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Mon, 11 July 05 - "Revenge of the Blood Clot"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Revenge Of The Blood Clot?

HOSPITAL - The nurses are worried about alf, who hasn?t said a word since HER death 2 hours ago. Note - throughout most of the rest of this ep we see flashbacks of what happened, with the occasional glimpse of alf at the hospital in the present tense (sally is occasionally with alf during the present tense snippets.

FLASHBACKS - Chloe?s car is a wreck. Alf stirs, and he wakes chloe who has some stabbing pain in the stomach region. Ric stirs, and he & alf open the back passenger door. Ric is worried about Martha - her pulse is weak and there?s a tree branch that had come through the car window and is pinning Martha against the seat. Alf, in an attempt to help Ric with Martha, wakes Kimmy, whose legs are muchly in pain (note - you get the impression at this point that the producers etc want you to think that it?s Kimmy who might not walk again, and given that alf is the focus of the ep, that Martha has died, but, because they are focusing on such things, you get the feeling that its NOT Martha that?s died). Ric tries his hardest to move the tree branch away from Martha, but because he has no success inside the car, Ric gets out and is then able to move the branch enough so alf is able to move Martha is of the car. Ric helps him do this. Alf asks chloe to ring the ambulance.

When the ambulance arrives, Ric wants to travel to the hospital with Martha, but alf insists on going with her - and since there?s only room in ambulance for one relative, Ric has to find other means. Alf & Ric are both REALLY concerned when the ambulance officers are worried about possible damage to Martha?s spine.

The ambulance officers wheel Martha into the hospital. Alf wants to be with Martha, but Nurse Julie insists that they have to perform various medical checks. Nurse Julie insists that she will inform alf when news comes to hand. Kimmy & chloe are wheeled in - Ric walks into hospital at same time. Ric & Alf are REALLY concerned when a female doctor says there is damage to Martha?s spine, but the doctor says its to early to tell if Martha will/won?t be able to walk again. Ric & alf enters Martha?s room. Ric is worried that they caused Martha?s spine injury when they removed her form car. Alf (not very reassuringly) says that if they?d not moved her, Martha would have died.

Alf enters the room when chloe & Kimmy are - Irene, hayley, Morag & sally are in there as well. Irene & the others are shocked when chloe says that the other car headed straight for them etc.

Ric calls out for help. Martha?s stopped breathing. Alf & Flynn rush into her room, as does nurse Julie. Flynn & Julie are able to bring Martha back to life - after several attempts with the defibrillator.

When Flynn says they can, alf & Ric re-enter Martha?s room. She wakes soon after - Martha is in tears as she says that she can?t feel ANYTHING.

Alf exits the room and sally wonders how Martha is. Sally responds to the dismayed expression on Alf?s face by hugging him.

Alf looks in on Kimmy, before alf enters Chloe?s room - Irene is in room as well. Chloe says that she was not worried about her own pain (fractured arm) because she was concentrating on Martha. Alf & Irene WAY object when chloe tries to blame herself for all this, eg ?I was the driver of the car. I should have reacted faster/differently?

Alf then re-enetrs Martha?s room. Morag is worried when alf blames himself for Martha?s spinal injuries. Alf asks to speak to Martha alone - and when Morag & Ric exit, alf apologises to Martha.

Alf is getting some coffee in the corridor when Morag tries to convince him to go home and get some sleep. Morag insists that she will be at Martha? bedside all night. Morag & Alf hear a harrowing shriek from Irene (think of how Beth reacted when they were told scott had died by the woman they?d later come to know as Psycho Sarah and you?re ?in the ball park?). Alf rushes towards Chloe?s room. He passes the distraught Irene who is being consoled by Hyde. Alf enters Chloe?s room. Female doctor says that chloe died of an embolism - a blood clot in Chloe?s fractured arm entered Chloe?s lungs and stopped blood flowing. It?s an EXTERMELY rare occurrence (note 1 - didn?t a similiar thing cause Tilly to collapse after Robbie hit his with his car? Note 2- throughout the scene, we hear the sound of the flatlined machine)

PRESENT TENSE - Alf enters Chloe?s darkened (lights out) hospital room. Chloe?s lifeless body is still in the bed, and Irene is also in the room - she is softly crying.

DINER - Next morning, alf & Morag enter (after being at the hospital all night I?m assuming). As alf heads towards the stairs that go up to the flat, he sees his (mostly unwrapped) birthday presents. Alf picks up Chloe?s present - he reads the card ?can?t wait to celebrate your 70-th birthday with you?

BEACH - Irene is blaming anyone & eveyone for what happened to chloe, partic the medical staff. Hyde tries to comfort Irene - who is also REALLY worried about what/how they?ll tell Olivia. (end of ep)


The hunt for the driver of the other car begins, and Olivia asks where Chloe is.

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