luckiest man in the world” he grinned.

She shook her head in astonishment, “Jack, you're crazy” she laughed as she poked his stomach gently.

“I’m not crazy” he laughed as he poked her back, “in fact, let’s make a pact” he smiled. “if both of us are still not married by the time were 40 …” he began, before stopping and frowning as he mulled over his plan, “actually no, I’ll say 30, because at least then we can still have sex” he causally uttered on, “we’ll get married” he grinned.

Martha looked on; completely perplexed at her best friend’s words, as he continued to make plans for their future together.

“Jack, you really are crazy” she laughed.

“I’m not crazy Martha, I’m just looking at the inevitable” he smiled.

“Whatever” she shook her head laughing.

“So what do you say? Is it a deal?” he grinned as he held out his hand for her to take.

She rolled her eyes as she continued to laugh, before taking his hand in hers and shaking in agreement.

“Good” he grinned, “so enough of the ‘I’m scared that I’m going to be alone talk’” he mimicked a women’s voice; before rolling his eyes, “and move on” he laughed.

“Ok, fine, you win” she rolled her eyes, “I’ve moved on. It’s forgotten” she smiled back.

“Glad to here it” he grinned with a nod of the head.


(In the ocean-10 minutes earlier)

“When do you think Martha and Jack will get here?” Tasha swayed in the ocean as she looked across at Kim.

“I don’t know, but they’re always late” he smirked.

Turning to the side she looked at the beach up ahead. Her eyes squinted as she studied the many faces that swarmed the sand.

“Oh hey, there’s Martha” she smiled as she waved over to her, before feeling as something large and heavy lunged onto her back and sent her under.

Coming up for breath she gasped, “Damit Kim” she yelled in annoyance as she hurriedly tried to flatten her messed up hair, but she couldn’t help but laugh.

“What?” he looked at her innocently, before leaning in and kissing her softly on the lips.

Pulling away she smiled, she could never stay mad at him. “You’re lucky you’re such a good kisser”, she smirked.

Turning her attention back to the beach-side she shook her head slightly. “God, look at them” she sighed, “if I didn’t know them I’d think they were a couple” Tasha said as she looked up ahead at the two individuals; watching as Martha shuffled in between Jacks legs and rested her head on his naked chest.

“Please!” scoffed Kim, “they’re just very close”

“Yeah, and some might say, too close”

“Oh come on, don’t start” Kim groaned as he rolled his eyes. He could sense what was coming, whenever they somehow got onto the topic of Jack and Martha, it would always end in an argument; it was just one of those things that Tasha couldn’t let go of.

“I’m sorry, I’m just worried about Martha”

“How many more times, you don’t have to worry about her, because she’s not going to get hurt. Jack won’t hurt her” he raised his voice to make himself clear.

“Yeah, maybe not intentionally” she kept on.

“Look! Jack and Martha may have a weird relationship to you, but it suits them, and they’re happy, so just leave it yeah”

“Whatever” she frowned as she shook her head, “it’s just, I can see Martha getting hurt in the long run and that scares me a little, she’s too attached to him, she needs to break free and live her own life”

“Yeah well, Martha will never do that, and anyway, even if she tried to do that, Jack wouldn’t let her. They’re as bad as each other, hence why they’re so well suited”.

“Yeah, but maybe I should have a word with her”

“No! Just leave it!” Ordered Kim.


(10 minutes later)

Martha and Jack now lay side by side on the beach; they were playing noughts and crosses in the sand with two large washed up shells that they had stumbled across.

“HA! I win” beamed Martha.

“Noooo,” whinged Jack as he looked down at his second defeat of the day. “Damit! This cant be happening! Losing to a girl!? That never happens to me!” he shook his head in bewilderment.

“Looks like spider mans lost his powers for the day” she smirked, “but don’t worry honey, you’ve still got your looks” she winked back.

Jack laughed softly as he looked across at his smiling best friend; before feeling as a shadow crept over them both. Looking up, they were approached by their rather wet and exhausted friends. “Hey guys, surf good?” asked Jack as he pushed himself upwards and into a standing position.

“Yeah, not too bad. You fancy a kick about?” asked Kim as he held up his football.

“Yeah, totally”

The two men jogged away towards the quieter end of the beach, whilst the girls stayed put; chatting, relaxing and just enjoying each others company…


“So do you think you’ll see him again?” asked Tasha as she lay with her back to the sand and allowed for the warm sun’s rays to top up her tan.

“No, probably not, he wasn’t my type” replied Martha who sat upright with her legs neatly folded. “Billy was a nice guy, he just … I don’t know” she shrugged, “didn’t feel right”.

Tasha nodded in understanding as she pushed herself up into a seated position. Despite being saddened by her friend’s potential relationship failure, she couldn’t help but feel overjoyed, because at least now Martha was giving relationships a chance, which is more than she’d ever done in the past.

“Well, you know what they say, there’s plenty more fish in the sea” grinned Tasha.

“Yeah, let’s hope so. But I’m in no rush, Jacks made me realise that. At first I was pretty gutted, and I guess a part of me still is, but now that I think about it, I’ve got loads of time to think about settling down. And anyway, I’ve still got Jack, and that’s the main thing” she smiled.

Turning her head to the side, Tasha couldn’t help but roll her eyes, yet again, Jack Holden had managed to slide his way into the conversation.

“What?” Martha asked as she noticed her friend’s sudden change in expression.

“Nothing. I just think that maybe you should start thinking about yourself more and not Jack all of the time” she told her in an out-right manner.

“I do think about myself.”

“Yeah, maybe a little. But you still spend too much time with him, your far too dependant on him now, and that dependence is eventually going to get you hurt. He’ll only end up leaving you for some random skanky whore and you’ll be all alone”

“I am not too dependant on him, and he would never hurt me” she spoke firmly. “Why do you always have to criticise everything he does? You don’t know him the way I do; he’s nothing like what you make out Tash” her voice turned whiney and sad as she desperately tried to stick up for her best friend.

“I’m not trying to criticise him, I’m just telling you what I see.” She began, “I see the Jack Holden that goes around having his way with countless amounts of girls in the space of 24 hours, so excuse me if I’m slightly worried about the future of my best friend” she replied in defence.

“What do you think he’s going to do to me?” laughed Martha, “work his way around the entire town and then finish off with me?”

“Well it wouldn’t surprise me” she rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on, don’t be ridiculous” she scoffed at her friends remark.

“I’m not, I just …” she began, but was interrupted when Martha spoke up.

“You know what, I don’t get you. Every time we get together, you’re always bashing Jack. I mean, what is it? Because it’s obviously more of a problem than I first thought! What do you fancy him or something?” she shook her head slightly as she raised her eyebrows.

“What!?” she scoffed, “of course not” she shifted her eyes away from Martha’s piercing glare.

“Oh my god” her voice turned soft as the realisation hit her, “you do don’t you, you fancy Jack!” she raised her voice.

“Keep your voice down! Kim’s only over there!” ordered Tasha as she desperately tried to calm her best friend.

“My god! How could I have not known you fancied him” Martha laughed in disbelief as she flung her arms into the air, “after all this time, all the insults and snide remarks you make, and all the while you’ve fancied the pants off him” she laughed in bewilderment as she looked across at her friend.

“Oh please, like you don’t!” smirked Tasha, “anyone with eyes can see how gorgeous he is; it’s just a pity about his personality.”

“Jacks personality is fine thank you very much, and excuse me, but you have a boy friend who you’re supposed to be in love with, you shouldn’t be checking out his best friend.”

“It’s not like that, I love Kim, he’s the one for me, but just because your chained to the porch, doesn’t mean you can’t bark at the cars” winked Tasha.

Martha laughed at her friend as she causally lent backwards; resting against the warm golden sand. All this time Tasha had harboured feelings for Jack! She couldn’t believe it! She could understand why though, Tasha was right, you only had to look at Jack and you’d start falling for him, but thankfully for Martha, it had never been a problem.

Well, not yet anyway…

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Here again :D

Please enjoy :)

Thanks to Amber for the name :P

Chapter 9:

“Your quiet” Jack spoke up after several silent minutes.

“Got nothing to say” replied Martha in a flat and un-interested tone.

Turning around, he stood before her; her knees were brought up to her chin and her toes wiggled against the bed sheets as she sat neatly on his bed.

Looking down at his best friend, he sighed, ever since they had left the beach he had noticed a change in her behaviour; she had been abnormally quiet. Far too quiet for Jacks liking. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing” she shrugged as she kept her head downwards and avoided his eye contact.

“No, it’s something” he spoke quietly as he sat down in front of her, “you’ve been quiet all afternoon.”

Sighing loudly she looked up, his concerning eyes were just begging for her to let him in.

“It’s just, it's something someone said” Martha replied in a muted tone of voice.

Frowning, he thought back. Hmmm, who was the one person that always made life difficult for him …? Oh, of course! Who else!

Rolling his eyes he spoke up “Let me guess! Tasha?”

“Got it in one” she replied dully.

“Oh god, she’s always hated me.”

“She doesn’t hate you Jack, she’s just concerned” she told him.

“Yes she does! She thinks im some jerky player that goes around town having it off with everyone woman in sight” he scoffed.

“Erm,” she paused briefly, “well, honey, you kinda do,” she smiled sweetly before giggling, “but, you’re not a jerk” she added with a grin.

“Yeah, thanks for that” he rolled his eyes before smiling. “But still, there’s something about her, she’s always trying to throw in a dig here and there.” He shook his head in annoyance, “what did she say to you anyway?”

“Oh, not much, just that I’m too attached to you” she again rolled her eyes.

“Oh how ridiculous!” he raised his voice, “maybe she should start worrying about her own life instead of interfering in ours. Remind me again why we still hang out with her?” he frowned in aggravation as he pushed himself upwards and stood in front of the mirror.

“Erm, because she’s our friend”

“Oh yeah, well maybe we should think about getting some new friends.”

Martha laughed softly as she watched him smarten his appearance.

“So, what’s the deal with you and Tasha anyway?” she tried to approach the subject with caution.

“What do you mean?” he turned to her briefly before grabbing the hair jell and applying a small amount into the palm of his hand.

“Well, I don’t know, they always say you only ever pick on someone because you like them” she smirked.

“You think I fancy her? Is that it?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “maybe … well do you?”

He frowned, tilting his head to the side as he thought about the appearance of his ‘friend’, “nah, not really. But maybe I would do if she kept her mouth taped shut” he smirked.

“Jack! Don’t!” whined Martha, “you may not like her but she’s still my friend.”

“Yeah I know, I’m sorry. But I can’t help the fact that she annoys me. I mean, I wouldn’t even have a problem with her if she’d just give me a break” he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah well, that’s Tasha for you” she added with a laugh.

“Why’d you want to know anyway?”

“Oh, no reason” she causally tried to brush it off.

“Does she think I fancy her, is that it!?” he swung around to face her in alarm.

“No, of course not” she laughed.

“Then what?” frowned Jack as he looked down at Martha. He could tell she was hiding something.

Studying her avoidant behaviour he mulled over all of the many possibilities. And then, within a split second, a thought had popped into his head. With wide eyes he spoke up, “She fancies me doesn’t she!?” his face beamed a smug and bewildered smile.

“No” she scoffed, “get over yourself Jack”.

“She does doesn’t she!?” he grinned

“Please Jack, not everything’s about you” she glanced up at him before turning away.

“Oh Martha” he continued in a sing song voice, “I know when your lying” he grinned as he lay down on the bed in front of her.

Keeping her head to the side she tried to avoid him, unfortunately, having Jacks big face stuck in your view made it quite difficult to ignore him.

“Fine!” she gave in, flinging her hands into the air, “she does. But don’t you dare say anything to her about it! Because seriously Jack, if you do, she’ll hate me forever” she warned him.

Jacks grin continued to spread across his face. Finding out that Tasha had a crush on him was the best news he’d heard all week. And not because he fancied her too, but because he could finally come to an understanding of why she would always give him a hard time.

“Jack I mean it, don’t say anything to her.”

“Oh please, I wouldn’t. Do you think im going to risk my friendship with Kim just because of her little crush!?” he replied as he pushed himself back off the bed.

“Good, cause she’d kill me, literally” she looked at him with wide eyes before giggling.

“So…”, he turned back to the mirror with a frown, “is that what’s bothering you? The fact that she fancies me?” he asked with uncertainty.

“No, of course not” she paused, “it wasn’t that. It was the whole dependant thing” she added glumly.

“What do you mean?”

“She kept saying how I’m too dependant on you and that I’ll only end up getting hurt.”

“Oh, piffle” scoffed Jack, “she’s just jealous. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! How can she think for a second that I’d hurt you!? God, I was right all along, she really is a bitch” he groaned, “She obviously doesn’t know me at all!”

“No … I guess she doesn’t” she hushed back.

“Hey” he added softly as he leant over and sat before her on the bed, “don’t listen to her, ok. Were fine, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You know I’d never hurt you, right?”

“Of course” she smiled.

“Good” he smiled back, before leaning forward and wrapping her into a warm embrace. His strong and protective arms encircled her small and petite frame, holding her closely to him.

How dare Tasha think that he would ever hurt her! She was his girl, his pride and joy, the one person in his life who he could happily stay with forever. Never in a million years would he want to cause her any pain or heartbreak; she meant far too much to him! How could Tasha not know that!?

Pulling away he smiled, his eyes scanned her beautiful innocent face as he reached over and gently tapped her nose with his index finger; she really was an angel.

She giggled as she rubbed her tickled nose, before grinning back at him with twinkling eyes.

“Well,” he spoke up as he pushed himself off the bed, “I hate to ruin this touching moment, but I have a date to get to” he grinned down at her.

“Yeah. Well you look gorgeous hun” she smiled as she looked up at him.

“Oh, I know” he grinned smugly.

Leaning over he kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Love you” he smiled as he pulled back and stood up straight.

“Love you too” she smiled back, before watching as he exited the bedroom.


(10pm - Back at Martha’s)

“Oh boy am I shattered” mumbled Jack as he trudged his way up the stairs.

Reaching Martha’s door, he lightly pushed it open, being careful not to wake her.

Peering through he saw her laid down snugly in her bed. Presuming that she was already asleep, he walked back out.

“I’m awake Jack” a voice from inside the room caught his attention.

“Oh hey, sorry you looked like you were sleeping” Jack spoke up as he slipped inside.

“No, I’m not” Martha replied softly as she shuffled around to face him. “How was your date?”

“Good thanks” he smiled.

“To tell you the truth, I’m surprised you’re back so soon. What did she get called away?” she smirked.

“Oh just because I’m back early you presume she got called away. I don’t sleep with every girl I meet on the first date you know” he smirked back.

“Jack! Yes you do” she nodded with a giggle. “So what happened? You liked her that much you decided not to sleep with her” she raised her eyebrows and grinned wildly.

“No, but …she may have got called away” he causally and avoidably added.

“Ah, just as I imagined” she replied smugly.

Jack laughed as he pulled off his shirt, it was true though, Martha was right, if Laurie (his date) hadn’t got called away, he probably would have slept with her.

“So, you had a good time then?”

“Yeah, she’s really cool. I’m going to see her again when we get back. And hey get this, as it turns out, she lives like 4 doors down” he laughed in disbelief, “funny that isn’t it.”

“Oh yeah, hilarious” she rolled her eyes. “Well, I’m glad you had a nice evening” she added unimpressed.

“Why? What’s wrong?” he frowned.

“Oh, nothing for you to worry about” she mumbled beneath the sheets as she held the quilt covers close to her.

“No, come on, what is it?” a concerned Jack continued to prod as he slid into bed beside her.

She frowned as she looked across at him, “My, tummy hurts” she moaned softly as she pouted.

“Oh, poor baby” he spoke sensitively as he reached down, rubbing her stomach soothingly.

“Do you want me to get you something? Paracetemol?”

“No, I’ll be fine, I just need to sleep. If I stay still, it’ll go away” she said as she let her eyes close gently.

“Ok. As long as you’re sure?”

She let out a slight nod of the head before snuggling further into her pillow.

“Well, how about I leave you to rest, I’ll go downstairs tonight; you probably want your space.”

“Whatever. I don’t care” uttered Martha as she shrugged beneath the covers. The truth was, she did actually want him to stay, but she wasn’t going to openly tell Jack that.

“Well, I think you do. Plus it’ll be far too muggy in here for you with two people. I’ll be downstairs if you need me” he said as he slid back out and took to his feet, “ok?”

“Fine, whatever” grumbled Martha.

Leaning over he placed a kiss on her forehead, before tucking her in securely and neatening the sheets. Turning around, he silently exited the room…


(10 minutes later)

No sound could be heard as a sleepy Martha tip toed down the stairway. Reaching the bottom, she saw the light from the living room television.

Standing in the door way, she clung onto her blanket, whilst waiting for Jack to finally notice her presence.

Turning his head, he looked up, seeing Martha standing at the entrance wearing her ‘cuddly teddy bear’ nightie, and holding onto her ‘security’ blanket.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jack as he stayed deadly still on the couch; his eyebrows and forehead falling downwards as he looked over with worry and concern.

Without saying a word she silently walked over to him, all the while keeping her head downwards and her blankie close to her body. Standing in front of him she reached out for his hand, before leaning downwards and shuffling along, as she gently perched herself onto his lap.

Manoeuvring herself into a cradling position, she snuggled into him. Resting her head in the crook of his neck, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Mmm” she sighed peacefully as she relaxed on his lap, before feeling as he encircled his arms around her body; holding her closer to him.

“You ok?” he asked from out of the calming silence.

She nodded gently, “I just … missed you” she mumbled into his neck.

“Aw” he smiled as he looked down at her tucked neatly into him, “well it’s a good job you came down then, because I missed you too” he added softly.

Listening to his calming and soothing voice, set her body and mind at ease, and within seconds of lying in his arms she felt herself falling; her body becoming weak and her eyelids dropping heavy, as she finally drifted off into a peaceful slumber…

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Lol. Martha is like a little girl. Ha Ha. Jack needs to give her a taste of something, um, adult. LOL.

:lol: Trust you to say that :P

Enjoy :)

Chapter 10:

“Lookin goooood” Sang Martha as she scanned her sleepy eyes over Jacks bare back.

“You don’t have to tell me babe” he smirked back as he turned around to face her; his face displaying his usual smug grin.

She laughed weakly as she looked across at him, watching as he smartly dressed himself, before pushing herself upwards and reaching over for her glass of water.

Taking a sip, she cleared her dry and prickly throat.

“I didn’t realise you were awake” he said as he pulled his shirt from off the back of the chair.

“Yeah, just about” she spoke softly as she rested her head back down.

“Are you feeling any better?” Asked Jack as he stood beside the bed and buttoned up his shirt.

She nodded in response, “Yeah, much better thanks.”

“Good” he smiled down at her.

“Thanks for looking after me” she smiled as she held out her hand for him to take, “as always”.

“It’s my pleasure.” He walked further over towards the side of the bed and sat down.

Placing his hand onto her forehead he lightly stroked her skin. With the backs of his fingers, he touched the soft skin in between her eyebrows, and watched as her eyelids began to fall heavy; his touch gently massaging her head and consequently setting her mind at ease.

“You should get some more sleep” he spoke through the silence as he looked down at her drowsy face.

Mmm” was about all she could manage.

He smiled as he gazed down at her sleeping face; she was so beautiful even with her eyes closed shut.

Leaning downwards he firstly placed a tender kiss on her forehead, before moving lower down and brushing his lips against her soft cheek. Pulling away, he gazed down at her now-open-wide blue eyes. “Hey, you’re supposed to be asleep missy” he teased.

“Not tired anymore” she grinned up at him. The touch of his lips and the sweet scent of his aftershave had brought her around to full consciousness.

“Oh, typical” he rolled his eyes, “here’s me trying to do my best to get you back to sleep, and your even more wide awake than before!” he laughed, “Ive failed again haven’t I” smirked Jack as he teasingly shook his head.

“Aw, you never fail” she smiled back.

Pulling her other arm from out of the sheets, she reached up to his top button. Undoing the button and smartening up his collar, she smiled, “looks better like that”.

“Thanks” he smiled back. A tender and serene moment filled the air, with the two best friends just affectionately gazing into each others eyes; both with not a care in the world.

The silent seconds passed by, and both breaths were calm.

Casually glancing down at his watch he looked at the time. But his eyes unexpectedly shot open as he realised how late he was, “Crap! Best get going” he grinned. “Don’t want the boss on my back again” he rolled his eyes as he pushed himself off the bed, “But listen, I’ll be back at around lunch time ok, so I thought we could go shopping this afternoon, ready for the trip tomorrow” suggested Jack.

“Yeah, sounds good.”

“Ok, cool. I’ll see you later then” he smiled before leaning back down and kissing her cheek for the second time that morning.


(2.30pm – Yabbie Creek Shopping Mall)

Martha sieved through the many tankini’s on the clothing racks, and following what seemed like a lifetime of looking; still found nothing that caught her eye. Looking back she watched Jack as he stood at the counter, chatting up some random young blonde retailer. Rolling her eyes she turned back round.

When would that boy just give it up!


After almost 15 minutes of flirting, Jack eventually managed to peel himself away from the counter eye candy, and made his way over to Martha. “Hey, did you find anything?”

“Yeah I did, I've already bought it. And you would have seen me buy it if you wouldn’t have had that blonde tramp stuck in your face” she said with a grin.

“Aw, what a lovely thing to say Martha, you are so sweet,” he replied with sarcasm. “What’s up with you anyway?”

“Nothing, it just needed to be said,” grinned Martha, before she smartly turned and waltzed away.

Course it did” Jack muttered as he rolled his eyes; before following her out…


“So, do you fancy some lunch?”

“Erm, yeah, I am feeling slightly peckish” said Martha as she strolled alongside Jack, gently swinging her one bag back and forth.

“So where are you going to take me then?” she smiled sweetly as she turned to him.

“Me!? Since when was I paying?” frowned Jack.

“Well it was your idea to go shopping! And I’d have much rather just stayed inside and lazed around the house, so I think it’s only fair that you buy me dinner.”

“Well sure, I mean, I’m only taking you away on a free holiday tomorrow, but whatever” he rolled his eyes.

“Good! That’s settled then! Let’s go in here” said Martha as she marched off into the restaurant feeling rather pleased with herself.

Jack huffed in exasperation as he followed her in, Martha really could be a pain in the ass sometimes…


“Geezus Jack, you might want to slow down a bit, you’ll end up chocking” Martha scoffed; dumbfounded at just how fast Jack could engulf such a big meal.

What!? Im hungry” mumbled Jack as he took yet another massive bite out of his burger.

“Yeah well, out of fear of looking like a pig, you might want to slow down a little. Oh and FYI, maybe next time you should swallow before speaking, because I don’t want to see the contents of your mouth” snapped Martha as she looked across at him straight-faced.

Frowning, he put down his burger. Martha was being mean today.

“Well gee, I’m so sorry your royal highness, how about I go and sit in the corner and eat instead!”

“If that’s what you so wish, then I’m not going to stop you” she causally looked back down at her food.

“God, you really are a treat today aren’t you!” he spoke with annoyance, “I tell you what, if your going to be like this from now on, then I cant wait to go away with you” he grinned sarcastically, “5 whole days alone with you; pure bliss!” he spoke through gritted teeth, “You know I’m starting to regret not asking Kim! Heck, Tasha would make better company than you!”

“Hey, I’m not that bad. I’m just …” she shrugged.

“Moody!” he butted in, “Yeah, I’ve noticed” he rolled his eyes.

“If you knew what us women had to go through every month, you’d be moody too” she raised her voice as she tried to justify her behaviour.

“Yeah, I’d be moody, but I wouldn’t have a go at my friends for just trying to enjoy there meal” he scoffed before pushing himself upwards and walking off towards the restrooms.

Martha sighed as she watched him walk away. He was right, she had been mean today, and Jack certainly didn’t deserve that…

(5 minutes later)

Jack made his way over to the table, sitting down in silence he picked up his burger and continued with his meal.

Martha looked across at him with sad eyes; she hated it when they fought. And what made matters worse, there wasn’t really anything to fight about, she was just being a total unnecessary cow-bag; torturing Jack for no apparent reason.

Jacky” she pouted as she looked across at him with ‘guilt’ written all over her face.

But he just kept his head down and focused on his meal.

“Jacky, please don’t hate me” she continued, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to be a bitch”.

Rolling his eyes he kept on eating.

Don’t ignore me” she whinged like a 5 year old, “Jaaack.”

Reaching over she rubbed the back of his hand with the pad of her index finger, trying her best to get his attention, “Jack, please forgive me” she pleaded.

Eventually looking up he spoke, “are you going to buy me a dessert” he asked emotionless.

“Erm, yeah” she perked up, “anything you want.”

“Fine. Then maybe I can find it in my big heart to forgive you” he looked back at his plate before looking up at Martha’s sad but hopeful face. A small smile crept onto his face as he looked back at her. “Don’t frown, you’ll get wrinkles” he smiled as he reached over and rubbed her one cheek.

Her face lit up as she noticed his smile, before feeling as the backs of his fingers lightly caressed her skin; making her blush ever so slightly.

His smile grew ever bigger as he watched the colour in her cheeks become more vibrant; she always did look adorable when she blushed. He chose not to mention it however, now really wasn’t the right time to embarrass her.

“So! Dessert!” he grinned.


“Well, I’m well and truly stuffed!” said Jack as he strolled along the path, dragging his feet along with him.

“I guess that means you’re not up for carrying me home then,” smirked Martha as she rubbed her full-up stomach.

“Errr, no” laughed Jack.

“Damit, I knew I shouldn’t have had that chocolate sundae. They only end in badness” she groaned, “and now I’m all big and flabby”.

Jack laughed as he turned to his side, looking across at Martha’s pouting face as she regretted ever laying eyes on the dessert menu. “You are not flabby; you’re still as gorgeous as ever”.

Yeah, but I don’t feel gorgeous” she moaned.

“Jack!” a distant voice called out from behind them…

Can you hear that?” muttered Jack as he spun around to face the voice, “oh hey Laurie” he smiled as he walked over towards her. Leaning inwards he kissed her cheek.

“Hey!” she smiled back as they pulled apart, “Great minds think alike huh” grinned the young blonde woman as she lifted up her shopping bags.

“Yeah, I guess they do” he laughed softly.

“Are you shopping for the work conference?”

“Yeah. I may as well take advantage of it” he smiled back.

“Yeah, why not. It’s not everyday your job takes you for a work conference at a free holiday resort”.

“No, probably not. Some people are just lucky I guess” he smiled, before turning to Martha who stood silently beside him, “I want you to meet a friend of mine; you remember I mentioned Martha.”

“Oh yes, of course, it’s a pleasure to meet you” she smiled as she held out her hand for her to shake.

“Yeah, you too.”

“Well sorry guys, I'd love to chat but I’m kind of in a rush. I hope you enjoy your week off anyway…” she smiled to Martha before turning back to Jack, “… and hopefully I’ll see you when you get back”.

“Yeah totally, I look forward to it” he smiled.

“Great, see you soon then. And it was nice meeting you Martha.”

“Yeah, you too. Bye” replied Martha as she waved her off.

“Hmm, she seems nice. Not at all ditzy either, I’m surprised,” smirked Martha.

Jack laughed, “I told you, I do date smart women” he grinned smugly.

“Yeah yeah, so you keep saying”…

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