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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Guest callan_is_a_babe

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This is my 1st fic so please read and comment :lol:

Type of story: undecided

Rating: G

Main Characters: Multiple Character

Genre: A mixture


Is Story being proof read: no

Summary: A insight into the lives of the popular summer bay teens

Chapter 1

Drew Curtis was watching a red car follow down the main road of summer bay.The car was getting closer and Drew could see a very atractive girl,who looked about 17.when the car drove past,the girl gave Drew a small smile and a cheeky wink......

"Drew!Drew!" Called Belle Taylor, who was walking over to Drew with Jules and Cassie,looking rather happy.

"Belle got the aok from her mum to come and go and use the pool at her pad!!how cool is that!!"asked Cassie enthusiasticly.

"Great............"Replied Drew,still lost in his thoughts about the girl in the red car,feeling guilt free.


"I still cant believe mum let us all use the pool whenever we want,its still surprising me,like wouldnt she be worried i was going to have a party or something?"Belle said for the tenth time to Matilda and Cassie.Matilda had just returned to the bay after visiting her sister,Kit Hunter.

"OMG i have to tell you guys something great!!"Matilda innteruped bluntly.

"What???ooo i love gossip......"Said Cassie.

"Kit bought me a car!!! Its a red Nissan Skyline!!!!"

a bit short but............


Was it matilda that drew showed interest in?Will Jules and cassie get together?

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Hey callan_is_a_babe,

In line with the New Rules for The FanFiction Section , the Librarians and Mods would appreciate it if you filled in the following Index Form, and pasted it at the top of your post.

Type of story: one-shot/ long fiction/ short fiction/ undecided

Rating: (see BTTB rating guidance)

Main Characters: ie. Lucas and Belle / Multiple character

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Angst/ A mixture

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning: ie. Violence, sexual content, coarse language etc.

Is Story being proof read: Yes/No

Summary: Briefly summarise your story (5 lines max).

Thanks for your time,


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