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One Mistake

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May contain slight spoilers for outside Aus.

Type of story: Short fic

Rating: T

Main Characters: Sally, Brad, Tony

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning:sexual content.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: In the light of his suspension, Brad and Sally start arguing a lot. One night she goes out to and starts talking to Tony in a bar...

“I’m sick of being treated like an employee, Sally! I’m not a handyman, so stop acting like that’s all I am!”

Brad looks at Sally angrily and she looks back at him, tears starting to form in her eyes.

“I was only trying to help you get through this, Brad! But the more I try to help you, the more you resent me! It’s hard on me too, you know! Do you think I want this?”

“You could have said no to the principal job! It was pretty insensitive of you to take it!”

“And it was sensitive of you to steal it from under my nose in the first place?”

They look at each other for a long time before Sally shakes her head sadly.

“You know, Brad… I’m tired of this. I’m out of here.”


She walks out, slamming the door behind her and Brad sighs deeply, sitting back on the couch with Pippa on his lap.

Tony looks up when an attractive dark haired woman enters the bar. He has to look twice before recognizing her, his brain dazed by alcohol.

“Hey, Sal.”

Tony walks forward, sitting down next to him.

“Hey… how long have you been here for?”

“Oh… a few hours… who’s counting? I don’t want to go home to an empty house tonight.”

“Where are the kids?”

“Where they always are these days – far from me.”

Sally sighs.

“I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong? You look sad.”

She shakes her head quietly.

“Brad and I had a huge fight. I’m not really in the mood to go back home.”

They look at each other quietly and Tony sighs.

“So can I buy you a drink? Your company is better than my own.”

Sally laughs.

You know… why not?”

“Great. Wait here.”

He stumbles to the bar and returns with two drinks seconds later. He hands one to Sally, sighing sadly.

“Here’s to misery and loneliness.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

Tony rests his head on the table, looking at Sally silently. She frowns, taking his hand.

“Come on… let me drive you home. Mr. Stewart is staring at you. And I know that stare…”

Tony shakes his head.

“Just another drink…”

“You can have one at home, okay? Come on…”

“Are you coming with me? I don’t want to be alone.”

Sally thinks for a while. Leaving her friend in this state would be awful… and it wasn’t like she was dying to get home to Brad!

“You know, what… why not? It’s not like I want to go home. So I’ll keep you company.”

“Thanks Sally.”


Cassie looks at Brad with a frown and he looks at her over his shoulder.


“Eh… Colleen called… Something about a plug at her caravan not working properly.”

“Tell her she can take care of it herself. It’s not my problem.”

Cassie frowns and shakes her head before returning to the phone.

“Hey, Colleen… Brad is a bit busy at the moment, he says he’ll look at it tomorrow. Yeah, sorry about that. Bye.”

She puts the phone down and Brad lifts a brow.

“I’m not going to do it.”

“Some more wine?”

Tony looks at Sally questioningly and she nods.

“Why not? I can’t believe it, Brad hasn’t even called. What a caring partner.”

Tony smirks, opening another bottle of wine.

“There you go.”

Sally takes a sip of the wine and sighs.

“Thank you.”

She falls back on the couch, looking at Tony sadly.

“I hate this. All I wanted was to help Brad, you know. Make him feel like he had a purpose. Something to do. But the more I try to help him, the harder it gets. Maybe I should just leave it.”

“Maybe you should.”

Sally laughs and shakes her head.

“You’re not supposed to agree with me! You’re supposed to say that everything will work out because we love each other.”

“What if I don’t believe that?”

Sally bites her lip, tears starting to form in her eyes and Tony holds his arm out to her. She sits down next to him, resting her head against his chest and he sighs, stroking her hair.

“At a point… I believed that as long as two people love each other nothing could get between them. But I don’t believe that anymore.”

Sally nods, a tear flowing down her cheek.

“Neither do I…”

“Well if Brad lets anything get between the two of you, he’s an idiot, Sally. You’re beautiful… I always thought so…”


He nods and they stare at each other for a few seconds before Tony pulls her closer, kissing her softly.


Tony closes his eyes, talking in between kisses.

“Maybe we should take this to a room…”

When she doesn’t disagree, he picks her up, carrying her into the first room with an open door.

“Lock the door.”

She looks at him seriously and he nods before locking the door and kissing her again. Tony pulls off his jacket as he falls down on top of her and she laughs, running her fingers through his hair. He pulls away for a few seconds to look at her and smiles.


She lifts her head to kiss him again, her arms locked around his neck…

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