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The Difference Between You and I

Guest ~Dom~

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Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Zoe and Kim

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: (L) (VD)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Zoe has always been onto Kim, but when they first talk together there is something between them. Zoe needs Kim for her plans but will Kim fall for her or realise his mistake.


The Difference Between You and I

Chapter 1

Zoe looked over the top her book she was reading. She was lying on the beach watching over at Kim who was going for a surf. He was wearing his green and white baggy pants, Zoe liked them. It was the third time he had worn them this week. She put down her book and twirled her green and white pencil in her hand. "What to write" she thought, "what to write." She opened at page 73 of her journal, it was the fifty-second day she had been observing Kim.

Kim has not done much today, I followed him from his house at 8:13am this morning. Rachel was still asleep when he left. He used the main path to the beach, he ran into Jack on the way, they talked about something but they were not talking for long. Kim collected his board from the surf club. I followed him down to the beach where he took the main stairs. The time was now 8:29am. That's when he began his surf. He took off his white shirt, to show his large muscles once again. Muscles always do help. He was very powerful on his board. He has now been surfing for half an hour, around his usual time before he goes of for a coffee at the surf club. I must go now before he spots me, all is planned for later.

Zoe put down her pencil and slipped the journal into her bag quietly. She placed her book down where she was sitting and got up. She gave an evil smile and walked off.

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Chapter 2

Kim walked up the beach with his board, he had enjoyed his surf today and had worked up quite an appetite. He was just walking up the main stairs, his normal route to the café, when he saw a book hidden around the tall grass. Kim placed his board on the ground and bent down to take a look. The book was titled ‘Secrets and Lies.’ He opened the first page, written inside the front cover, was the name Zoe McAllister. Kim knew her, just not that well, but he knew where she lived. He would take it to her after his coffee. So he picked up his board and trundled up the steps.

Zoe opened the door to her house, it was dark inside. She switched on her lights, in the now what bright room, there were knives, guns, a camera and lots of paper scattered all over a desk. She plonked her bag down on the desk and sat down. She picked up the paperwork and shuffled through it. The paper contained a wide selection of photos of Kim, doing everyday things. She smiled evilly, as she took out another camera from her bag. She plugged it into her laptop and started upload the pictures she had that morning. The time now was 9:46am.

After leaving Kim to finish his surf, I went over to the old forest to meet Ethan. This is the second time I have met him this week. He gave me the drugs I needed for today. He said they would work best. I gave him the money and left before anyone saw me. I walked home and now I am uploading the pictures I have taken for further observation. Now I must go and get prepared, Kim will be here soon.

Zoe shut down her laptop and put away her journal and tidied away all her guns and knives. She didn’t want Kim to think she was some murderer or something! Zoe laughed.

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