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Wed, 20 June 07 - “ Hellooooooo Newbies ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Hellooooooo Newbies ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 20 June 07 - Episode # 4443)

Note – this guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story split

In an unknown farmhouse, two teens [boy & girl] look over the sleeping Martha. When she wakes, Martha is after a phone, but this farm not have one. The male teen offers to drive her to where she wants to go [as he’s been driving since he was 9.

The old car with the teens & Martha arrive outside the diner. Martha offers to buy them something at diner for a reward for their kindness. The male teen isn’t so keen, but the girl is, and the male decides to accept.

Rachel arrives at the hospital. She is surprised that she & Hugh are on the same shift at work. Hugh then seems annoyed when Rachel talks to kimmy on the phone.

Martha [diner] introduces her new friends, Annie and Geoff, to Alf & sally. Alf can’t believe that Martha was out all night like that, whilst sally is partic interested when the new teens say that they don’t go to a conventional school.

Jack enters the diner, asking about an unregistered car. Of course it the one that got Martha here. Jack & Martha are having a verbal fight about what happened, when Geoff intervenes. He insists that jack shouldn’t be speaking to a woman like he is.

Martha goes upstairs. Jack follows – but Martha tell him to get lost, esp. since a teen is more polite than jack is.

Back downstairs, colleen thinks that Annie etc have tipped her, but they insist that it’s Martha’s change. When Alf suggest that Martha wouldn't mind them having the money, both teens reject it, before bailing.

Kit & Maddie [with Archie] enmetr the diner. Kit is intrigued that Rachel hasn’t visited them whilst kimmy has been away in the city [visit his father]. Kit also seems rather pleased [at this point[ at how quiet archive is being. Kit fells Archie’s forehead – feels like he’s got a temperature, so she & Maddie [with Archie] bail.

Hugh [hospital] instructs Rachel to see to an elderly patient, but when kit enters with Archie, Rachel tends to him. Hugh approaches Rachel, annoyed that she is treating Archie,. Rachel tells him that she has arranged for test to be done on the other patient, and bediseds that she tells Hugh that kit has the habit of really hit panic butt9on whenever Archie is involved. Kit hears this – she is not impressed. She takes Archie in her arms and bails.

Near the beach, Tony & Lucas are sanding THAT boat. Tony suggests that Lucas is doing certain things wrong, Lucas takes offences, and walks away.

Tony catch up with Lucas at the surf club. Tony thought that Lucas wanted to do this, but Lucas insisted that he was just doing so to try to re-bond, and that’s not working.

Jack approached Martha [Noah’s] and they talk about what’s happened. Martha is once more annoyed that jack’s job came 1st .

Maadie (hunter house) and kit are talking about what’s happened. Kit phones Rachel [after thinking that she was too hard on Rachel]. Victims of an MVA are wheeled into the hospital, and Hugh urges Rachel to assist. Rachel begrudgingly gets off phone – but kit thinks that Rachel has hung up on her.

Sally & Alf [vph] talk about Annie & Geoff, inc the memory that their parents died in an MVA years ago. Alf wonders if their grand dither, the “bible bashing” Bruce is still alive.

Jack enters – with flowers in hand. He ask Alf for key to diner flat – to give Martha good surprise for once.

Maddie & lucas talk about the Archie situation, before Tony & Lucas clash over the boat incident. Tony, before bailing, hopes that the old [caring, sensitive] Lucas will rtn soon.

Martha enters the diner flat, and sees the flowers, chocolates & fruit basket that jack has left her. There’s a card too. Geoff arrives – he gives Martha a bracelet that she left behind at farm. Martha gives Geoff the flowers, chocolates etc [as they are all wrong – hates white choc]

In diner, colleen is fishing for goss about Alex form sally, but sally doesn't let anything slip. Geoff comes downstairs, and when sally enquires furthers about his home life, Geoff polit6ely suggest that sally should mind own business.

Maddie [hunter house] and Lucas are talk about the tony thing when kit enters room – aying that Archie is rally sick.

Martha [diner flat] talks to sally about what’s happened with jack. She tells sally that after recent dinner together, thought that something could happen again, but now thinks that jack doesn’t even know how to be her friend, let alone her hubby.

Kit [with Archie] rushes into Rachel’s place. She tells Rachel about Archie. Rachel insist they go to hospital

At hospital, one of the nurses congratulates Hugh on scoring that south Africa scholarship. He urges her to keep it quiet for now.

Rachel & kit enter, and seconds after starting to treat Archie, Rachel goes over to Hugh, and has a major go at him – as his lack of professionalism cost them precious time to tend to Archie. [end of ep]


Hugh tells Rachel he is leaving the bay – and he’s NOT coming back

[Note – interestingly, on end credits, Annie is listed as a main cast member, whilst Geoff is only listed as guest cast]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s royal blue thin strap top/white [black floral] skirt

SILVER – Hugh’s aqua button up shirt

BRONZE – Maddie’s off white [green leafy motifs] thin strap top


Alf’s yellow [black check] button up shirt

Annie’s dark green [white typewriter style letters] top/grey-blue jeans

Colleen’s sky blue [green leafy motifs] blouse

Geoff’s powder blue button up shirt

Jack’s grey [green BONT logo] singlet

Jack’s red (mustang motif) t shirt

Kit’s red [with white patch beneath] v neck top/denim jeans

Luke’s red [small white sports logo] singlet top

Martha’s orange thin strap singlet top

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top/white jacket/grey shorts

Rachel’s royal blue scoop neck top

Tony’s purple t

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