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Thurs, 14 June 07 - “ At Least One Relationship Is Back On Track ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ At Least One Relationship Is Back On Track ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 14 June 07 - Episode # 4439)

Note – this guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story splitt

Rachel [diner flat] awakes. She can't believe that Hugh is now lying beside hear, she quickly puts on her clothes and tells Hugh that she HAS to go.

The boys [Rachel] place Finnish at their card game. Btw, jack took part, but Lucas didn’t. After the others bail, jack & the drunk kimmy talk. Kimmy says that he’s not worried about cleaning up tonight – and he also comments about how “great” his & jack’s marriages are/were.

Hugh [diner flat] insists to Rachel that they have to talk, as he knows that IS something tween them. Its look like they are about to kiss when Martha enters. Rachel quickly bails.

When Rachel gets home, kimmy is asleep on couch.

Next day6, Hugh & Martha are talking on the beach about the whole Rachel situation. Jack [form afar] sess the duo – and you get feeling that he thinks they are V close.

Kimmy [his place] wonder if Rachel can call in sick, as he wants to talk about their relationship. Rachel suggests that kimmy won’t want to Miss Archie’s last med appointment before kit bail to city. Rachel insists that she not want to talk, and kimmy always puts kit 1st etc anyway. She bails.

At the hospital, jack & another male officer are interviewing a woman that had info about an MVA. The woman talks about star signs, and asked jack his. She even gives jack her business card. The other officer thinks that jack should think about go out with the star sign woman. Rachel meanwhile insists that one of the other ppl in the MVA [a patient] is ready to be interviews].

Meanwhile Hugh approaches Rachel – but she insists that she not want to talk to him.

Tony & Ric talk about the poker game in the diner, whilst the nearby Lucas is still “freezing” Tony out.

Kit ^ Maddie are at one of the travels. Kit is worried that kimmy isn’t coming – because of what Maddie said. Kimmy arrives, and kit quickly exist the diner pith Archie & kimmy] – leaving the bemused Maddie a the table.

Ric & Luke are talking near seaplane wharf. Ric basically tells Lucas to grow up. Ric esp. makes his point by telling Lucas that Tony spends at least ½ hour each day at the place where they held Beth’s memorial. Ric also insists that Lucas should be amazed that Tony IS still standing, and [that Lucas should] NOT trying to knock him down.

Hugh once more approaches Rachel [hospital] and she tells him that she can’t deal with this right now.

Jack [hunter house] tells Tony that he thinks that there is something going on tween Hugh & Martha, after Tony bails, jack removes he star sign girls’ card form his pocket – her name is Cody Markham.

As kimmy & kit are walking to or from the Archie appointment, they talk about what Maddie said. Kit t5ells kimmy that it IS true, but she tells kimmy that all he needs to say if that he loves Rachel and that will be the end of it. Kimmy doesn’t exactly give a definitive response.

Jack [diner tells Martha that he’s got a date tonight – he mentions that star signs thing, but son after, jack gets a text form Cody – she can’t make it. However, jack [outside surf club] tell Martha that his quick date with Cody [before she go to work] was great.

Lucas approaches Tony who is working on theat boat. Tony is surprised yet pleased when Lucas offers to help fix the boat.

Rachel & Hugh [dimer flat] talk about whit’s happening. He thinks that they are great together, but Rachel insists she need time 2 think.

We then see a montage, of kimmy, Hugh & Rachel [different places] deep in thought, whilst kit [hunter house] is balling her eyes out – as kimmy effectively rejected her earlier.

Rachel returns to the diner flat. She tells Hugh that she is going to honour her marriage. He thinks that Rachel is silly, esp. when she tells him that she isn’t go to tell kimmy about them [rachel/hugh].

Soon after, Rachel [seaplane wharf] waaaaaaaaaaaaay is sobbing !!! [end of ep]


Drew tells Dan that he is moving out of Leah’s place

Jack makes up a g/f – to make Martha jealous

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Kimmy’s green [outline of a woman, gold swirls & many white doves motif] t

SILVER – Martha’s mauve spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Maddie’s orange spaghetti strap top


Alf’s electric blue button up shirt

Cody’s red long sleeve blouse/black pants

Hugh’s apple green (black pin stripe) button up shirt

Hugh’s purple “SL 140” t

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jack’s white [kinda dressy] button up shirt/greeny-grey long pants

Kimmy’s dark blue [with sky blue stripes down one side] track pants

Kimmy’s way light brown [with white pin stripes] button up shirt

Kit’s royal blue [frilly collar] scoop neck t

Luke’s mauve (surfy motif) t/light grey [with black double ended triangles] board shorts

Martha’s brown (Noah’s) dress

Martha’s red [white loveheart outline motif] singlet top

Rachel’s black dress/red necklace

Rachel’s white [red & grey swirl pattern] blouse/black jacket/black skirt

Ric’s rich red [with touches of white & orange] button up shirt

Ric's way light blue [grey "urban" motifs] t

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