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Hidden Truths

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ok another JnM fic!

i admit i am obessesed :rolleyes: but i cant help it i just keep coming up with ideas that i think might work.

Title: Hidden Truths

Author: me

Main characters: Jack Martha, Ruth, Katie,

Spoliers: no

Rated: A

Warnings: (SC) (L) (V)

Summary: Things you need to know

- i have stripped all the charcters back so i am really creating everyone's past etc

- Martha was never put up for adoption

- Katie is Jack's mother and Tony his father. there last name is holden but Katies maiden name is williams

-Martha is a Macklin not a Mackenzie

- Ruth (roo but is not called that in this fic) is married to Brett and there last name is Macklin and they have one child (martha) and ruths maiden name is mackenzie

- Lucas is not Jack's brother (if i even put him in the story :P)

i think thats it for now....

the jist of the story is explained in the trailer

click me

now im not sure if this is a good idea so please watch the trailer and read the summary etc and tell me whether or not i should post the first chapter

also just a warning i will probably not update this fic everyday because i am focusing on you and me more but thats not to say i will not update often because i will.

so yea..tell me what you think

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ok here is the first chapter.

Hidden Truths

Ruth Macklin watched the two coffins being lowered gently into the ground. On her left, stood Katie Holden. Each woman was holding a young child. Ruth a girl, and Katie a boy. Ruth tightened a grip on her daughter and Martha rest her head on her mother’s shoulder. Jack reached up and touched the tears that were flowing down his mother’s face. Katie smiled at him through her tears and gently kissed the top of his head. They all turned back to the grave and caught one last glimpse of the coffins as they disappeared into the ground. Ruth said a final, silent goodbye to her husband in her head and she knew that Katie would be doing the same.

And, although their children were too young to know what was going on, both Martha and Jack were picking up on the atmosphere in that cemetery. Ruth sighed and turned to leave the cemetery, knowing that at the same time she was walking away from a closed chapter in her life and she knew that Katie was doing the same.


Ruth and Katie were sitting on a chair in Ruth’s backyard as they watched their two; two-year children play in the garden.

“What are we going to do?” Katie asked turning to face her friend. Ruth sighed.

“I don’t know. It’s just so dangerous; I can’t bear the thought that anything happening to Martha, or Jack.”

Katie nodded in agreement, her face wearing a sad expression.

“There is really only one thing we can do that will ensure the safety of our children…”

“I know,” Ruth said sadly, “I just wish we didn’t have to do it.”

“Me too,” Katie agreed, “but we both know that the best thing for our children’s safety is to split them up and that they never know about each other, never know about Brett and Tony’s real cause of death and especially that they never know about Sawyer.”

“Maybe it’s best if we both move away from Summer Bay. Move away from this place that holds so many terrible memories for us. And it would be the safer option…”Ruth said, looking down feeling the tears well up in her eyes.

“Your right. I think its best we do this soon. Like straight away, it’s safer that way. Also I think we should change our names, at least our last names. Maybe back to our

maiden names?” Ruth said.

“Katie Williams.”

“Ruth Mackenzie.”

“Jack Williams and Martha Mackenzie,” Katie said, looking over at the two children, oblivious to how drastically their lives were about to change, “It sounds so strange.”

Ruth nodded.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” Ruth said, standing up, “It’s better that we do this now. It is safer that way.”

Ruth walked over and picked up Martha from where she was sitting on the ground next to Jack. Jack immediately started crying, his hand outstretched to Martha. Katie walked over and picked up Jack, holding him close.

“It’s ok, sweetie,” she soothed, “It’s hard for me too.”

Ruth, with Jack in her arms walked over to the front gate and opened it. She turned to catch one last look at the big, old house. Katie had taken Martha inside and Katie knew that they would be packing, getting ready to leave right away. Katie also knew that Ruth didn’t expect her to go inside and say one final goodbye. It would be too hard on them both.

After three years of living next door to each other, of their husbands working together, of their two families being almost one family with each other, Ruth and Katie had become best friends and it would be too hard to go in and say goodbye.

This way it was more ‘I’ll see you soon.’ But Katie knew that she wouldn’t be seeing Ruth or Martha anytime soon, in fact she knew she would probably never see them again. She thought about what she must do when she got home. She knew that she should pack and leave Summer Bay. But it was not that simple.

It was a beautiful place and she loved it. But Katie was also upset about changing her last name. It was the last thing that she had of her husband Tony’s and now she had to give it up. And Jack, who wouldn’t remember his father, would have nothing left to remind him because all Tony’s things had been lost in the fire. She sighed and walked out of the gate, never looking back, never to step inside those gates once more, never to see her friends again…



“Martha!” Ruth called up the stairs, “Dinner’s ready!”

“Mum,” Martha said, running down the stairs, “I told you that I’m going out tonight!”

“You did not! With who?”

“Dean,” Martha said grabbing her bag off the table and searching through it, “Have you seen my phone?”

Ruth shook her head absent-mindedly as she continued to follow Martha around the house.

“I really wish you wouldn’t. You know I don’t like that boy!”

“Ah here it is!” Martha said pulling her phone out of the fridge, “How did it get in here?”

“Martha are you even listening to me. I don’t want you seeing Dean. I don’t like him!”

“Mum!” Martha said grabbing her mother by the shoulders, “You don’t even know him!”

“Well I don’t like the look of him!”

Martha laughed.

“Mum. I’m 20 years old now, I can take care of myself. Now I really have to go,”

Martha said running out of the front door and slamming it behind her.

Ruth shook her head in frustration.


Ruth sat at the dinning room table, alone. She looked over at the clock on the kitchen wall.

2:36 am.

She sighed. Suddenly the silent house was filled with laughter as the front door flung open. Ruth got up silently and quietly from her seat and began to make her way towards the front of the house.

“Shh” Martha giggled.

“Why should I?” came a male voice.

Martha started laughing hysterically.

“My mum will wake up,” she said choking on her laughter.

“Your mum is already awake!” Ruth said from the shadows in the doorway.

Both Martha and the boy stopped suddenly.

“What is going on here?” Ruth said walking towards them.

“Oh hi. You must be Mrs. Macklin,” the boy said, tumbling over his own feet as he held out his hand.

“Ms. I’m Ms Macklin and I would rather not shake your hand. I don’t know where its been.”

“Mum!” Martha said.

“Martha!” Ruth mimicked turning to her daughter, “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

Martha suddenly burst out in another fit of hysterics.

“Your drunk aren’t you?” Ruth said.

“No,” replied Martha trying to pull an innocent face.

Ruth rolled her eyes.

“And you know the rules. You are not allowed to bring boys home here!”

“But he had no where else to go!” Martha said in a sing song voice.

Now it was Ruth’s turn to laugh.

“Your drunker then I realized. Go up to your room and get some sleep.”

Martha, still laughing began tiptoeing up the stairs with the boy close behind her.

“Not so fast!” Ruth said pulling the boy back, “Your dean right?”

The boy nodded.

“I know all about you.”

Dean laughed.

“There’s nothing to know. All that is behind me!”

“And now so is Martha,” Ruth said pushing Dean out the door.

She closed it behind him and rest her head on the door. She didn’t know how she was supposed to tell Martha her news.


“Morning,” Ruth said as she saw Martha walk into the kitchen holding her head.

Ruth laughed and passed Martha a glass.

“Drink this it’ll make you feel better.”

Martha took it gratefully.

“What’s all this?” Martha asked seeing all the boxes on the table.

“We’re moving,” Ruth said walking into the pantry.

“What!?” Martha cried, “No way. That’s not fair!”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but it’s for the best,” Ruth said walking over to her daughter.

“Best for who? You or me?”

“For both of us. Honey, I’m sorry but we have to go today.”

“But what about Dean? Where will we go?” Martha asked stomping her foot in frustration.

Ruth sighed.

“To Summer Bay,” Ruth said, looking down.

By now Martha had tears rolling down her face.

“No. I won’t go. You can’t make me.” Martha cried.

“No your right, I can’t,” Ruth said sadly, “But I would really like you to come. It’s important.”

“Why are you doing this?” Martha yelled running out of the house and slamming the door behind her.

Ruth sighed sadly and pulled out the letter from her pocket.

I'm getting closer...


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Great start. I wonder what happened to Tony and Brett, or well who started the fire :unsure: Drunk Martha, need more of that :) I hope Jacky is in SB as well. I havent watched the trailer yet, i'll watching it now :)

More please

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