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Jodi Gordon Interview

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The 22-year-old actress's character is about to face some tough times ahead, so we asked Jodi whether Martha will come out the other side, what the future holds for her screen counterpart and what she'd like to see Martha do if she wrote the scripts.

You're over in England for a few days promoting Home & Away, so as a former model you're used to jet-setting everywhere. Do you ever miss it?

"It's better now because we get to travel with people. With modelling, and I think all models will say the same thing, you're always on you're own and you're constantly kind of going to new places and meeting new people and adapting to different environments. It's nice to have Kate (Sally) and Mark (Ric) here who I've worked with all the time so it's nice."

Have you managed to do anything else while you've been over here or is it all work?

"No, I got to go shopping all day yesterday. It was so much fun, that's the most exciting thing about being here. Going shopping and seeing all the different shops!"

So how about your spare time in Australia? Do you keep as far away from Summer Bay as much as possible?

"I just do all different types of things. I mean, I don't go and hang out at Palm Beach, at Summer Bay on my days off but you might go down there for lunch. Normally you're learning scripts or you're doing publicity or hanging out with friends, doing family things. I guess just trying to not think about work!"

Now, as far as Martha's concerned, there's quite a few big story lines coming up. Can you fill us in a little?

"I know, at the moment she's dancing - not stripping, dancing, I was told there's a difference. She's dancing and she's going through a bit of a rough patch. She's been through an abortion, that happened with Ash so she's been through that and the repercussions. This seedy guy Cam's come along and swept her off her feet and taken her into this whirlwind life and just taking her down the wrong path really.

"I think she'll figure out who she is and where she wants to go and all that kind of stuff over the next few months. You have to hit rock bottom before you can get up again and she's pretty much down there, but she doesn't realise it so I think the next few months will be interesting for her."

She's going to have quite a few close calls isn't she? Do you think it will really test her?

"I know there's a situation at the end of this story line where there's a few really bad situations that brings her close to a lot of trouble."

Has it been nice to have some storylines like this that are quite challenging?

"The dancing story line was definitely challenging physically and trying to get into shape, doing pole dancing lessons and things like that. It was challenging, but also having to dance and do all of that in front of the crew. There's even one scene when all of the boys turn up at the club and they're looking at me - it's like having your mates seeing you half naked. It's not very nice, a bit intimidating but it's always exciting to have a challenging story line like that. It's worth while in the end knowing that you've put everything into it."

What does Alf make of the whole dancing incident? Is it a test on their relationship?

"Yes definitely. He's away while Martha goes on this big pathway to hell or whatever you want to call it. He's not there so I think he plays a big part in her life because if he was there she wouldn't have moved back home. I mean, I'm not blaming Alf for that but I think he could have steered her in the right direction. It's definitely a test of their relationship, it's a lot of strain on them and when he comes back he realises what she's been doing and he gets really angry.

"I remember doing on one day five or six scenes with Ray [Meagher - Alf] where we were just screaming at each other. In the end he just has to realise she'll do the right thing and with the support of her family everything will be fine."

There are a lot of people there for her - do you think she needs to go through this to realise who and what she's got?

"I think yes, you have to go through the bad to realise that her family - she spends so much time pushing them away and it's not until she pushes them that far away that she actually realises that they're actually the people that love her the most. They've seen her and supported her throughout these whole terrible few months that she's had.

"She thinks they're the bad guys but in the end it's a learning lesson for her about who's really important. And I think Jack plays a really important role in that as well because she always thinks that he's trying to kind of put her down or he's always angry with her, but little does she realise that - well I think he still loves her. But he's always been there for her no matter what, no matter how many times she stumps up or tells him off, he's always there for her which I love about their relationship."

Is there ever a chance they'll get together?

"I hope so because I love Jack and Martha together. From a viewers perspective, I kind of see them as the ultimate couple and I'd love them to be together but unfortunately I don't write the storylines. I think if they did get together it would be tough and I don't think it's the right timing for them to get together. I'm hoping in the future they will. Eventually. Hopefully!"

Are there any similarities between you and Martha in real life?

"Yeah, I've got a feisty side to me! I mean Martha's pretty feisty all of the time but in the sense of always fighting for what's right and keeping up a strong perspective on where I want to go, things like that. I can get a bit hot-headed sometimes, I guess, and I'm a bit of a Tom-boy. I'm from a family where we've always played a lot of sport, backyard cricket and football so I'm a bit of a Tom-boy turned girly as I've got older."

Is there anything else you'd like to see Martha do or experience in the show?

"I'd like to see Martha go shopping in Paris, with all of the other girls, that would be fun! I'd like to see a happy ending for her, I'd like to see her with Jack. I honestly don't know if that will happen, I don't know if they're right for each other. I think they are but there are too many troubles, I just hope she gets her love life in order and then see what happens."

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