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I Love You

Guest baby gurl

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Title of Story: love

Type of Story: One-shot

The Story's rating: for everyone!!

Main Characters: Amanda

Does it contain spoilers: no

I Love You

"We're over. Over. Over." His words echoing in her mind. "I can't believe I was going to marry a woman like you." His words stabbing into her.

"3 bottles finished plenty more left to go." She said to herself as she helped herself to another glass of wine only to have been interrupted by the door swinging open.

"Hey Aman..." She stopped as fury began to rage inside of her. "You're drinking." She shouted. "After everything that's happened and you still drink like nothings happened."

"Belle" Amanda said trying to get her daughter's attention.

"No save it. And to think...to think I was actually going to move back home." She shouted raising her voice.

"You were..." Amanda began.

"Yeah I was. But not any more."

"You still can." She tried to reassure her daughter. "l'l stop drinking, l'l go to classes. I promise."

"No." She screamed. "Don't promise me. We all know how your promises turn out." She said in disgust. "Lets just say whatever chance you had with me, Ryan or Peter is well and truly over." She said as she walked out of the door.


"Belle, Ryan and…Peter." She said to herself as she licked the seal of the last envelope. "Oh and this she said placing the written piece of paper underneath the letters. "Just make sure I have this right." She said as she read it out.


Ryan- $5000

Belle- $5000

Peter- $10 000

Peter- car

Belle & Ryan- house.



"Amanda" Peter called walking into the kitchen where he observed the letter.

"Dear Peter, once you've read this I'm probably gone. I just want to tell you that you are the most kind and caring man that I have ever known and that I am so sorry about all the heart ache that I caused you. I hope one day you can forgive me. I need you to look after Belle and Ryan for me.

Lots of love Amanda. "


"Amanda." Peter called as he reached the cliffs. "Amanda wait. Please." Peter begged.

But it was too late she had jumped.

"I love you." He whispered.


Please comment :)

Its the first time i've written a PAnda fic so...



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