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Just Once More

Guest JM_stuchers

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Ok so i've decided to start another fic...

Type of story: long fic

Rating: (see BTTB rating guidance)

Main Characters: Martha + Jack

Genre: Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Martha meets Jack on a holiday and they form a strong bond of friendship. Only when Martha returns from her holiday does she realize just how much she misses Jack, and how much he means to her.

It's going to be an AU and some things are different to usual

Here are all i can think of now:

- Jack is 19

- Martha is 15 (at the start of the fic)

- Both Jack and Martha are from England

Also apologies if i write the name Matt instead of Jack. The original story was about a guy named Matt so i might have accidentaly dropped his name in there.

I dunno how often i will be updating, depends on how busy i am and what sort of things i have going on, so sometimes it will be quite often and sometimes it will not be for a couple of weeks if i go away somewhere...

Here is the intro

Martha sat at home doing nothing, just as she had been doing for the last few days. She couldn’t believe that she was home. On Saturday she had said goodbye to Jack, and hadn’t seen him since. She was not going to see him any time soon, or any time ever.

While she had been on holiday in Turkey she had met a lot of people and had made some great friends. She had also got a great tan and had made some memories that would stay with her for life. But she had also met the most amazing guy that had even entered her life, and had felt some feelings that she had never felt before. Now she was home, and away from Jack, she realised how much of a mistake it was letting herself feel such things for him, as it just made moving on and forgetting about him near impossible.

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Ok first official chapter... hope you like it

I arrived at Izmir airport with my family early on Sunday afternoon, the official start of my summer holiday in Turkey. One of the first people I met was a guy known as ‘Posh Tom’ and I immediately took a liking to him. I remember hoping that the rest of the guys working at sunsail were as good looking as he was. A couple of hours later I reached Phokaia, my holiday destination for the week. I was tired, and so went to bed immediately, not even taking the time to look around the hotel, and find out where some important places were.

The next morning, feeling refreshed and happy me and her two brothers, Charlie and Macca, ate their breakfast quickly. Macca and I then headed down to the amphitheatre and met the people who they were going to be having fun with for the next week while Charlie went down to the gybers area. The first thoughts that crossed my mind as I entered were about a guy sitting on the steps watching them enter. “He’s not bad looking” I thought to herself, and alongside my brother walked over towards the guy.

“Hey, I’m Nikki!” One of the girls said enthusiastically, “this is Katie, Sean, and Sarah and… Where’s Jack gone?”

“No idea, run off again I guess.” said Sarah.

“What’s your name?” Sean asked me while looking me straight in the eye.

“Martha” I replied, and took the sticky label he was offering me. My brother Macca did the same and we sat down together on the cushions on the stage and began to chat. As we talked more kids began to come in and sit down. When there were no more cushions on the stage left and there were about 25 kids sitting down Nikki got up to talk to us all.

“Right, I want you all to sit opposite someone and talk to them. Try and find out as much about them as you can. But don’t talk to someone you know!” And as if on cue Macca got up and went to find someone else to sit with. I was left sitting on her own, and as I looked round I saw Sean walking towards me. To embarrass myself in front of Sean right now was the last thing i wanted.

“Hey” He said as he sat down opposite me.

“Hi, I’m Martha” I replied

“I noticed. Sean”

“Nice to meet you” I said.

“So tell me stuff about yourself then.” He said, and he seemed genuinely interested, not just eager to play Nikki’s game.

“Ok well I’m 15, that’s my brother Macca over there, he’s 16 and I have another brother Charlie who’s 11. Most people call me Mac…”

“Why’s that?” Sean asked interrupting me

“Surname’s Mackenzie” I answered and continued to tell him all about myself. “I go to school with both my brothers at Felsted School. I play lots of hockey and also love football, and I love to surf whenever I get the opportunity, my brother Macca taught me how when I was just 7. I’m from Essex. Um… Oh yeah I have a cat called Minnie. Erm I dunno what else really. My favourite colour is red.” By now I was struggling to think of any more to tell him.

“You here for one week or two?” he asked me


“With family or friends?” he asked again, unaware of the hurt he was causing me from just those few words.

“Friends” I answered, not wanting to tell a total stranger the hell I had been through in the past.

“Ok who wants to stand up and tell us all about their friend?” Said Katie, it was the first thing I had heard her say since we had come in.

“I will!” Said Sean and jumped up, he began to talk all about me and said almost everything that I had told him, even that I was only 7 when my brother taught me to surf!

About an hour later I found myself standing on the beach with a kayak paddle in my hands. When my fellow team member had emerged from the sea onto the beach I began to run around the paddle 10 times, nearly falling over in the process. My brother Macca had planned it so we would both go at the same time, and I knew that he would make it into a race between the two of us. Macca and I both ran into the water at full speed, trying not to fall over and jumped over the upturned kayak. We had to complete an obstacle course in teams and the losing team would have to do a forfeit. The course consisted of 3 upturned kayaks and a taz. The competitors had to go over the first kayak, under the second and then over the third. Then we had to climb into the taz and capsize it, right it, jump in, salute to the beach and then swim back. When we had completed this the next person would start running around the paddle.

As I emerged from under the second kayak I could see that Macca was storming ahead of her. I knew I would not hear the end of this for a while when we got back to the beach so did my best to continue and to not lose any more ground on my brother. As I dived off the boat and began to swim back to the beach I was disappointed to see Macca already standing their looking pleased with himself. A couple of seconds later I reached the beach and heard Sean and a beach monkey called Scoop talking to Jack about my brother.

“Did you see how quick he did it?” Sean said

“Like flipping Rambo Man” Scoop replied while Jack just stood there listening. I hadn’t seen Jack before and wasn’t sure about him. He looked like he was trying to be gangsta with his cap on sideways and a very piratesque beard and moustache. Still he had done nothing wrong and I didn’t want to judge people before I got to know them. I had made that mistake before.

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Hey JM_stuchers,

In order with the Rules For FanFiction, Librarians would appreciate if you Filled in the following form and you pasted it at the top of your opening Post:

Type of story: one-shot/ long fiction/ short fiction/ undecided

Rating: (see BTTB rating guidance)

Main Characters: ie. Lucas and Belle / Multiple character

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Angst/ A mixture

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning: ie. Violence, sexual content, coarse language etc.

Is Story being proof read: Yes/No

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).




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Hey new chapter up

Also i've decided to change the parts i have already posted as ive decided to write it in 1st person, so i would recommend reading the start again

Enjoy :)

When beach team had finished their games on the beach they all headed up to the restaurant to eat lunch together. This was a weekly tradition as it was the first day and people were just getting to know each other, the leaders thought it would be best for everyone to eat lunch together. We all headed into the eating area but saw the gybers and the urchins sitting down eating their own lunch.

“Sorry we’re busy in here” Said Ali, the man in charge of the restaurant. “Come back in half an hour and you can eat”

When they heard this the AA’s led us back out onto the terrace bar and we all sat down.

Just as I was heading out of the door I felt a hand on the back of my head and turned to see Sean standing behind me, his hand resting on the back of my head. I found it a strange but nice gesture, especially from a guy I had only met that morning.

A couple of minutes later we were all sat in a circle and playing games to pass the time until lunch.

As I was sitting eating lunch and getting to know the people around me i keep sneaking glances at Sean. I had decided that he was quite good-looking and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

During the meal I had been speaking to a couple of the AA’s and a girl I had met earlier in the morning called Laura. I got the impression that it was all about having fun here and all the staff loved their jobs and wouldn’t change them for anything. I was also warned that I was about to start a very active week and I would be doing stuff at all hours of the day. Compared to my usual holidays of sitting on a sun-bed reading in the sun for a week this was a change for me. I thought it would be a good idea though, and it was exactly the sort holiday my brothers would love. I decided I would try and enjoy it, and hopefully I would make lots of friends, and would be able to enjoy the week with them.

Marthas Diary

July 8th 2007

Today was my first whole day at Phokaia in Turkey. I love it here already, and have met some wonderful people. There’s this guy Sean who’s really good looking and his mate Jack who he does everything with. I dunno about Jack though, I haven’t really met him yet but from first impressions he doesn’t seem like my kind of guy. He hasn’t even been around that much and I can tell that the others are getting annoyed. He went off somewhere this morning when we were all meant to be together getting to know each other and then this afternoon he went off again when he was meant to be helping on the beach. I can’t help but wonder where he keeps going, and it is intriguing me. There’s something about him which is different to the others, but I don’t know what it is yet. I saw him at lunch with his friends and couldn’t help but recognise him, but I can’t work out where from. His face seems so familiar.

Sarah, Nikki and Katie seem really nice as well. We were sitting in the amphitheatre after lunch this afternoon chatting with a couple of other people and we all got along great. I’ve made some great friends, Freddie is hilarious. He broke his thumb last week by doing a handstand, and got punched in the face! He’s so accident prone, even more than Macca. Rory and Randy and Charlotte and Harriet are all great as well and I get on with them really well. But I get on best with none of them. There’s this girl called Laura who I get on really well with, and as she was here last week she knows a lot of people already. They all seem great, Zippy and Jess are great, and Keni and Brad are both really funny and clever, and Alex and Rory complete our gang. I can’t wait for the tomorrow, I've had such a great day today even though this isn’t really my sort of thing.


“Hey Mac are you coming for dinner?” Macca called to me. I was sitting on the balcony writing in my diary when he called to me. So I finished what I was writing, closed my diary and locked it with the key I kept on a chain round my neck. Then I grabbed my bag and followed him out of the room, down to the jetty bar by the beach. When we arrived down there I spotted some of my mates, so headed over to sit with them.

“Mac!!” Rory called as I sat down

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” I asked casually. There were 9 of us sitting round the table, Laura, Rory, Alex, Zippy, Clea, Jess, Keni, Brad and me. We sat chatting for a while about our day and just generally having a laugh together.

The food was just starting to be served so we all went to get our meals and were just beginning to eat when Jack and Sean came over.

“Room for two more?” Jack asked, holding a huge plate of food.

“Yeah sure, sit down,” said Laura smiling up at him. It was obvious to anyone that she had the hots for him, even if it wasn’t to him. He grabbed a chair from the next table and sat down next to me.

“Hey I'm Jack” he said smiling at me, “I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Martha” I said smiling back at him.

“You arrived yesterday?”

“Yeah, and I love it here already.”

“Yeah, this place does that to you. Hey look at the sunset.” He said and pointed over to the horizon. It was glowing pink and half of the bright golden orange sun was still protruding into the colourful sky.

“It’s gorgeous” I said after watching the sun disappear completely out of sight. I looked into his eyes as I said it and realised what a gorgeous shade of brown they were, gorgeous like the sunset I had just witnessed.

Later that evening once we had finished eating we all went down to the beach front to get some punch and headed back up to the bar to sit and chat. It was the evening of the punch party, and a few people were wandering round drunk as early as 9:00. We, however, went easy on the punch and didn’t start to get tipsy until much later; we just sat and chatted for hours, Jack and Sean still sitting with us. Sean was as I had imagined him, quite loud and boisterous, and very self-confident, his personality suited him perfectly. But Jack was not how I had pictured him at all. He was quite quiet, but when he was in a conversation with Sean he was a lot louder and confident. He was also really friendly, and easy to talk to. And I had fallen in love with his eyes the moment I saw them. It turned out that my first impression of him was wrong, and now I wanted to get to know him better more than ever.

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