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Tues, 7 Aug 07 - Episode # 4477

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Was Curious About Sex – Which Is How You Came Along “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 7 Aug 07 - Episode # 4477)

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf & fisher are talking about the yr 12 exams tomorrow, when Lara arrives with Drew & Ric.

DINER FLAT : Belle & Maddie talk about studying and the exams. They are also concerned as to where Drew & Ric are.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Dan is now at the house as well. Drew & Ric insist that not even know any of the drivers names involved with the darg acre. Lara says that they won’t be charged this time – but she “suggest” that they stay away form that scene.

DINER FLAT : Next day, Emma is freaking out – she is “late” but not wants to be seen [in small town] buying pregnancy test. Maddie offers to go with her – buy it even. Emma insists that they go now – even before school & the exams.

DINER : Belle talk to dan * Irene about exams today. She salo gets a txt form drew wishing her luck. When Belle offers to wait for Maddie & Emma, Maddie insist that Belle should go on without them.

DINER FLAT : Emma exits bathroom – and tells Maddie that she IS pregnant. Emma is way stressing – but wants to do exams [her mum would ask questions if she miss exams]. Emma throws test in bin – and Ric enters [with flowers] just as the girls are bailing. After they are gone, Ric finds THAT preg test.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Lisa [Drew’s ex] acts all kinda weird around Belle. Fisher herds the students into the exams room – esp. the slightly tardy Maddie & Emma.

GARAGE : Ric & drew are talking when Dom pulls out outside in Drew’s car. Drew has a go at doom – but he says that he saved drew car form being impounded yesterday.

A hotted up car goes approach – and stops beside Drew’s car. The car [driven by a guy who, in end credits, is called Denni] drives off. Dom says that Drew has been “buzzed” [i.e. Denni wants to race Drew]

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Maddie can see that Emma isn’t doing well at exam – so, since Maddie is all but finished hers, Maddie swaps papers mid exam. Belle sees this – but fisher doesn’t.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Alf “suggest” to Ric that Maddie is not going to be pleased about the drag race thigh.

Ric approach Martha – who confirms that she is not preggers [after Ric tell her about find test.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Belle & co exit the classroom after exam – Belle confronts Maddie about the exam swap. Maddie insist that she has REALLY good reason.

Lisa approach Belle – and Lisa wonders if Belle knows that Drew is in trouble with police.

NAER SURF CLUB : Ric approach Alf – and tries to, in a non descript way, tries to ask Alf about how he should approach Maddie about the pregnancy thing. Naturally Alf have no idea what Ric talk about.

DINER : Martha approach Maddie and apologises afor the coffee thing. She also wonders if Maddie is Ok – but Emma enters and wants to talk to Maddie in private.

When Martha has bailed, Emma tells Maddie that she’s been in contact with Bondy [bub father] and is going to see him [out of town]. Maddie wonders what will happen if school find out bout cheating – Emma insists that Maddie is smart enough to figure something out.

MASNION : Drew is talk to Dom when jazz enters. Dom bails – and then jazz tells drew that she not want him hang out with dom. When drew say that he curious, jazz say that she was curious about sex, and that’s how drew came about. Jazz tries to insist that if drew can have a say on her love life, she is lay down her own ground rules. Drew not want listen – and bails.

DINER : Belle tells Irene that thinks exam went well – she then confronts drew about Lisa comment abou6ty police. Belle annoyed that everyone [incl Irene] knew – but drew insist not want to worry belle before big exam.

DINER FLAT : Ric tries to talk to middies about her secret – but she insists tat it has nothing to do with him. He realises that pregnancy test is Emma. When middies tell him about helping Emma with exam, ric insist that maddie should own up. Maddie insist that she just focus on next exam - with most of her school books at SBH.

NEAR BACH : Drew is tinker with engine of his car, when Denni drives up behind him – challenge shim to a race. Drew is pretty non committal.

As Denni is drive away, drew sees Lisa in back seat of denni’s car.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Dan insist to fisher that maddie should at least have a fair herring, but when fisher enters the corridor [from classroom] and he see maddie & Ric, he demands that maddie come to the principal’s office NOW !!!! [end of ep]


THOSE sheep were definitely poisoned – will Annie dob in Geoff ???

Will Maddie tell the truth bout the whole cheating thing???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Jazz - royal blue [v neck, mid thigh length] dress

SILVER : Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t/denim shorts

BRONZE : Ric – black [green outlined unknown lettering] t/faded jeans


Alf – olive green & black check button up shirt

Alf –brown & white check button up shirt

Belle - grey & lack [horizontal stripes] singlet top/denim shirt/black long pants

Belle - SBH Uniform

Dan – black jacket/white [with maroon horizontal near collar] button up shirt

Dan - olive green “Frontier” polo shirt

Denni – red cap/red t/faded black jacket

Dom – green & black check button up shirt

Drew - black t/faded black jeans

Drew – black t/khaki shorts

Drew - dark jacket/ brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Drew - sky blue overalls

Emma - SBH Uniform

Fisher – dark suit/dark tie/light blue button up shirt

Fisher - royal blue button up shirt/blue jeans

Irene - red long sleeve blouse

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Lisa - SBH Uniform

Maddie - brown top/mustard crop jacket/bone long pants

Maddie - SBH Uniform

Ric – khaki “camo” shorts/white singlet

Ric - light blue (black silhouette of a person’s face etc motif) t

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