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Fri, 6 July 07 - Episode # 4455

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Old Friend … And New Ones Too ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 6 July 07 - Episode # 4455)

Note - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

VAN PARK HOUSE - Alf tells sally that he is concerned about his eye test tomorrow, whilst brad also has concerns about morrow – when he goes and sees his solicitor about the latest developments regarding his current suspension form school.

NOAH’S - Ric is helping the on duty Cass, but he is also intrigued by Maddie hanging out with the just returned [Maddie’s old friend] Emma and some surfie friends of Emma’s, incl a guy named Rueben.

When Ric wonders if maddie would like to be taken home, she insists that she wants to stay out for a while.

After Ric bails, Cass tells maddie that she is about t close out for the night – and maddie wonders if Cass would like to come to the beach now with maddie & the others. Cass initially doesn’t like the idea, but she relents.

HUNTER HOUSE - Luc gets a late night drink from the fridge and as he does tis, maddie arrives home. Maddie says that she was just having some fun with friends new & old, whilst luc tells her about how Geoff is Tony’s new golden boy [because of the rugby]

VAN PARK HOUSE - Next day, cass & Ric are talking when Maddie enters with Emma and Rueben etc. maddie wonders if Cass would like to go with her & Emma etc, for a spot more of sight seeing for Reuben etc.

Cass declines, and when maddie & co have gone, Ric expresses his concerns to Cass about maddie. Ric insists that maddie has changed since kit left, but Cass doen't think it’s that big an issue. Cass adds that she thinks that maddie & Rueben have “clicked” as he also has lost a parent.

HUNTER HOUSE - As luc has breakfast, Tony tells him to tell maddie that Tony isn’t so happy about what time she got home.

Geoff & Annie arrive – and Annie asks luc to help her further with her reading. Luc aggress – just as Tony & Geoff are bailing for rugby training.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally is on the phone – form the sounds of things its ric on the other end, and that Alf didn’t go to his medical appointment today.

Brad enters, and says that he dropped off Alf at the appointment place n time etc. brad also tells sally that his solicitor told him that Naomi has changed her story – she now has told department that she told brad straight away about she & luc, which makes brad took like the guilty party for not suspend her as soon as he knew.

HUNTER HOUSE - As luc tries to help Annie to focus on her reading, she's more interested in talking about how “vibed” Geoff is about the whole rugby thing. Annie also ask luc to not go all aggressive whenever Geoff is around – as if their grandfather pulls Geoff out of school, it will probably be the end for Annie as well.

Luc tells Annie that he has bail -0 and they will do more reading thing later.

SPORTS FIELD - Tony is quite surprised when luc turns up for rugby training. Tony suggest that this rally isn’t the way to go for luc, but luc says that he got just as much right as any other school kid to be there.

During the training session, Luca way crash tackles Geoff – and Tony suggest that luc [and everyone] shouldn’t be going at full throttle.

Soon after, Geoff is running with the ball, and luc attempts another tackle, but luc hurts his knee, when Geoff tries to help, luc rejects that help – and limps away.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Brad think that the best way to handle this is the talk face to face with Naomi, rather than leave it to the officialdom, but although sally thinks it’s a bad idea, brad insists that he IS going to do this.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Ric approaches Alf, and wonders why he didn’t go to his appointment. Alf said that although he went into the medical place, he saw another man [who was about 10 years older than Alf] who was completely blind. Alf tells Ric that he couldn’t face hearing the truth, so he bailed, but just waited around until brad picked him up like they arrangement.

Ric insists that they are going to the medical place to see what they can do about missing that appointment.

YABBIE CREEK - Alf & ric catch up with the eye specialist outside his practice. They tell him that Alf missing the appointment couldn’t be avoided etc. Alf is then shocked when the male doctor tells him that Alf simply had a cataract problem [i.e. NOT glaucoma] and that Alf’s eyesight issue can be fixed with a pretty simple operation. Alf & Ric are overjoyed – Alf esp. that he’ll be able to drive again after the operation.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tony enters luck’s room. Luc has some ice etc on his knee. Tony tells uc that he shouldn’t be trying to do tings [rugby, boats] that luc isn’t rally interested in – and is just doing them to spend tome with Tony. Tony then says that they’ve got to find something else, beyond surfing, that they have a common interest in =- and luc agrees.

CITY - Brad meets with Naomi by the harbour, with opera house in back ground [across the water. Naomi sys that she has waaaay fallen on hard times, and thinks that even if brad gets in trouble for this, him being more established in the business should help is cause.

When brad disagrees with this logic, Naomi tells him that unless brad backs up her story, she’ll reveal, to the department & everyone, that she KNOWS why he left his job in western Australia – he was caught in possession of illegal DRUGS on school grounds. Naomi urges brad to rethink his stance, for both their sakes.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cass & Sally are just as pleased as Alf & Ric are with the news about Alf’s not so serious eye sight problem

Brad enters – and tells sally that he wasn’t able to convince Naomi to change her mind. Sally tells brad that that’s not an issue – as all brad has to do it tell the truth and that should be enough, as its not like Naomi has anything over brad.

The two hug – with brad having a WAY worried look on his face that sally can’t see. [end of ep]


Naomi may not only destroy Brad, but she & Luc could get back together

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s maroon low cut top (with maroon top beneath)

SILVER – Maddie’s black v neck top/white [red floral] halter bikini top

BRONZE – Naomi’s red v neck dress


Alf’s blue & red check (think the girls SBH uniform) button up shirt

Alf’s dark blue [yellow check] button up shirt

Annie’s grey singlet top/balck long pants

Brad’s powder blue shirt/dark suit/twin tone bluer tie

Cassie’s light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Cassie’s red top/pink hoodie/grey pants

Emma’s red thin strap top

Emma’s yellow thin strap top

Geoff’s red rugby jersey

Luc’s green & white [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

Luc’s orange [“kings” logo] v neck t

Luc’s red night shorts

Maddie’s red [with white straps] top

Ric’s black (white typed alphabet) t shirt

Ric’s grey board shorts/white singlet

Rueben’s sky blue [surf themed] t

Rueben’s white t/purplr buton up shirt

Sally’s blue [with black swirls etc] top

Tony’s blue & red [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

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