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Moving On

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"No Shawn dont i mean it,no ahh"Martha went crashing into the sea below.

"See i said you could do it"Shawn shouted jumping in after her.

"That wasn't funny Shawn"Martha shouted as she reached the surface.Shawn came up not long afterwards.

"Oh come on babe you were never gonna do it i just gave you a helping hand,come on forgive me"Shawn made hes way towards Martha and wrapped hes arms arond her.

"why should i"Martha tried to resist Shawn not looking at him as she knew she would give in to his charms straight away.

"You no i hate hights you have some serious sucking up to do you know"Martha began laughing

"Ahh forgive me babe"Shawn kissed Martha "oh i hate you "Martha said as she and Shawn embraced.

"Martha Martha" "oh what" "is everything okay you were just mumbling away in your sleep"

"Oh sorry Cass i must of dozzed off"

"You no everyones worried aout you Martha youv'e changed so much these past few months.You know you can talk to me right"Cassie smiled at Martha.

"I know look im fine,im just a little tired thats all this new club i work at is hard work"

"Well why dont you come back to Noahs then, you know Alf would love you to". "No Cassie im sorry but i work at Chinos now and its not that bad it takes my mind off things" and at that Martha stood up and headed up stairs.

Martha hated being rude to Cassie but she didnt know what else to do ever since Shawn died Martha felt this big hole and she couldn't fill it,it just seems to get bigger and bigger .

That night Martha went to her shift at Chinos, it was a sordid little club with pole dancers and strippers Martha despised the plaice but for some reason when she was here she forgot about all her problems and thats why she stayed.

"I tried talking to her Alf but she just froze up again"Cassie explained to Alf who was sitting in the diner with Sally,Rick, leah etc.

"i dont know what to do with the girl"Alf shook hes head "ive tried everything and she just seems to move further away"Alf stopped as he began to get emotional.Sally wrapped her arms around Alf "im sure she will come to us when shes ready we just have to let her find her own way".

"Erm im sorry to interupt"as everyone turned around a guy in hes 20s was standing by the counter."

"Oh sorry sweet heart"Leah made her way behind the counter "what can i get ya?" "a pasta bake to take out would be great thanks" "coming rite up"Leah made her way into the kitchen.

"You must be from the new family"Alf asked wiping hes face and making hes way towards the guy.

"Yeah im Jack ive just moved here with my dad and younger brother" "nice to meet ya lad this is" Alf went through introducing everyone."Hi its nice to meet you all"Jack said feeling alittle overwelmed surrounded by everyone.

Just then Martha walked in "Oh Martha love over here" Martha staired towards her grandad there was a young guy with him she hadn't saw him before.

As Jack turned he was gobsmacked a beautiful stunning goddess was making her way towards them.

"Jack this is my grandaughter Martha,Martha this is Jack hes just moved here with hes dad and brother".

"Nice to meet you "Martha held her hand out towards Jack

Jack shook it gently"nice to meet you to"Jack continued stairing at Martha.

"Well i have to go now grandad sorry i just popped out for a break, ill see you later "Martha kissed her grandad on the cheek and went.

Jack stood in amazement i think im gonna like this plaice he thought to himself and headed out the Diner.

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All night Jack couldnt stop thinking about the vision of beauty he had seen at the diner.

"Jack,Jack hello"

"what, oh sorry dad"

"you ok mate,you havn't been yourself all night"Tony asked looking conserned.

"Yes im fine dad,so are you gonna dish that pasta up then im starving"."Im not surprised"Lucas interupted "it took you long enough to fetch it, we were considering sending a search party out for you"Lucas said laughing.

"Yes yes whatever it wasnt my fault the locals ambushed me"Jack stated.

"Oh you met the locals how were they"Tony asked

"They were nice,really nice"Jack started picturing Martha.

"You met a girl"Tony said laughing

"What no"it was no good Jack knew hes dad could read him like a book.

"Fine i met a girl,well she was more like a goddess,she was gorgious dad honestly".

Tony started laughing, just then there was a knock at the door "ooh visiters"Lucas ran to the door.

He opened it to a lady in her 40s with short dark hair,she had a guy with her about 17 geeky looking and a girl ,a very pretty girl Lucas thought.

"Hi im Beth your next door neighbour"

"Oh hi"Tony quickley came to the front door"im Tony and these are my 2 sons Jack and lucas.

"Hey"Jack and Lucas shouted while scoffing there faces in the kitchen.

"Its nice to meet you all"Beth replied smiling"

Robbie inched forward "oh sorry sweetheart"Beth said "these are my 2 this is Robbie and matilda"hi"they both said in unison.

"We should get going were interupting your meal"Beth started to leave.

"No dont be silly"Tony said "come in join us theres plenty"

"Are you sure"Beth asked

"Positive"Tony replied

Beth,Matilda and Robbie all sat at the table with Jack and Lucas."Oh i see you found the Diner then"Beth pointed to the pasta which was in a Diner container."Oh yeah we sent Jack out earlier nearly lost him though"Tony began laughing.

"Yes Jack found a goddess apparantly"Lucas chimed in.

"Dad"Jack was getting embarrased.

"So i gather you met Martha then"robbie interupted laughing

Jacks eyes lit up at the mention of her name. "See i wasnt lying dad,Robbie agrees shes a goddess "Jack pointed towards Robbie.

After every one had finished the meal Beth and Matilda left, Robbie offered to stay back and wash up with Jack.

"Well im off to bed Jack see you in the morning"Tony shouted "Me to"Lucas said whilst yawning.

"Ok night"Jack shouted.

"Night luc night mr Holden"Robbie piped in.

"So"Jack said after finishing the washing up "what can you tell me about Martha then"

"Ahh so thats why you offered to wash up"Robbie started laughing as he made hes way towards hes jacket.

"Kinda"Jack admitted there was no point lying."Well".

"What do you want to know shes Alfs grandaughter,shes a nice girl shes best friends with my girl Tasha"

Jack looked in shock he couldnt believe this geeky guy had a girl.

"So is she single"Jack asked

"Yes but her lifes a little complicated at the minute youd after talk to her"Robbie opened the front door.

"Wait what do you mean"Jack looked at Robbie puzzled.

"You should really talk to her "and at that Robbie left.

Jack stood in the doorway what was that guy going on about he thought ,ever shes single or not.Oh well i guess im just gonna have to find out for my self .

Marth woke in a sweat again.She'd had the same dream for past few weeks know.Whens it gonna end Martha thought to her self.She entered the kitchen were Sally,Pippa and Alf were sitting.

"Hi sweet heart how are u"Alf asked

"Yes im fine "Martha lied.

"So do you want some breakfast"Sally asked making her way towards the fridge.

"No im fine thanks,im not to hungry"

Sally and Alf both looked at Martha conserned.

"Look im fine"Martha was getting anoyed now.

"We're just conserned luv thats all"Alf finished

"Theres no need to be"Martha started to head towards the door.

"Were you off to love"Alf asked

"A jog why do want to follow me make sure i dont do anything stupid"Martha snapped.

"Martha Alf was only asking"

"I know"Martha looked towards Sally.

"Look im sorry grandad i didnt mean to snap".

Martha headed out.

As Martha looked out to sea she could feel tears welling in her eyes.She hated talking to her grandad like that but she didnt know what else to do.Slowly Martha slumped to the sand and plaiced her head in her hands.

Come on Jack Luc shouted as he ran towards the sea with hes surf board.

Just as Jack was about to dive in he stopped.There she was the goddess from the night before.Well heres my chance Jack thought as he made hes way towards Martha.....

is Jack going to feel martha's wrath or will she finally open up

chapter 3 coming soon.......

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As Jack approached Martha he could see she was upset"hey, are you ok"Jack asked.

Martha wiped her face quickley and looked up to see the guy from yesterday standing over her.

"Im fine"Martha snapped.

"Sorry,its just you seemed upset"Jack asked.

Martha could feel her blood begining to boil "look im fine ok,know your blocking my sun".

"Wow"Jack uttered and began to walk away.

"Wow what"Martha shouted after him,this guy was really begining to get on Martha's nerves now.

Jack turned around to face Martha "nothing i just wondered how such a beautiful girl could get so cold and bitter thats all"and at that Jack turned and walked towards Lucas who was waiting for him.

Martha sat on the beach feeling angry about Jacks comments, but mostly she felt hurt, as she knew they were true.

Martha stayed on the beach all afternoon.She couldn't believe how much Jack's comment had got to her.

Who did he think he was Martha thought to herself.

As Martha made her way home her phone began to ring.

"Hello" "hey sweet heart " "oh hi grandad"Martha couldnt help feeling guilty for the way she spoke to him this morning.

"I just wanted to let you know that every one is heading over to Noahs, apparantley Tasha and Rob have an annoncement.So i told them id let you know as they really want you there."

"Ok i'll try bye grandad".

When Martha entered the house it was silent every one must have already left.Martha uttered to her self and made her way upstairs she began to look for something to wear.

Finally Martha chose an off the shoulder top with shorts.As Martha headed down stairs her head started to spin "wow"Marth grabbed the side boared quickley to stop her falling.Ever since Shane, Martha hadn't been eating rite she knew this was why she kept feeling giddy.

" Did Martha say she was coming"Tasha asked Alf.

"She said she'd try luv.Im sure she'l be here."Alf smiled at Tasha.

"Hey Jack let me introduce you to my beautiful girl"robbie pulled Jack towards Tash.

"Hi"Tash smiled. "You must be from the new family"

"Yep thats me"Jack joked."So your Robbies girlfriend"Jack was even more shocked know Tash was really pretty how could she be with Robbie.

"Yes what can i say hes my soul mate"Tasha wrapped her arms around Robbie."Theres still no sign of Martha yet Tasha told robbie"."She'l be here"Robbie reashored Tash.

"I hope shes changed her mood then"Jack huffed."What do you mean"Tasha asked."I bumped into her on the beach earlier she seemed upset i asked if she was ok and she bit my head off".

"Ah thats our Martha"Robbie laughed.

Just then Martha entered "hey" she stolled towards Tasha and Robb."Sorry im late"Martha kissed Tasha on the cheek and hugged Robbie.At noticing Jack Martha just glaired at him.

Feeling the Tenceness Tasha stepped between them "so,Jack why did you decide to move to summer bay"Tasha tried to ease the situation.

"I got a job poste here and dad and Luke decided to tag along"

"Cool,so what do you do"Robbie asked.

"Im a cop"Jack loved saying that he never got boared with it.

"Wow impressive "Tash grinnned. "You know Martha loves a guy in uniform dont ya Marth"Robbie immediatley put hes hand to hes head.

"Oh Martha god im sorry i have such a big gob"Robbie appologised.

"Robbie its fine honestly "Martha faked a smile to Robbie even though inside she was breaking."Im just gonna get a drink"Martha headed towards the bar.

"I dont get it what did i miss"Jack asked looking puzzled.

"Oh you wouldn't know would you"Tasha smiled sadley.

"Know what"Jack was starting to get annoyed.

"Martha use to go out with Shawn a local fireman"Tasha started explaining.

"Well that fits"Jack interupted laughing.

"No Jack you dont understand Shawn died 3 months ago,a bike accident Martha still hasn't got over it".

Jack stood in shock how could i have been so horrible to her earlier Jack thought to himsef.

"Jack you ok"Tash asked noticing Jack looking distante.

"Yes i just cant believe it"Jack said shocked.

"Yes it was a shock to us all Shawn was such a nice guy and he and Martha were high school sweet hearts"Robbie shook hes head.

Martha walked back towards the group"hey who died"Martha joked.Jack walked towards Martha "i heard about Shawn im sorry"Jack touched Marthas hand.

Martha suddenley felt a feeling come over her a feeling of all her emotions boiling to the surface Martha quickley pulled her hand away from Jack.

Martha turned towards Tasha what was the announcement you had to make.

"Oh yes"Tasha grabbed Robbies hand and Pulled him onto the stage."Every one listen up"Robbie shouted."We have called you all here today to announce mine and Tasha's engagement"Robbie kissed Tasha.

Every one cheered for the happy couple.

"Congradgulations Martha hugged them both.And Jack did the same.

"Im sorry to be a party pooper guys but i have to go"Martha lied she didnt have to go but she couldnt breath with all this happiness around her.

As soon as Martha exited she ran down the beach and fell to her knees tears streaming from her eyes.Martha felt an arm wrap around her as she looked up she noticed it was Jack.

"What are you doing here"Martha sniffled.

"I wanted to check on you"Jack smiled.

Martha didnt know what it was with this guy but for once she didnt snap back she just sat there and leaned her head on Jacks shoulder.

"Im sorry for being rude earlier"Martha whispered.

"Dont worry about it"Jack whispered back.

Martha lifted her head and staired at Jack "this is the first time i've cried since Shawn died"Martha looked away.

Jack turned Martha's head gentley back towards him."There's no need to hide yor feelings Martha after what you've been through you should be crying.You should be screaming,shouting."

"I have been"Martha laughed.

"I just feel so empty Jack and no matter what i do nothing will fix it"Martha began to cry again.

Jack wrapped hes arms around Martha Jack surprised himself by how strong his feelings were for Martha and seeing her so up set was breaking his heart.

"Martha all you can do is take it one step at a time and eventually it will get easier,trust me i know".

"What do you mean"Martha asked.

"My mom died a few years ago so i know how you feel"Jack lowered hes head remembering hes mother.

"Im sorry Jack"Martha snuggled her head into Jacks chest.

Jack held Martha tight "look you can get through this Martha i'll help you"

CAN JACK HELP MARTHA..............

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Chapter 4

Several weeks had passed and Martha with the help of Jack began to feel like her self again.

Everyday she would go to Jacks plaice and they would chat about everything and anything.Martha even quit her Job and started working back at Noahs.It was ony when Martha was alone she would find herself thinking about Shawn and that wasn't very often as most nights Jack kept her chatting on the phone.

Martha jogged along the beach burning the breakfast off Sally had cooked fo her that morning.She started to slow down as she saw Jack approaching her."Hey how are you this beautiful morning".Martha smiled she loved the way Jack appreciated every morning like it was the last."I'm good a little tired"Martha yawned."Well thats what you get for keeping people chatting alnight"Jack laughed.

"Me it was you i couldn't get a word in"Martha gentley punched Jack in the arm.

Jack smiled and staired at Martha "You know i can have you for assaulting an officer i am in uniform you know"Jack laughed.

"Yes i noticed.They give anyone a badge these days"Martha giggled.

"Right thats it"Jack began chasing Martha.

"No no Jack stop it"Jacl grabbed Martha around waist and pulled her to the sand.

"Repeat after me constable holden is the hottest cop in the bay"Jack finished laughing as he held Martha on the sand.

"What no way"Martha laughed"Im not saying that"

Jack started tickling Martha "ahh no ok ok i give in"Martha giggled.

"Say it then Jack laughed,

"Fine constable holden is the hottest cop in the bay"Jack and Martha both rolled over laughing.

Jack turned to face Martha he locked eyes with her.

Martha could feel the intensitey between her and Jack "You know you have all sand on you uniform"Martha laughed trying to ease the tenceness.

"I know"Jack leand forward and pressed hes lips against Marthas.

Martha felt the warmth coming from Jacks lips she gentley brushed her hand through hes hair.Jack wrapped hes arm around Martha and lay her on the sand resting on top of her.As Jack and Martha began to kiss more passionatley Jack pulled away and pulled Martha up from the sand."Come on"Jack said and began running pulling Martha along."Jack were are we going"Martha asked puzzled.

" My plaice"Jack smiled back at her.

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