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Fri, 21 June 07 - “ Bad Brad ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Bad Brad ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 21 June 07 - Episode # 4445)

Note 1 – This ep marks the half way point of this year’s H&A season, ie 23 weeks down, 23 to go.

Note 2 – this summary is mostly in sequence [ie no A & B story split]

Kimmy enters his house. Rachel is lying on the couch, and she wants to talk about what’s happened today. Kimmy says that he is to tired, and is going to bed.

Sally enters the vph, and notices brad’s muchly better mood, and is pleased when he ask her what is happening at school. Ric enters the house, and switches on the TV [big night of sport] so sally & brad go upstairs.

Next day, kit [hunter house] is packing her suitcase. Maddie & Lucas are watching her. She insists she not go without say goodbye to them.

After Lucas bails, kit insists to Maddie that, for once, kit HAS to be selfish about all this – so she can move on with her life. Kit even suggests that Maddie can come with her & Archie to the city. Maddie still not exactly like what she is hearing so she bails.

We then see an intercut scene – with Kimmy & kit at the hunter house, and Rachel & Hugh at the diner flat. Both kit & Hugh wonder why they are staying here in the bay, and they NEED to know you Kimmy & Rachel are TRULY feeling. Kit suggest that Kimmy should come with her if he wants, whilst Rachel & Hugh KISS, but Rachel breaks away form that – insisting that they should be doing this.

Sally & Brad [Noah’s] talk about the Campbell’s. Brad thinks that if sally suspects that Annie isn’t be home schooled, she should go to the department, but sally insists that she wants to find out the facts before she acts.

Sally arrives at the Campbell farmhouse. There’s no answer when she calls out as she is standing at door, so sally goes round to the side of the house. Old farmer Bruce tells her to get of his land [shotgun in hand] as he thinks that she is form the back. Sally is about to tell him why she is truly there, when Geoff [with the injured Annie in his arms] approaches. Annie has a badly cut arm or hand, and although brace wants to handle this at home, Geoff insists that they NEED to tack Annie to a hospital.

As the doctors are treating Annie [hospital], sally asks Bruce about Annie’s education. Bruce insists that he is schooling the youngster, but the look on Geoff’s face suggest otherwise.

Ric & Maddie [vph] are trying to convince Lucas for all of them to use Tony’s boat for them to Maddie home sooner. Lucas isn’t keen, but the other two are quite convincing.

The trio is about to bail when sally ^ brad enter the house. Maddie etc tell sally that the trio are going on picnic.

When teens are gone, sally talk to brad sbout Annie. She is way worried, esp. since Geoff has indicated that Annie is kind of “slow” [re the whole development thing].

Kimmy [his place] tells Rachel that kit is leaving the bay today. He looks at photos of their [kimmy/rachel] wedding, but when he comments on that day, Rachel counters by saying that the pregnant kit arrived just 4 days later. Rachel really wants to talk about this, but when Kimmy phones rings, Rachel takes the chance to bail. After she goes. Kimmy throws his phone [kinda hardly] at the couch.

Leah [diner] is shocked when Rachel tells her that [days ago] she slept with Hugh, after another fight with Kimmy. When rachel says that she not wants to hurt Kimmy, Leah sas that that’s not same thing as loving him. Rachel is way emotional when she says that she can't choose, whilst Leah is rather amazed that Hugh would have the gall to demand an answer by 3pm today.

Lucas [beach] emerges form the water. Maddie & Ric are way laughing that THAT boat is sinking on the background. Lucas insists that it’s no laughing matter. Geoff is walk on the beach nearby. Maddie sees him, and there’s a bit of a look in her eye as she does.

Annie [with elbow bandaged] catches up with his brother. Annie says that she liked these two times that they’ve come to the bay recently. Sally approaches the farm kids, and asks about Annie’s schooling. Geoff insists that they have to go home, but annie tells sally that she ISN’T being taught the reading, writing etc type of things. Geoff “suggest” that they have to get home – and they bail.

Sally [Noah’s] tells brad about what hopped. He thinks, esp. in light of his case] that he should go to department, but sally insists that this should be a positive experience for Annie.

When sally goes to the bar, brad makes a call to a friend at the department – wondering about his own case, but he also asks [off the record] about Annie.

We then see a montage – of kit [hunter house] & Hugh [diner flat] packing their bags, whilst Kimmy [his place] and Rachel [beach] are deep in thought. Rachel even takes of her watch – I get feeling in a bid to hope the 3pm never comes.

Lucas [vph] is still stressing about the boat, but Maddie & Ric are more care free about the situation. Alf enters, wondering if Lucas knows where the boat is, as Alf has bought some new parts for it. When Lucas say he not know, Alf suggest that it could be at a mate of Tony’s being fixed/ Alf bails, so to do the teens.

Sally [on phone] enters the house seconds later. when off the phone, she is NOT pleased that the department know about the Annie situation. Sally accuses brad of using her case to score a few “brownie” points for his own issue with the education department.

Kimmy enters the hunter house. Kit is there =- with all bags packed etc. she tells Kimmy that she is just waiting for Maddie to come home = so can say goodbye.

Kit winders why Kimmy is here – and he sys that he’s ONLY here to say goodbye!!

Kimmy then touches kit’s face, and that leads to a KISS !!!!!!!! [end of ep]


2 ppl will leave the bay

Cass gives Jules a 2nd chance, but will Jazz’s secret/lies about Jules tear he & Cass apart?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s light brown [autumn motifs] blouse/denim jeans

SILVER – Maddie’s pink [black stereo? Motif] top/dark blue [white topical] short shorts

BRONZE – Annie’s blue singlet top/faded blue jeans


Alf’s olive green [yellow check] button up shirt

Brad’s faded blue jeans/white jumper

Brad’s white (black pin stripe) button up shirt [with green t-shirt beneath]

Bruce’s grey overalls/blue shirt/brow & purple tie/grey hat

Geoff’s cream button up shirt/denim jeans

Hugh’s silver [light blue snowflake motifs] button up shirt

Kimmy’s off white (brown tropical motifs) t

Kit’s blue scoop neck t

Leah’s peach double thin strapped top

Lucas’s white [grey splotch] t/brown board shorts

Lucas’s yellow polo shirt

Maddie’s sky blue singlet top

Rachel’s electric blue satin night gown/black satin night shirt

Rachel’s red vest/black top/black long pants

Ric’s light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t

Ric’s maroon (gold crest) t-shirt

Sally’s black [with red & blue curvy motifs] top

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