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Tues, 10 July 07 - Episode # 4457

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sleeping Beauty ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 10 July 07 - Episode # 4457)

Note 1 – No opening credits. Sooooo annoying – I want to see Annie on them

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Jane tells sally that this revelation [about sally/brad] could badly affect brad’s case, as brad’s only character witness is compromised. Sally insists that her relationship doesn’t affect her opinion on the matter, but Jane thinks that that can’t be the case.

VAN PARK HOUSE : On the back patio, sally wonders about these drugs allegations. Brad tells her that he was caught in posseion of marijuana [on school grounds in WA]. Brad says that the drugs were for Emily, as he had heard that they were great for relieving her pain in a way that conventional medication couldn’t.

HUNTER HOUSE/NOAH’S : Luc looks at an inscription by Naomi in the inside front cover of a novel “the prophet”. Luc texts Naomi, wondering if she is still in town. Despite being at the bar, Naomi’s reply is “no”

CAMPBELL FARM : Next day, it’s 4.30am when an alarm clock sounds. Annie switches alarm off, and seconds after she gets out of bed, Geoff is at her door – talking about farm chores, whilst Bruce hollers in background.

Annie seems, however, to be more worried bout the school assignment she was up all last night trying to complete, but hasn’t as yet.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf tells sally that brad has already bailed – to Rachel’s for some advice. Sally is also concerned when Alf tries to stop her from seeing the local paper – with its headline “principal turns blind eye to affair”

DINER : Luc enters, and colleen tells him that the paper story is a load of rubbish etc.

Geoff approaches, and Luc confirms that he is the unnamed student is the article. Geoff urges Luc to stop tutoring Annie, esp. because of this Naomi business. Luc say that he will stop – as it was sally’s idea [and not luc’s] anyway.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally & brad are talking about today’s proceeding, and there’s a bit of apprehension when they see [at other end of the corridor] Jane Wallace.

In other corridor, Annie asks Luc for help with her assignment. Luc says that he can’t help her – and he also tells her that they aren’t even friends. Indeed, when Luc has walked away, Annie is all but in tears.

In the principal’s office, brad tells janes about how he was bought with the drugs [for Emily] on school property brad says that his principal in WA knew of a teen drug offence of brad’s and didn't want this to further tarnish his record. Said principal “suggested” that brad should move interstate. Jane doesn’t believe a word of this – and think that brad is using his now deceased wife as a cover for his drug habit.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In a corridor, Annie urgently asks Geoff for help with her assignment. She tells him about Luc, which Geoff looks pleased about, but he says that he can’t help her.

In another corridor, brad introduces Rachel to Jane, who is at least pleased that she has been made aware of the sibling connation. Rachel insists that she’s not just going to be a character witness for brad.

Annie goes into one of the classrooms. She asks for another day’s extension for her assignment. The male teacher says that he can’t give her another day – and that the assignment MUST be in by 5pm today.

In the principal’ office, Rachel explains to Jane that brad was right about marijuana having medicinal properties. Rachel sys that the use of this drug for medicinal purposes is legal in some states of the USA, and there’s much debate about legalising it in the UK too.

Several male students, in a classroom, are making lewd comments to luc about the whole Naomi thing. Sally enters and suggests that the harassers should bail. When they are gone, luc can’t believe it when sally says that Naomi IS still in the bay. The frustrated Luc then tells sally about how Naomi slept with Tony – and sally is a tad shocked.

Sally returns to the principal’s offie, where Jane tells sally & brad that they’ll have the department’s decision by the end of thew week.

After Jane leaves the room, sally follows her, and catches up with Jane in the corridor. She suggests to Jane that Naomi inlet exactly the best person in the universe – and sally cites the tony/naomi thing as an example.

HUNTER HOUSE : Annie approaches Luc as he is enter to enter the house. She pleads with him to help her, and Luc agrees to.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally insists to brad that she is not angry with him, but it would have been nice to know this [WA drug] info before this crisis. They hug.

HUNETR HOUSE : Annie thanks Luc for all his help with her assignment. She says that all she needs to do now are the references, but Luc “suggest” that Annie can do that by herself, as he has to be somewhere.

After Luc bails, Annie waaaaaaaaaaaaay yawns – and she looks more than a tad weary.

SEAPLANE WHARF : Luc [from near wharf] sees Naomi on said wharf, but when he looks again, she is gone. Luc goes onto the wharf, where he sees Naomi once more. Luc wonders why Naomi lied to him [when she “said” no to his text] – and Naomi says that she was trying to not hurt Luc when she did that [i.e. she wanted him to think that she was out of his life again]. Luc tells Naomi that it was easier with her not around, so he could hate her, but he can’t do that with her here – as he knows that he loves here. A look on Naomi’s face prompts Luc to wonder if she feels the same – but a really emotional Naomi insists that Luc should try to forget all about her. Naomi walks away – and Luc is lost for words.

NOAH’S : Geoff rushes into the room, and hurriedly wonders to Alf if he has seen Annie, as Bruce is sooooo waiting in the car right now [and from the sounds of the way Geoff is talking, Bruce is sooooo NOT happy].

HUNTER HOUSE : Meanwhile, Annie is ASLEEP - on Luc’s bed!!!

HUNTER HOUSE : Soon after, Luc enters the house, but he barely has time to think before someone is pounding on the front door. It’s Bruce of course, looking for Annie. Luc says that he has no idea where Annie is, and “suggests” that Bruce should leave the house. Bruce keeps on looking, and he finds Annie still asleep on luc’s bed. Annie wakes [because of all the commotion] and she doesn't look all that keen to see an angry Bruce is staring at her. [end of ep]


Drew is planning revenge on Jazz – and it sounds like Belle thinks he has gone too far

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Naomi’s sky blue [red floral? motifs] spaghetti strap top/mauve long pants

SILVER – Sally’s purple top/black jacket

BRONZE – Annie’s white [red floral] PJ top & shorts/grey hoodie


Alf’s olive green [yellow check] button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Brad’s dark suit/gold tie/white shirt

Brad’s dark suit/silver tie/white shirt

Bruce’s brown “akubra” hat/off white shirt/red & blue tie/black weather proof coat

Colleen’s orange [topical themed] blouse

Geoff’s blue button up shirt

Geoff’s SBH uniform

Jane Wallace’s tan long sleeve jacket/black top/black long pants

Jane Wallace’s off white silk blouse/brown velvet-y jacket

Luc’s pink [white & black running writing motif] t

Luc’s SBH uniform/dark blue zip up jacket

Naomi’s choc brown shirt-dress

Rachel’s black blouse

Sally’s red top/black jacket

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