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Isabel Lucas scores big break

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Isabel Lucas scores big break

Herald Sun

August 04, 2007

ASPIRING Aussie actor Isabel Lucas is basking in the limelight after landing a role in Daybreakers, starring Hollywood A-lister Ethan Hawke.

The Melbourne-based actor will make her film debut as the daughter of movie veteran Sam Neill in the vampire thriller.

It was just five years ago Lucas was plucked from obscurity for a role in Home and Away.

The rising star admits she thought her chance of starring in Daybreakers was slim.

"My first audition was the worst I have ever done, ever," Lucas, 22, said yesterday.

"It was quite an extreme scene of going from crying to brutally stabbing her father.

"It was a huge challenge and I just thought 'Well thanks for having me in, but I know that I will never come back for this one'."

Also starring fellow Aussie stars Claudia Karvan and Michael Dorman, Daybreakers centres on Hawke's character Ed, a researcher in 2017.

In a bizarre twist, an unknown plague transforms the world's population into vampires.

Lucas plays the last surviving member of the human race.

Lucas will begin filming her scenes next week.

"It's healthy to be nervous and I am sure I will be on the first day of shooting," she said.

With the film set for worldwide release next year, the actor hopes it leads to further film work, especially overseas.

"I hope so, of course I would love to work overseas on a film," she said.

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