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Because You Loved Me - Part 2

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Story Title: Because you loved me part 2

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha,Peter, Tony ect and my own Charecters Rachel and Rhys and Lucy

BTTB rating: A I think :unsure:

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: Martha's trying to move on after Jack death!

Thanks to all my readers from my other fic. :)

I Hope you all like this one :)

Thanks to Rach for proofing! :)

Chapter one

It had been a year and half since Jack Holden was taken from his wife and children, and Martha was still not completely over him, everyday she would cry for him, and if it wasn’t for her three children she wouldn’t have gotten through it.

Lily Rose Holden was brought into the world 9 months ago; she was conceived on the morning off Jack’s death. Martha thought of her as an angel, sent from her daddy to look after them all and heal Martha’s broken heart; but nothing in this world could heal that; it was simply broken in 3. Despite that, having her kids made each day more and more bearable.

Lewis was just a picture of his dad; his eyes, his hair and most of all he had that trademark Jack Holden smile.

Lucas was now a father as well, to Arianna Jodi Holden, and was also getting married in 2months to Rachel.

Ava was still Ava, although she felt after Jack’s death, that she was somehow responsible for looking after her mummy and brother and now her sister.

Martha was awakened from her thoughts by Ava.

“Mummy is 2 and 2, 6 altogether” she asked Martha

“No honey, what do you think it is; count on your fingers Ava” Martha said

“4 its 4” Ava said jumping around

“Clever girl” but before she could say anything else she was interrupted by Lily crying.

Lily Rose was now 9 months old; she was the perfect version of Martha and Jack all rolled into one, she was trying to hold the feeding bottle herself when it fell out of her grip.

“Well miss lily, I take it we need a bit more practise with holding the bottle hey sweetie” she said as she picked the little girl up from out of the cot.

“Mac you here” Rachel yelled as she walked in

“Im in Lily’s room” she said

“Hey, get dressed” Rachel said to her

“I am” Martha said confused

“Not for a night out your not, now give me lily I’ll finish feeding her” Rach said

“What” Martha asked shocked

“Were going out, Tony and Luc are babysitting so hurry” Rachel ordered her sister.

“Erm ok” Martha said unsure


Later on

Martha and Rachel were at a night club in the Yabbie creek, when a tall, dark man came walking over towards them.

“Hey, can I buy you two ladies a drink” he said

“Sure, we will have 2 martinis and lemonades please…” Rachel said

“Erm im Rhys and you two are?” Rhys said

“Im Rachel and this is my sister Martha” Rach said

Rhys walked away to get their drinks whilst all the while keeping his eye on Martha.

He got the drinks and walked back over to Martha, who was now standing alone; Rachel had gone to ring Lucas to make sure the kids were ok.

“So how about you give me your number and we can go out sometime, you no, without your friend” Rhys said to Martha

“She’s my sister and no I don’t think so” Martha said

“Aw come on, please” Rhys said

“No I can’t really, but thank you” she said

“Why not” Rhys said

“Because my children don’t need this, they lost their father and I don’t want another man coming in so soon” she said

“Kids?” Rhys said shocked

“Yes three, 2 girls and a boy” she said fondly

“Good job I like kids then” Rhys said

“You don’t give up do you” Martha giggled

“Look, here’s my number, call me when you’re ready and I’ll be waiting” Rhys said and walked off leaving Martha looking at his business card; Private Investigator

“Mac I think you should call Rhys maybe its time you moved on” Rach said

“What! No way, it’s not even been 2 years Rachel. No” Martha yelled at her sister and stormed off; however all the while thinking that maybe she was right.

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Great start!

Not too sure what to think of this Rhys...he seems a little pushy. But, I don't want to see Martha with anyone other than Jack, so maybe thats why lol (gosh, that's really selfish on my part, isn't it? :P )

More soon please.

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Thanks :D

Thanks Rach

Chapter 2

Martha had been thinking all morning weather or not to call Rhys, would he even remember her, did he make a habit of this.

“Only one way to find out Martha” she thought to herself

Martha had been ready to ring Rhys when Rach had walked in.

“Look im sorry about last night, I was insensitive” Rach apologized

“But it got me thinking maybe your right” Martha said sadly

“What do you mean” Rach replied

“When I woke up this morning and looked over at Rhys business card, I felt like a little girl with a teenage crush all over again and the last time I had that feeling was well with Jack” She sighed

“And let me guess your feeling guilty” Rach said feeling a little bit queasy and the colour draining from her face

“You ok sis” Martha asked concerned

“Yeah just a bad hangover I think and Arianna decided to jump on my head at 6am this morning” Rach said regretfully

“Ouch” Martha laughed

“You’re so lucky they all stayed over at Tony’s” Rach said

“Why didt Ari” Martha said

“Because she woke up when I went to meet Luc and cried for us to take her home” She said

“Bless” Martha said

Martha and Rach were just sitting there when Martha picked up the phone

“Im going to ring Tony I need to talk to him before I talk to Rhys” she said

Tony and Martha were sat in the living room of the mansion when Martha broke the silence

“Ok what im about to tell you is a really important decision and remember if you’re not comfortable with it at all I won’t do it” Martha said

“You’re not moving away with the kids are you” Tony asked fearfully

“Of course not, don’t be silly” Martha told him reassuringly

“Good” he replied “Now what is it” he added

“Ok well last night I met this guy and well I really like him and I feel its about time I moved on but I don’t want you to be mad at me or feel like im betraying Jack but if you’re uncomfortable with it then I don’t have to see him” Martha said

“Love...” Tony began taking Martha’s hand “I think it’s a great idea” he added

“You do” she said seeming surprised

“Yer the kids could do with a father figure in their life; I mean come on Luc’s great in a sense he reminds Ava so much of Jack but you need a life also” Tony said

“Thank you” Martha said holding back the tears but couldn’t

“Hey come here, you silly girl” Tony laughed

“Thanks” she said mocking offence from his last remark

Later on that day

Martha was sit on the sofa holding the phone in one hand and a card in the other hand she though it was now or never and began to dial the number

“Good Afternoon Mr. Corser’s office how I can help you” The lady said politely down the phone

“Oh hi erm yes, I was just wondering if I could speak with Rhys please” Martha said down the phone

“Just a moment who’s calling please?”

“Martha Hol…… McKenzie” she said

Rhys was just sitting at his office desk with a pile of paperwork and a sad face muttering under his breath about how inconsistent his files were due to his PA leaving him

“Mr Corser a lady called Martha is on the phone”

Rhys smile grew “Yes put her through Maria” he said

“Will do” Maria said

“Well I was wondering if I would ever hear from you, you finally decided you want to see me” he said down the phone

Martha smirked “Something like that”

Martha and Rhys had been chatting on the phone for over two hours when Rach walked in with all the kids.

“Iv got to go yeah, ok see you tonight ok bye” Martha said

“I take it you spoke to Tony and he was ok with it” Rach asked her

”I did and he was amazing, now the hard part will be telling Ava, if it works out that is” Martha said “Can I ask you a big favour please” Martha added

“If you want me to take the kids then yes I will” Rach said

“Nope well only Ava, Lewis and Lily are staying with Mattie and Ric” she said

Mattie and Ric had just been and collected the kids and were dropping Ava off at Luc’s apartment so Rach could help Martha get dressed.

“Ok Blue dress or Pink dress” Martha asked holding up 2 dresses

“Blue looks so much more elegant on you” Rach replied

“Right so blue it is”

Rachel was making them a glass of wine to steady Martha’s nerves when she came up Martha was applying the last touches to her make before she began to cry.

“Hey what’s up” Rach asked as she pulled her into a hug

“I told Rhys my second name was McKenzie” She sobbed

“Oh” Rach said

“Ano im so stupid… I don’t know why I did it and now I feel so guilty”

“Hey don’t worry, just think of it this way, your Martha Holden with your children and Martha McKenzie on a night out” Rach told her

Rachel had left and Martha was waiting for Rhys to come and collect her they were going to a posh restaurant in the yabbie creak.

She rang Rachel up in desperation

“Rach I can’t do this” She said down the phone

“Cant do what” she said

“This whole date thing”

“Yes you can Martha”

Martha was about to reply when there was a knock at the door

“I got to go seeya”

She walked to the door and took a long deep breath before answering it

“Oh my god, you look absolutely stunning” Rhys said jaw on the floor

“Ok Mr put your jaw back in your mouth and let’s go” she said

Preview…. The Date…………How does it go!

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