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Linger (by bay girl) - comments


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Aww, that was so sad :(

Joy is getting a bit too 'attached' to our Jack :angry: Not liking that one smidgen!

:lol: Absolutely love Jason for telling it like it is! *Go Jason, go Jason*

Loving this Amber; but not the fact that someone's in an accident :blink: More soon please!

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *slow motion*

Why is this happening! Stupid Martha ruined it all!

I think someone needs to bang her head against the table and maybe she'l see sense. Who cares if he took his rings off! I still would have gone in there and declared my undying love for him, even if he did reject me, atleast id know!

And someone has an accident! Oh gosh! Please dont let it be Jack or Martha! It might be Alex, if she has an accident then maybe itl bring them together or something!

Great chapter, as always. Loving this!

Please update soon!

ps. Get lost Joy! But i like Jason :)

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Awwww poor Martha! :( Grrr to Joy, making Jack take his rings off like that! Anyone can see they are both still in love with each other (well except themselves that is! lol) I like Jason! Hmmm wonder who is going to be in an accident?! Update soon so we can find out! :)

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I think my heart almost ripped in two when I read he bit where Jack was holding his and Martha's wedding band in his hand. That was so sad!

I liked how you described the drinking. Really well done, especially when Martha said she was self-medicating and then later Jack had a shot.

Glad that Jason told Jack about Martha remembering. Soooo liking Jason right now!

Amazing writing. Can't wait to see more.

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Really sorry to hear about your loss. And you've been sick too; know the feeling :(

Thanks for the update. Really felt for Jack in that one. Martha can be so stubborn and unresponsive sometimes!

Hmm, the face at the hospital- maybe something to do with Martha's accident??

Post when you can :)

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