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In The Mind Of A Stalker!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title: In the mind of a Stalker

Type of Story: possibly a long fic or a three part series

Rating: A

Main Characters: Eve and Tracey and most of summerbay

Genre: dunno

Warning: Death, SC

Summary: What it would be like in the mind of a stalker.

Part one chapter one: the death of a detective:

She picked up the knife off the ground, Peter kicked it out of her strong grasp, bloody Detective has a damn good kick, Eve said to herself, but was it good enough? she thought aloud, watching Peter run like a maniac, trying his hardest to find a way out of this building they called the abbatior, it was a **** hole but Eve liked it, she brought all her victims here Peter being the hardest of course, why couldn't he make it easy? He was going to die in the end anyway, they all did, except for maybe one, that was Tracey Thompson, she liked her and Tracey liked her back, she worked with that crazy Detective Baker, poor woman must of been murder working with him, well after tonight she wouldn't have to work with him, he'd be dead, long gone by the morning, Tracey wouldnt have to see him ever again.

That psycho Detective is still running around like a mad man, makes me wonder if he's on drugs, he certainly looks like he is.

Well what can i say the mad man is finally dead, died just before midnight, took me a good half hour to catch him, but in the end he died, poor Summer bay have no one to protect them now, how sad to bad, they might think they have tracey but they dont, bugger isn't it, just when you think you have someone on your side, it turns out they're not , they work against you, they let you think they're on your side, but then they turn against you, just like that!!

I left the old Abbatior just after two in the morning, I didnt want to leave Tracey for to long, I wanted to see her before she went to work.

Tracey? I called out from the doorstep, Trace was probably in bed, I told her not to wait up for me because I could be late and that I was thanks to Peter Baker!!

I walked up to our bedroom the first thing I saw was Tracey sprawled out on the double bed sleeping like a baby, I wanted to wake her up but I couldn't bring myself to, so I just let her sleep, I couldn't be bothered getting my Pyjamas on, so I just threw my clothes off and jumped into bed, I must of scared Tracey, because she screamed out "don't murder me" I couldn't help but laugh, I reassured Tracey that I wouldnt murder her, she asked about Peter, I told her he was dead and gone, she smiled up at me, I leaned over Tracey and grabbed the cigarrettes off the night stand, I kissed Tracey on the way back to my side of the bed, even though it was nearly three in the morning, Tracey wanted to take the Kiss further, I wanted a smoke before i did anything, I needed it, Tracey didn't seem to mind, she pulled one out herself, so we just lied there holding hands smoking, romantic aren't we? I finished my smoke then puched myself on top of Tracey, fondeling with her breasts, I'll stop there dont want to go into to much detail now do we?


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