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Won't Let You Fall

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Story Title: Won't let you fall

Type of story: Jack and Martha Romance/Drama

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: (A)

Genre: Drama, VIOLENCE, (little) Adult themes

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings:

Summary: She sat in the corner of the room staring into space. Trying to block everything that was going on out of her mind. It was all to much to cope with. Just hours prior she was ready to confess to him how much she loved him and now she was waiting to hear if she would ever see his face again.

Jack and Martha once had the perfect life. But certain events changed all that, now a year after there wedding a terrible accident may be there way back to each other that is if Jack survives the night.

She sat in the corner of the room staring into space. Trying to block everything that was going on out of her mind. It was all to much to cope with. Just hours prior she was ready to confess to him how much she loved him and now she was waiting to hear if she would ever see his face again. Martha was broken from her thoughts as Colleen entered the bar.

"They've found them" she spoke,

Martha felt as if a huge weight had been lifted of her shoulders but then realised that Colleen wasn't exactly happy,

"What's wrong?" Martha asked warily,

Colleen looked over to Martha,

"I'm sorry" she spoke softly,

"What?" Martha asked not quite understanding what was going on,

"Jack wasn't with the rest of them"

Martha felt as if her whole world had just crashed down around her,

"No" was the only words she could seem to think of as she repeated herself,

"Martha" Sally said coming over to her and placing her hand on her shoulder,

Martha pulled away from Sally's touch as she felt her emotions starting to take over her body,

She did the first thing she could think of, she ran,

"Martha" Sally called out but Martha was gone,

She ran all the way to the beach as tears overtook her body she fell to the sand her hand placed on her mouth as she continued to sob.

"Martha" Cassie said softly sitting down next to her,

"Martha talk to me",

"This can't be happening" Martha said,

"There is still a chance that his still alive out there" Cassie tried to reassure her,

Martha shook her head "I can't lose him Cas, I love him too much",

"I know you do" Cassie said as Martha fell into her arms and continued to sob,

"It's ok" Cassie said as she rubbed her friends back.

His eyes snapped open as he lay on his back one the soft sand,

"Where was he?" he asked himself as he stumbled to his feet but soon fell back down at pain soared through his ankle. "Oww" he yelped

He was on a island just on the outskirts of Summer Bay. It was a place used mainly for picnics, no one lived on it.

He sat there hoping that soon someone would come to the rescue.

Martha turned the key in her apartment door. She slowly made her way across the room and headed straight to her bedroom.

Rummaging through her bed side table draws she slowly brought out a picture that had been placed carefully in a frame.

She sat down on her bed and studied the picture. It had been the happiest day of her life, her wedding day.

She brought the picture to her chest and lay back on the bed as she freely let her tears fall.

"I'm sorry Jack I'm so sorry, I love you so much" she said to her self.

The next day things for the rest of summer bays families were beginning to go back to normal. Well as normal as they could get with one of there closest friends missing.

Jack sat on the sand looking down at his hands when he heard a noise in the distance. His head quickly shot up as he saw a boat coming towards the small secluded island.

"Hey mate" a man said getting of the boat,

"Hey" Jack said "I don't know if you have heard but during that big storm we had a boat went missing I was on it and I've been stranded her and I think I've broken my ankle,

"Oh you poor thing well we better get you back to civilisation" the man said as he made his way over to help Jack up.

Martha's eyes snapped open as she heard the phone start ringing. She slowly lifted her self of the bed and made her way across the room.

"Hello" Martha said through the phone,

"Martha its Rachel Jack's fine",

Martha's breath all of a sudden caught in her throat she couldn't speak,

"Martha" Rachel said,

"Yeah" Martha said broken from her thoughts,

"I'll be right there" she said as she slammed the phone down, grabbed her bag and ran out the door.

"Where is he?" Martha said running up to Rachel as she entered the hospital,

"Room '26' Rachel said pointing to the door,

"Thankyou so much" Martha said as she made her way towards the door,

"Hey Martha said as she walked through the door,

"Martha" Jack said turning his head around as she heard his voice,

"Jack she said making her way towards the bed as Jack sat himself fully up,

"How are you?" she asked,

"I'm fine just a sprained ankle,

Martha nodded looking away to try and hide her tears from him, she turned her head back around as the tears fell freely from her eyes,

"I though I lost you" she said "I thought you were dead",

"I'm fine" he said,

"I came down to the pier as you guys were leaving I wanted to tell you that…" she trailed off,

"What?" Jack asked curiously,

This was it Martha thought she took a deep breath,

"I wanted to tell you that I love you",

Jack looked at her was this really happening he thought to himself, was the girl that he loved with all of his heart actually admitting she felt the same way,

"I love you to" he spoke slowly but confidently.

Martha sat down on the bed and brought her face forward so she and Jack's foreheads were touching. "I love you so much" Martha said as Jack claimed her lips in a kiss that had been building up for the past eight months,

Jack brought his hand up to her neck as he brought her head closer before pulling her over so she was lying on top of him.

They continued to kiss before Martha reluctantly pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked worried that she had changed her mind,

"Nothing I just think there's something we need to do.

Jack looked at her curiously as she reached for her handbag and pulled a small pile of papers out.

Jack looked at them, the divorce papers,

"Shall I do the honours?" Martha asked as she got them into a tearing position,

"Go ahead" Jack said with a smile as Martha tore straight down the middle and threw them on the floor.

"I love you so much" Jack said grabbing her behind the neck and bringing her back on top of him showing her just how much he loved her. They were interrupted by a sudden opening of the door.

"Ja…" Tony trailed of at the sight before him,

"Um sorry guys I didn't",

"It's fine" Martha said,

"Are you guy?" Tony questioned,

There smiles said it all,

"Yeah" Martha said,

"Well congratulations to you both of you",

"Thanks dad" Jack said,

"Well I'm going to go" Tony said,

"Oh no stay" Martha said,

"ok" Tony said

"Yeah, Rachel's organizing the discharge papers so I won't be here for much longer",

"You had us all worried there",

"I know I'm sorry".

"Well all that matters is that you're ok now" Martha said as she fell into his arms,

Tony looked on as the two sat there completely lost in there own world, he knew how much Jack loved her and he was sure that this time they would last…


Jack and Martha happily make plans for there future little dol they know there problems are far from over.

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