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Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: ie. Ric & Mattie, Tasha & Robbie, Jack,& Martha, Sally & Brad, Cassie

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: SC, L, VD ( Possibly)

Summary: Although it seemed the families of Summer bay were happy and carefree, underneath, some very large cracks had begun to form ……



As the families of Summer Bay gathered for their annual picnic, the sound of children’s squeals of laughter could be heard from where they were splashing about in the sea.

Tasha and Robbie looked on proudly as Ella and her younger sister Tegan built a sandcastle near by, soon to be joined by Martha and Jack's son Matthew.

Little Georgia sat contentedly on Martha's lap, twirling her Mum's hair around her fingers.

Mattie and Ric's daughter Grace lay asleep in Ric's arms. She was only 16 weeks old and Mattie and Ric had fallen into the role of parents as if they had been waiting for it to happen their whole lives.

Sally and Brad looked on happily. Pippa, who was now 11, who had longed for a baby brother of sister for so many years, now sat gleefully playing with her little brother Jake.

Many faces had returned to the bay, lured back by the lull of the sea and the golden sand. Belle and Drew had been travelling for 9 months and were due back in time for Christmas. Cassie, was working in the city but missed life in the bay very much and came back to the bay as often as her work allowed.

Although it seemed the families of Summer bay were happy and carefree, underneath, some very large cracks had begun to form ......

* Please note -> Mattie and Ric's baby has been changed from 7 weeks to 16 weeks *

You'll find out why later on in the story :D:P

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Chapter 1 – The Joy of kids!

“How about a play date tomorrow morning?” Tasha suggested as her and Martha waited in the playground for the kids.

“Sounds good to me” Martha said, glancing up at the sun and placing her sunglasses back on her face. “We should invite Mattie too, will do her good to get out a bit, having a new baby always takes a toll on your social life!”

“Sounds good, I’ll call round on the way back from school” Tasha said, turning her head as Ella and Tegan came racing towards her. A flurry of P.E. Bags, lunch boxes and water bottles were thrust into Tasha’s arms.

“Can we go to the beach mum?” Ella asked dancing around her Mum as she pulled a letter out of her school bag. “Mrs Baines said we had to show these to our Mummy’s” she said thrusting the letter at Tasha.

“I should think we can” laughed Tasha. She loved the energy Ella had, even after a long day at school. Tegan was the quieter of the two girls, who waited patiently by her mother.

“Here, put them on the stroller” Martha said looking at how Tasha had been laden down by stuff.

Matthew, Tegan and Ella skipped off ahead as Tasha and Martha chatted as they walked home. Georgia slept soundly in the stroller, the lull of the wheels keeping her in a blissful slumber.

“Mummy, can we go to the beach now” Ella said as the rolling waves came into view. “We’ve just got to pop into Mattie and Ric’s, then we can ok?”

“I’ll take the kids to the beach, you go see Mattie” Martha said smiling.

“Anyone in?” Tasha called as she knocked on the door.

“Hey! Sorry Tash, didn’t see you there” Mattie said as she pulled the door open wide, Grace sleeping in her arms.

“Martha is coming to mine tomorrow with the kids for a play date and we wondered if you’d like to join us?” Tasha said sitting down on the sofa as Mattie lay Grace in her bassinet.

“I know Grace is too young to play, but us Mum’s can have a coffee and catch up” Tasha said looking at Mattie. “What do you say?”

Mattie looked preoccupied and spaced out as she sat down in the arm chair.

“Mattie” Tasha said again, gently touching Mattie’s arm.

“Huh?” She said, sounding distant.

“Are you ok? I just wondered if you and Grace would like to come over tomorrow morning, Martha’s coming too”.

“Sounds good” she said quietly.

“You sure your ok Mattie, you seem…”

“I’m fine Tash” she said abruptly. “I’m just…” she sighed.

“Go on..” Tash said sounding concerned.

Their conversation ceased as the front door squeaked open and Ric entered.

“Afternoon ladies” he said, kissing Mattie’s head as he passed with arms full of groceries.

“I’m just tired” Mattie said turning back to Tasha. She got up and scraped her hair back into a bun.

“Do you want a drink or anything?” she said, sounding more like her normal self.

“I better get back to the beach, Martha is on her own with all four kids” Tasha said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow though? About 10?”

“See you at 10” Mattie said as she closed the door.

“The kids look like they are having a good time” Tasha said joining Martha on the beach.

“Yeah, been good as gold playing together. I think Matthew and Ella are trying to find crabs in the water” Martha said turning to Tash. Tegan wandered over and wrapped her arms around her Mum’s neck. “Why are you scrunching your face up like that Mummy?” she said, plonking onto her lap.

Tasha laughed. “Silly Mummy forgot her sunglasses” she said. “Why don’t you go and find fish with Ella before we go home”.

“Forgot your sunglasses ‘eh?” Martha said, seeing them poking out of Tasha’s bag.

“Mack, Mattie was acting weird. when you last saw Mattie, was she ok?”

“Seemed to be, why, something wrong?”

Tasha sighed.

“I don’t know to be honest. She seemed sort of preoccupied, like she was somewhere completely different. Something about her face wasn’t right. She was about to say something but Ric came back and she said she said she was just tired.

“Having a new Baby is very tiring Tash” Martha reasoned. “Remember what we were like! ”

“True” Tasha said watching her daughters playing. “But there was just something” she said looking at Martha.

“See how she is tomorrow, maybe she is just tired” Martha reassured Tash.

“I hope that’s all it is” she said, collecting the girls discarded jumpers from the sandy beach.

“So we’ll see you about 10ish?” Tasha said as she headed over to drag Ella and Tegan away from the crabs.

“Indeed you will” Martha said giving her a hug goodbye.

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