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Thurs, 19 July 07 - Episode # 4464

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Symbolic Destruction ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 19 July 07 - Episode # 4464)

Note - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

HUNTER HOUSE : Jack wonder to luc what the latter has been getting up to lately. Jack also insists that luc has to clean up the kitchen and his [luc’s] room, as Tony will be back in the bay soon [from his excerurion to find Maddie I’m guessing].

When jack bails, luc goes back into his room – there are several pics [form newspapers articles] of Naomi on the floor.

DINER : Irene “suggests” to drew & bell that drew isn’t going to hanging around the diner all day – as that will distract belle [from working] too much.

Leah approaches drew – and is surprised when drew tell her that he moved in with jazz because she bought him THAT car.

GYM : Tony notices tat the rugby team isn’t exactly straining themselves during training. Geoff makes him aware that Aden &n co have been well & truly celebrarting the team’s win last weekend.

CITY [bLOCK OF FLATS] : Luc is once more looking up at Naomi’s room, but she’s not there at this point.

SURF CLUB : Drew tells belle that jazz is totally coooool with bell sleeping over - in his room, no less. Belle eventually agrees to speak to Irene about this.

Bell then approaches Tony, wondering about luc. Tony says that he think luc is going ok.

CITY [bLOCK OF FLATS] : Luc is asleep when Naomi arrives back home. She is shocked when she sees Luc.

CITY [bLOCK OF FLATS] : Jack wakes luc up. Luc can’t believe that jack is even there -= but jack insists that luc is lucky that Naomi phoned him and not that city police around this.

Both Holdens get in jack’s police car.

GYM : Geoff is tarinu8ng on the beech press – with Aden “spotting” him, but when Geoff “suggest” that Aden should help him with the bar, Aden & his mated “play the deaf card – and Geoff just manages to stop the bar form doing him some damage.

After to9ny calls an end to the training session, he speaks to Geoff alone. Tony suggest that the regional selectors aren’t going to know how good Geoff is if he desalt get hold of the ball – which the others are denying him, Tony suggest that Geoff should at laet try to be a team player.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jack wonders what luc was doing near Naomi. Jack is kinda freaked out when luc says that what he was doing is at an end anyway – luc clarifies thi9s by saying hat he is writing a story involving Naomi.

SURF CLUB : Geoff approaches Aden & the other rugby pleyrs, who are palting pool. He say that he wants to hang out with them – so he starts play pool with Aden & co plays pool,

DINER : Irene overhears jazz, drew ^ bell talking about belle sleeping over. Irene insists that she not like idea – even with drew & bell in separate room, but Irene eventually agree.

SURF CLUB : As Geoff plays pool, the others put alcohol in his fruit juice, Geoff react badly – but decides to go along for this ride.

Luc arrives, and is concerned Geoff, but goeef insists that he is ok.

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc is surprised when Naomi arrive. She wants to see the story he wrote – so he doesn’t’ “drop her in it” again [after the recent department investigation].

MANSION : After drew bails form the main room, jazz approaches bell. The latter thank jazz for letting her sty the night – but jazz insists that ALL of drews’ girlfriends will be allowed to do so. Jazz think that the teens are too young to just be with one person.

HUNTER HOUSE : In luc’s room, Naomi tells luc that she has just finished reading his story. She thinks its AWEOME love story - and is sooooo no threat to her. Luc points out that he was outside her house to get all the little details about her life – if she has a cat, when she leaves home in morning etc. Naomi insists that that is why this story is sooooooooo good.

Luc insist that she not get this published -0 just wanted a way to end this Naomi chapter of huis life.

MASNION : Drew & belle are kissing when belle breaks away, and says that she has to go home- more schoolwork that she forgot about.

When bell is gone, drew wonders if jazz has said anything to belle – jazz denies that she has.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Luc approaches a rubbish bin, and page by page he burns a [paper copy of the Naomi story.

Anne approaches – she is waiting for Geoff, and wonders why luc is burn the pages – esp. when he still has the story saved on computer. Luc insists that it’s a symbolic gesture.

SURF CLUB : Geoff is more that a little drunk now, as Aden, the others and Geoff are [alyinhg rugby based drinking games.

SURF CLUB : Aden & the others catch Geoff – as he had started to fall backwards because of his drunken astate. They all block Geoff form the view of the nearby Alf, who seems to think that the boys have been drinking.

When Alf goes back into Noah’s, Aden & the others all but carry the dunk Geoff outside – and they put him in the boot of Tony’s car, and shut the boot lid!!! {end of ep]


Looks like Jazz has succeeded in break up Drew/Belle

Cass tries to convince Maddie to come home

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Naomi’s dark blue [black floral] strapless dress

SILVER – Luc’s white [sky blue “Colombian Cold” and butterfly like motif] t

BRONZE – Leah’s purple [with silver block across bust] wide collar top


Aden’s bluey-grey singlet

Aden’s grey & black horizontal striped t

Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Annie’s blue singlet top

Belle’s back [silver wreath around white crown] scoop neck t

Drew’s grey [black tall ship? motif] t

Geoff’s olive green singlet

Geoff’s powder blue button up shirt

Irene’s green (leafy) long sleeve blouse

Jazz’s brown & white halter neck swimsuit

Jazz’s burgundy halter neck dress

Jazz’s white [frilly] halter neck top

Luc’s off white [red vertical stripes] PJ pants

Tony’s white [small blue “Adidas” logo] singlet

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