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Thread unpinned. If you want to get to this thread in the future, then you can easily and quickly search for it using the box at the bottom left of the fiction forum screen. :D Keep the proofin' up!

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I've already done 2 chapters of my fic but I would feel better if it was proofed

Proof Reading Form

Title of Story: Let Me Love You

Type of Story: Long fic

The Story's rating: T

Main Characters: Jack/Martha

Does it contain spoilers: Um..no

What type of proof reader would you like: Proof readers who are a combination of all or some of these.

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Thanks ~Rosey~ for your request of a proof reader. The next available proof reader on the list has been contacted. As soon as I receive confirmation of their availability then I will let you know ASAP.

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I'm not sure whether Rosey PM'ed you, but she has had to stop proofing my fic. I would still like one so, is there anyone to available to take over. Just in case you need it the details of my fic are as follows;

Proof Reading Form

Title of Story: Fueled for Love

Type of Story: Long fic: 20-25 Chapters

The story’s rating: T (VD)

Main Characters: Cassie, Matilda, Lucas, Drew

Does it contain spoilers: No

What type of proof reader would you like: Proof reader to improve my writing and help me develop some ideas, as well as the basic SPAG etc.

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Thanks Jen for requesting a proof reader and yes Rosey did PM me about that. A proof reader will be allocated to you very soon.

Thanks Zetti for letting us know of your decision... :)

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I thought I'd pin this topic, as I did say that every now and again I'd put it up here!

Sorry for forgetting. :P

If there are any proofers around, I may need your assistance soon. :wink:

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep proofin'!

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Hey people... I'm here with a fic if anyone would mind.

I've just written a one-shot written in.. 1st person narrative I think (I haven't done English for like... 4 months. :D). Well, it's me writing as Martha, basically. :P

Anyway, as you may have guessed it's a J&M fluffly fic with an "interesting" twist. If anyone can put up with reading J&M, I would REALLY be appreciative if you could proof for me. :D It was my first go at Martha's POV writing... so it will probably need a lot of attention and tweaking. I imagine I have mixed past tense and present tense... and that is something I've ALWAYS done wrong. :P So... if anyone is really confident in their writing and especially in these two areas, I would love your help. :D

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