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“Give me half an hour to shower and get changed;

Water waster <_< jks. Great chapter. OMG that woman wants Martha dead?? Thats horrible. She is probably the one who pushed Martha and not Brett, but Martha thinks it was Brett since he was the last person she spoke too, and that crazy woman came and pushed Martha without saying anything, and that is how Martha recognises her face :unsure: One question though, Martha lost her memory for the last three years of her life, and Belle came much after the house-warming party. But Martha and Belle seem very very close, did i miss something, or did they just become good friends :unsure: Oh wellz :)

More please :)

Yes, Belle and Martha have just become good friends since Martha woke up.

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Oooooh the drama. :P I have no idea who the mysterious women is... well I have a few guess but I'll wait and see, lol. I loved the conversation between Tony & Martha; so sweet. Great writing Amber, looking forward to the next chapter and The Big Talk. :D

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I still think I know who the woman is *sings*.

I'd love it if I were right, being the first to guess it and all. Guess in my head that is, I won't say it aloud just in case a 1) look like an idiot, or 2) I have it right and spoil it for everyone.


Brilliant chapter. You made me so happy by updating. Not quite as happy as Jade though... lol. :P What I want to know is why the hell is she not at school!? Hmm? Anyway, you should be chuffed, Jade comments no-one. You're very priviledged to have got that post... :)

Thursday? Thursday!?!? :D :D Can't wait.

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Stupid woman, who wants to kill Martha? Obviously her, and she was soo the one who caused the accident which has resulted in Martha and Jack breaking up, even though they are still in love. Not good.

This talk better be good, especially from Martha's POV *hint hint* :P and then they can all be a happy family again, until this woman comes back and tries to kill her. :o I bet it's the same woman that tried to kill Irene. So someone who wants both Martha and Irene dead, there has to be a connection. Unless I'm totally wrong of course, and it wasn't her who hurt Irene. Argh it's so confussing, but it's because you write it so well.

I hope it's not too long before this woman is revealed.

Update soon, can't wait for more! :D

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Absolutely fantastic! As always! I love the way you write, makes it seem so real, I get so involved! Who on earth is this woman and why does she want Martha dead?! I am intrigued! Please update as soon as you can and sorry it's a bit belated but I am really sorry for your loss. Take care,

x Clair x

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Awww that conversation between Tony and Martha was so unbelievably cute! But who is this women and why on earth does she want Martha dead.....?! Hmmmm only time will tell i suppose! Cant wait for Martha and Jack to talk....hope it goes well! Cant wait for the next update! :) Excellent writing Amber!

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