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Tues, 19 June 07 - “ Shotgun Picnic ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Shotgun Picnic ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 19 June 07 - Episode # 4442)

Note – this guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story split

Leah [her house], dan & co wonder what’s going on with Alex. Alex insists that he never meant any of this to happen. Alex also suggests that they handle this within the family, so Cass, brad & Alf bail.

Alf arrives at Noah’s. Martha thanks him for covering a shift for one of the other bar workers who is ill. Alf wonders where Martha is headed, and she tells him that she & jack are doing something today – juts as friend.

Jack [near diner [ phones Martha. He’s got a flat tyre – be there as soon as he can.

Belle & drew talk about jazz [beach near diner]. Drew thinks that she is toxic, and when they encounter jazz seconds later, drew insists that he not want to talk to her. Jazz then approaches jack.

Leah [her place] & Dan are talk to Alex about this whole drugs mess when jazz arrives. When she’s told that drew has his own room, she “suggests” that he can move in with VJ & Ryan [with jazz geet8ing him room]. Dan & Leah are slightly perplexed, but are more keen on deal with Alex.

Jack arrives at Noah’s. He tells Martha that he is later than expect because jazz insisted that he take her to9 Leah’s house. Martha suggest that picnic not such a good idea – but jack won’t here of it.

Leah & Alex are alone in the longue room of Leah’s place, when Alex tells Leah that he heard of a prescription drug racket in Europe and knew that it was easy money. Leah wonders how he got drugs into Australia, before she is sickened by the realisation that the drugs must have been is her bags. Alex tries to explain himself, but Leah insists that he GET OUT !!! [of her home].

Near diner, Cass & Jules tare talk about Alex hen he approaches. Jules insist to speak to Alex alone. When Cass has walked away, Jules begins to go off at Alex [because of VJ and way he spoke to Cass]. Alex says sorry, but Jules not think that an apology will solve this.

Leah [her place] & Dan talk about Alex. She can't believe that he’s let her down again, and Dan suggests that the only way to make him “get” this is to go to police.

As they talk, jazz enters the room [form her bedroom] and announce that she is going outside. Dan is partic is intriqued/annoyed by the “diva” behaviour.

Leah [vph] talks to sally about the whole Alex thing – incl possibility of going to police. She also tells sally that the arrival of Drew’s mum hasn’t helped.

At Leah’, drew is NOT keen of jazz talking his room for the time being. Drew insist that his mum is a parasite, but Dan “suggest” that drew let this go until they at least deal with the Alex issue. Drew bails to his room – after telling Dan that he knew that dan would let him down.

Jazz re-enters the house – but only to get another glass of wine.

In the countryside, jack & Martha have stopped at the gate of a farm. Martha thinks they are lost. Jack wants t find the place he intended to go to, but Martha insists that they should picnic in the field that is before them. jack isn’t keen, but agrees.

Leah is in kitchen of diner, and colleen is fishing for info about whit’s happening. Leah ignores her though. Colleen goes into the main part of diner, and seconds later, Alex exerts the kitchen. He wonders what Leah plans to do. She insists that she has no idea what to do with Alex right now [after the millionth time he’s let her down].

Martha & jackal are enjoying their picnic near a small lake. Jack goes to get the bottle of wine form the car – but when he returns to Martha’s side, he tells her that the bottle smashed [thoughts of a horror kimmy/hayley date a few years ago]. Worse still, you can see that it’s bound to rain any time soon, and, even worse, an old male farmer points a shotgun at them. He insists that they should get off his property. Martha suggests to jack that it’s a good idea, but jack not like having a gun pointed at him. He firmly tells farmer that he is a cop. Farmer fires a shot into the air, before get back in his Ute and drive of. Jack insists that he must give chase. Martha not keen to9 join him – so she say in the filed.

In Leah’s yard, Jazz is sunning herself when drew approaches. Although he insist that he is going just fine, jazz suggest that [from dam’s phone call] drew could do with having his mum around. The annoyed Drew walks away.

Jack stops his car beside the old Ute of the farmer, which is parked near a farm house. Jack goes to the house, and calls out to farmer, who opens door, old farmer insists that ppl has been shooting wholes in his water tanks etec, but jack insists farmer must let police handle that. Jack wonders if farmer has gun licence, and farmer says that he does but wouldn’t be able to locate it immediately, jack insists that farmer come to the station with licence tomorrow.

As jack goes to leave him sess a curtain in the house moves – wonders to farmer if he is alone. farmer says yes. Jack then sees that he’s got another flat tyre – and when try to call Martha, her mobile is in the car. Jack asks farmer for help with spare tyre.

Cass [vph] hears someone on the back patio. Its Jules, who ask to sty in one of the vans for free. Cass says that he can – as she not wants worry bout him. Cass insists that Jules is pushing his luck by dong the “told you so” about Alex. Jules kisses Cass before bilking.

Jack arrives at the scene of the picnic [it’s started to rain btw]. Martha not there – he finds a note form her, saying that she has started walk home.

Alex charges into the diner, and all but demands to know what Leah is going to do. Leah hates that6 Alex is imposing on her again – and that he always looks for the quick fix. Leah insists that Alex always cause her grief –and that she wants Alex OUT OF HER LIFE [forever] !!!!!!!

Alex enters Leah; house – and tells Dan that he is leaving. After Alex bails, Dan think that drew should be worrying about where Jules is.

The phone rings, and Dan takes the call. When the call ends, Dan tells drew that it was jazz’s hubby on phone. Jazz has walked out of him and the kids. Jazz, of course, picks that moment to enter the room. Drew insists that he KNEW that jazz wasn’t in bay for him – and tells Dan that he’s going to [moving into???] Irene’s !!!

Dan looks at jazz with bit of disdain.

Jack arrives at the diner flat, and he knocks on outside door - No answer. He call out that he is sorry, before bail,

Meanwhile, Martha is sooooooooooooo not home yet. She is wondering about in the pouring rain, waaaaaaaaay crying [end of ep]


Will Rachel’s comments about kit [that she worries at drop of a hat] endanger Archie?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s burgundy [deliberately ruffled] top

SILVER – Jazz’s white billowy full length halter dress

BRONZE – Dan’s white [with a blue & a gold horizontal stripe across chest] polo shirt


Sally’s red spaghetti strap top

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top/white jacket/grey shorts

Jules’ yellow (black silhouette of cooooool sunglass wearing man) t/white [blue logo] board shorts

Jazz’s white [knee length] halter dress

Jazz’s black blouse/white [with a single black vertical stripes each side] jacket

Jazz’s black [orange leaves etc] tube top

Jack’s apple green, white & yellow polo shirt

Farmer’s grey jacket/white [black check] shirt/blue tie/grey hat

Drew’s black [sky blue surfing motif] t

Colleen’s orange (with white native floral motive) blouse

Cassie’s royal blue hater top/white halter bikini top

Belle’s hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/denim short skirt/black cap

Alf’s sky blue [black check] button up shirt

Alex’s off white [with a single dotted vertical line on each side of front, and brown vertical stripe down the back] button up shirt

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