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The Anti-Jass Thread

Guest Cerise

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Okay, I used to be a fan... But recently I've opened my eyes... and Jass Lover so should you...

What the HELL do they have in common? What exactly attracts them to each other? (I'm not going on about looks, I mean personality)

Give me an honest description of Cassie and Jules, compare them and you'll see. Jules was bored and decided to go for someone who annoyed him. This was Cassie. And Cassie thought 'Mhh maybe I'll go for him, it's not like I have any other options'.

This is the only reason I'm glad Jules is gone. No chance of seeing them together.

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In the UK they aren't together yet but i really don't see any chemistry or anything between them. Jules seems more suited to Belle (both cocky, arrogant and love themselves) and Cassie seems to mature for him. They just seem a bit forced together because Lily's gone and a Lucas/Cassie pairing would be predictable, tedious and cringeworthy, so they only really have each other.

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Ok. Before I saw the scene where Cassie cries before her party and before she finds out about Jazz and Jules, I liked them together. I didn't think that Jules would do something like that!

But seeing cassie crying before her big 18th over something like that, I felt for her.

So I have changed my mind, I don't like them together.

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i really dont know what she's done to make me like her. I guess with her and Drew's relationship growing as well, i've started liking her. This is the anti-Jazz thread, so i dont want to plagueit with good Jazz stuff, but yeh. She's just another character that ive taken a liking too, and also with her involvement with Tony, it makes me like her even more :P

I tend to go through phases of liking a character, but then hating them, and then liking them etc, its quite annoying :P

And as for the spoilers, i have no idea why they make me hate her. They dont actually make me hate her. I guess i'll have to wait for TV Week to see what its about.

I love Jazz, so i shall be leaving this thread :)

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