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Mon, 18 June 07 - “ All Those Pills All In A Row ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ All Those Pills All In A Row ”

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 18 June 07 - Episode # 4441)

Note – this guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story split

Irene [diner] is on te phone with Dan. Irene asks belle if she’s seen drew. Belle insists she hadn't before belle bails.

Alex [Leah’s] offers to look after VJ – whilst Leah & Dan look for drew.

Drew & Jules are in the mansion pool area when belle arrives. She’s not impressed they’ve made that place a bit of a mess. Drew asks if he can lend some money. Bell not keen, but agrees to get him some cash.

Alex [Leah’s] is look in the fire place for that bag when Cass arrives. Alex say that he is look for lost toy of VJ’s.

Cass tells him about the cheque from Jules, and she wonders if Alex can tell her about Europe [for possible future travel]. Alex says that he can spend some time with her, before get back to VJ.

Brad [vph] is trying to fix a microwave oven when Alex enters the main room. Alf isn’t keen of brad having success, and they also talk about Jules, Cass & Alex [hoping that Cass won’t get involved with the latter].

Belle enters the diner, and lies to Irene & Leah about not know where drew is. Belle also wonders if can have her pay now. Leah bails – after tell bell that she is going to back now [to get pay].

Colleen enters the diner, and belle is shocked [because of the drew situation] when colleen says that she is heading overt to the mansion to give it the once over before prospective buyers arrive.

Belle tries to phone drew, but he thinks its Dan and ignores the calls. He & Jules also chatty about a possible motorcycle trek through the dessert.

Naturally, just as Jules waaaaaaaaaaay bomb dives into the pool, colleen arrives. She gets soaked – and is NOT happy.

Alex [Leah’s] tells Cass that she has to go so he can spend tome with VJ, but when she bails, and he tries to get back bag, it’s not in the fireplace at all.

Indeed, VJ {cubbyhouse of Leah’s yard] is putting the pills [that were in backpack] 1 by 1 in a row.

At diner, Irene & Leah are NOT pleased when tey discover that bell know bout drew & Jules. Belle isn’t keen on letting Amanda know.

A smartly dressed female customer comes to the kitchen window – wonder when she will be served.

At the mansion pool, Dan insists that drew is coming home to live with Leah etc, but not before Jules & drew help colleen clean up mansion.

Alex [Leah’s] is still trying to find backpack when VJ asks for some food. Lex goes of at VJ, and Cass is not impressed. This continues when Alex bails.

Brad [vph] is talk to Alf. Brad is look through rubbish for lost microwave screws when come across empty boxes of THOSE drugs.

Leah, Dan & Irene are having a go at bell form the Jules & drew situation, when that unknown female customer says that she is going. Wonders how Leah & co stay in business.

Jules, drew & colleen are cleaning pool area when an estate agent arrives with that annoyed customer form the diner. Jules and Drew are shocked that said woman is drew’s MUM Jazz !!!

Drew, Jules, Dan, Leah & jazz talk in the diner. Drew can’t believe that Dan called jazz, who tells drew that she plans to stay around for a bit.

Jules goes to Leah’s and talk to Cass about how Jazz is a total cow. Both realise that VJ is missing. They search inside the house and in the yard, without luck [VJ is watch then form a hiding spot in yard].

Alex goes eth vph. He ask brad & Alf is anyone been hanging around. They say no – and when Alex gone, both bread & Alf that that Alex is acting all cagey.

Jazz enters the diner, she hasn’t been able to rent the mansion, and isn’t keen on the expense of the sands resort, or “slumming it” at the van park. Dan suggests that jazz can stay at Leah’s for time being. Neither drew [from comments] and Leah [from look on face] is keen.

Cass enters – telling all that VJ is missing.

Jules & Alex encounter each other [beach] during the search.

Alex returns to Leah’s, where Leah is hugging VJ. Everyone [Leah, Dan, brad & Alf] wonder what’s going on – with brad holding the rubbish bag full of drug packaging. [end of ep]


Leah verbally savages Alex over his behaviour, eg “how could you?”

More jack/Martha misadventures – held at gunpoint on a picnic


There’s info about 2 teen [a boy & a girl] newbies on the official H&A site

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s burgundy [deliberately ruffled] top

SILVER – Belle’s hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/denim short skirt/black cap

BRONZE – Drew’s black [sky blue surfing motif] t


VJ’s white [red horizontal stripes] jumper

Jules’ yellow (black silhouette of cooooool sunglass wearing man) t/white [blue logo][ board shorts

Jazz’s black blouse/white [with a single black vertical stripes each side] jacket

Irene’s red blouse

Estate agent’s white [black check] button up shirt

Drew’s dark purple (“AI” with white stars surrounding it) t

Dan’s white [with a blue & a gold horizontal stripe across chest] polo shirt

Colleen’s red floral blouse

Colleen’s pink & white jacket

Cassie’s royal blue hater top/white halter bikini top

Brad’s cooool grey button up shirt

Alf’s sky blue [black check] button up shirt

Alex’s off white [dotted vertical lines on front, brown vertical stripe down the back] button up shirt

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