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The Request Thread

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No worries Rosey, I'm glad people like them :D.

I also take requests, so does anybody have any particular requests?? I won't take requests for episodes from 2007, because its very likely there will be caps in the 'Screencaps from episodes now on' thread :D. I will take requests for 2006 episodes though :D. I have episodes like Kim and Rachels wedding, Martha and Jacks wedding, Robbie and Tashas wedding, some of the helicopter crash episodes, Ric being bullied by Dom at the garage. I can write a list if you'd like, or you guys could request and I'll just say if I have the episode or not :D.

Some of the screencaps will be better quality than others, because The Gomplayer, sometimes plays up :rolleyes:.

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Do you have the episode where Mattie was is hosptial with her burns andshe had low self esteem?

And she had just recently had a fight with Cassie and then Rachel was counselling her in the hospital bed?!

Sorry if that doesnt make sense, but its 3:30 am :P

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You dont know how much I love you right now :P

Thanks for them..

Could a be a pain and request a few more Rachel..?!

LOL :lol:, I'm glad you like them Rosey! :D

Do you mean a few more from that episode, or just....some random Rachel pics?? :D

No worries Vivica!

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