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Double Trouble

Guest Gemma

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Topic Title – Double Trouble

Topic Description – Joey, Emma, Martha and Jack

Type of story: undecided

Rating: PG

Main Characters: Joey, Emma and may be others characters

Genre: A mixture

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: When Martha's twin sisters Joey and Emma come and live with Her and Jack

Once upon a time there are twin girls. Their names are Joey and Emma. One day the girls were packing their bags coz they were moving to Summer bay to live with their Sister. Their Anut who has been looking after them since their mum and dad past away.

"Girls you ready to go?" Sue said coming into our room. "Yeah" Emma says as we go out and put everything in the car. "Aunt Sue," I say. "Yes Joey?" Sue say. "Thanks for taking car of us," I says as Emma and I get in the car. What felt like forever we pasted the Welcome to summer bay sign. "Sue, you know where to go right?" Em says, "Yes, Martha told me on the phone," sue says as we pull up in front of a nice house. Once we stopped Em and I jumped out and ran to the front door. Emma knocks our secret knock that only Martha and us know. A girl we didn't know answered the door. "Hi, who are you looking for?" the girl asks. "Martha Mackenzie," Emma says. "Come in" the girls said. We walk in with Sue behind us. Martha comes out of a room and looks at us. "Em, Jo" Martha says as we run to her. 'We missed you so much," Em says. I look around wondering who the other 3 are. "Em & Jo this is my Fiancée, Jack, Lucas, Jack's brother and Matilda but will call her Mattie," Martha says as we say hi. "Are you twins?" Mattie asks and Martha nods. We go out and help Sue bring in our stuff and put it in the room we are sharing. Martha and Jack come into our room. Martha comes and hugs us again. "Girls, lets go to the diner and you can meet more people ok?" Jack says. "Hey sorry about that I wasn't there when mum and dad died," Said Martha we just nod since we hate talking about it. We walk out the door and walk out of the house with Martha, Jack, Mattie and Lucas. We were talking about the wedding and how we had been since Martha left home. We got to the diner "Hey, Leah, Irene, these two are my sisters, Joey and Emma," Said Martha. "Hi" we both say together. "Hey Jo and Em wanna come down to the beach with Luc and I?" Mattie asks. We nod and walk out the door after saying bye. We were walk down to the beach when 4 people come up to us. "Hey. Matte and Luc and who are you two?' the boy asks. While looking and me then at Emma then back to Mattie and Luc. "Oh, Hi I'm Emma and this is Joey my twin sister and we are going to be living with our sister Martha," Emma says, "Since our parents died 4 months ago," I say. "Hi, I'm Ric, that my girlfriend Cassie, that Belle and her boyfriend Drew and we are sorry," Ric says. "Thanks, we have to get back so bye," I say as walk away. When we get back there are more people. "Hey sis," Em says. "Hey girls, how was the beach?" Martha says. We said nothing. "Hi I'm Tony, Jack's dad and that's Beth, Mattie's mum and that's Sally" Tony says as he points to them. We nod and walk to our bedroom and unpack our bags. After we finished we walk out of our room and see that the people have gone. Martha and Jack take us to the Surf club where Martha works. When we got there Martha went and got to work. Jack told us we could play pool. After awhile Emma won. We walk over to where Jack was talking to two people we know as Tasha and Robbie. "Hey girls, who won?" Jack asks. I point to Emma and she just laughs. "What's funny Emma Kate Mackenzie?" Martha says as she comes over and sits on Jack's lap. "Oh, I was thinking of the last time we played pool, when Joey got the back in first," Emma said while she was laughing at the same time. "So you two are looking forward to being bridesmaids?" Martha asks. "HELL YER" I say. "Joey Elise Mackenzie do not swear," Martha said. I just nod. "Sis you have to take us to the city tomorrow." Said Emma. "Why?" Jack asks. "Lucy entered us into a singing comp," Emma said answering the question. "Sure Jack and I will take you." Martha said.

The next morning we got up and got dressed and did our hair and make-up and then walk out to where Jack and Martha were waiting for us. On the way to the city "what song you singing?" Jack asks. "Umm, wait and see." I say. "Sis you may know it" Emma said. Martha sits there thinking what song we were going to sing. We get there and go backstage while they find a sit in front of the stage. Our turn come. "Please welcome Joey and Emma Mackenzie singing Listen by beyonce." The woman said. We walk out onto the stage and start singing. After we sang the judges gave us a score of 40. We walked off to our sis and Jack. "You girls rock" Jack says. "Thanks, Martha sang that song to us," Emma says. After everyone was done we all walked back on stage/ "The wins are Joey and Emma Mackenzie" the woman said and we walk forward get what we won and then walk over to Martha and Jack. "Well done Jo and Em" Martha says. "Lets get home" Jack says as I hug him while Em is hugging Martha. We walk out to the car and jump in. "We have to stop off at the Surf club first okay?' Martha said. We nod and go back to looking out the windows. Once we get to the surf club we all jump out and walk inside. "Surprise" everyone, yells. I look around and then is a banner that says Go Girls. Our friend who entered us walked over to us. "Hey Jo, Em and Mac," Lucy said. "Hey Luce," Em says. We walk over to Mattie and Luc with Jack. "Hey Jack can we ask you something?' I asked. "Sure. Girls" Jack says as we get to Mattie and Luc. Since there was only two chairs left Em sat on my lap. "Umm, can you help us get something for Martha?" I say as Emma gets up and walks over to Martha. "Sure, what for?" Jack asks. Before I can answers Emma is pulling me up on stage to sing, Martha comes up too and joins us singing 'That's What Friends Are For'. When we finished everyone was clapping. At 6pm we went home since Em and I had to start at summer bay high school.

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Chapter 2

The next morning Joey & I got up at 7.30am. We got dressed and walked out to the living room where Martha and Jack were eating breakfast.

“Good morning,” Joey says as I wave

“Girls, Jack & I’ll go get dressed and take you to school,” Martha says as they walk out.

We sit down and eat. After awhile they come out and we walk out to the car and get in. After awhile we get to school.

“See you two at home after school,” Jack says as we get out of the car. We wave and walk in the gate and meet sally there.

“Hey, girls,” Sally says.

Sally shows us our lockers and our timetable. When the bell went we walk off to our maths class.

“We have two new students, Joey and Emma Mackenzie,” the teacher says as we walk to sit next to Belle.

“Hey, Belle,” I says and turn back to the teacher.

After Maths we had English. Then we had lunch.

“Beep, Beep,”

“Jo, your phone,” I say

I pull out my phone and we look down and jump.

“I know where your sister lives,”

It did say who it was from but we could tell who it was. At the end of the day we run home and hoped someone was home.

“Hey, girls,” Jack says as we walk in

“Jack, you don’t have work now, please don’t,” Joey said crying.

“No, I just finished, why?” Jack says as he hug us coz he saw how scared we were.

We show him the phone. Jack told me to ring Martha and get her to come to the police station now. We get to the station and jack shows the phone to Peter. Peter asked us for an interview.

“Has he done anything to you 3?” Peter asks

“He only ever hurts Jo and Em. He just made me watch him do it to them,” Martha said crying.

“Ok, Jack don’t come to work until we get Mike so you can look after the girls,” Peter says as Jack nods

We walk out of the little room and walked out of the station. We walk to the surf club to get our mind of Mike. When we get there Joey and I play pool again. I know Joey wants to win.

“Mac & Jack play with us Please,” I say pouting.

“Okay, Jack & I on to you girls okay?” Martha says as we nod

We start playing when my phone goes off. “Beep, Beep”

I pull my phone out and look at it and jump. I pass it to Joey and she reads it aloud.

“I’m watching you play happy family,” Mike had written.

“Sis, we’re scared,” I say as Martha hugs me and Jack hugs Joey.

“Hey, it’s okay shh,” Jack says trying to calm us down

Jack’s phone went off while he was hugging Joey still. After he finished talking he told us Peter want us back at the station. We walk to the station. We get there and Jack shows Peter the new text on my phone.

“We want you 4 to go away until we catch him ok?” Peter said

We nod and walk out to go home and pack since we were leave at 6pm.

“What will we tell the others?” Joey asks as we walk in the house.

“I’ll write them a letter,” Martha says as Joey and I walk to our room and start packing. At 6 Peter came to take us to where we are going to stay. We walk out the living room and let Jack and Peter take our bags.

“What about school?” I ask as we hope in the police car.

“It’s all in the letter,” Jack answers me.

After awhile we get to a little ugly looking house in the middle of no where. We get out of the car as a woman about Jack and Martha’s age comes out.

“Hi, welcome, my name is Sam and yours?” Sam said looking at Jack

“I’m Jack, my Fiancée Martha and her twin sisters Joey and Emma,” Jack said ponit at us.

We get our bags out of the car and say bye to Peter and walk into the house and to our rooms. Jo and I got a room next to Jack and Martha which was a good thing.

“Hey, Jo did you see the way Sam was looking at Jack?” I say as I sat on the bed.

“Yeah, let’s go see Jack and Martha,” Joey says as she pulls me up.

We walked out and to the door next to ours and knock our secret knock since Jack knows it now.

“Come in,” Jack yells

We walk in and sit on the bed while they are on the floor.

“We don’t like that Sam girl at all,” I say

Jack and Martha look at us and then come and sat next to us.

“Why?” Jack asks

“Coz, she keeps checking you out Jack,” Joey said

“Yeah, we know, let’s go watch TV yeah?” Martha says as we nod.

I pull Joey up while Jack pulls Martha up and we walk out to the living room. We get to the couch I sat down Joey next to me and jack next Joey.

“Hey where am I meant to sit?” Martha said as Jack pulls her down on to him.

I pull out our camera and took a picture of them.

“EMMA,” Martha says while laughing

Sam walks in and walks to her room but turns around to look at us all happy.

“Mac, when is your wedding guys?” I say

“Umm, don’t know yet,” Martha said

At 10 we all got up to go to bed.

“Night girls,” Jack and Martha Said

“Night,” Jo and I say as we walk into our room

next chapter

do they find Mike before its too late??

p.s i'm new to this so anything you say will help me

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