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Tues, 12 June 07 - “ Oh Kimmy, You Make It SOOOOOOO Easy to HATE You “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Oh Kimmy, You Make It SOOOOOOO Easy to HATE You “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 12 June 07 - Episode # 4437)

Alex [Leah’s] is on the phone. He can’t believe that the person he bought the drugs into the country for doesn’t seem to want them anymore.

Leah & Dan wonder if Alex would like stay for dinner, but he say no, and when Alex gone, Leah & Dan comet that Alex seems to be all over the place at the moment.

Alex is walking in the van park at night. He is obviously preoccupied and he walks straight into colleen, who is carrying her washing. Brad approaches, and comments about THOSE drugs that he found. Alex insists that they are GREAT for when you can’t sleep etc.

Next day, brad is working in the van park and sally approaches. They 5talk about Alex &^ the drugs, and sally sys that Leah thinks that Alex is acting all cagey recently.

Colleen approaches, and shos that the public apology [in the paper] for her actions re brad, Lucas & Naomi. Colleen also wonders if brad could fix the aerial on her mobile home if he gates the chance.

Leah & Dan are talking [their place] about Jules – insisting they had no choice but to let his parents handle this. Leah opens her suitcase – and comments that someone has obviously rummaged through it. Dan suggests that it was probably the customs ppl.

At the van park, a man in a bandana approaches Alex near his [Alex] van. He wants some of the drugs that Alex has – but he waaaaay can't afford all of Alex’s stash.

Brad, who is cleaning the leaves of the top of another van, looks on in interest.

Soon after, Alex pays brad his rent money. They talk about when Alex’s bike might be fixed [ric suggested to brad off-screen that parts aren’t that easy to source out here]. Brad comments about Alex’s visitor – and Alex says that it was an old electrician friend of his.

Brad goes to the diner, where he & Leah talks about what happened to Alex in Greece, with the Trouble about the unmarked pills.

Later, Alex & Leah talk [diner]. She wonders if Alex plans for anything serious with Cass – he doesn’t. She also comments on the friend that brad mentioned. Alex says that the guy was a former electrician who is now hooked on drugs, who wanted a loan of some cash for Alex.

Alex’s “fiend” is about to break into Alex’s van when brad disturbs his. The dude runs away – knocking brad to the ground. When brad gates up, he goes to check inside the van, to see if anything missing, but Alex arrives and stop him. Alex looks inside – as says that nothing is missing.

Alex realises that the drugs aren’t safe here – so he goes to Leah’s place. No one is home, and he realises that there is a perfect place to stash the backpag full of drugs – Leah’s fireplace.

Rachel [her place] is feeling kinda stressed before she & kimmy go for the interview for the IVF process. She even wonders if kimmy;s clothes [t shirt etc] is appropriate.

Hugh [hospital] talk to one of the nurses, and when they are done, kimmy & Rachel enter. The nurse shows Rachel the latest rosters – Hugh has arranged for he & Rachel to not even once be working at some time.

Soon after, Rachel & kimmy are in one of the rooms talking to the IVF dude. Kimmy is concerned about the “father” reclaiming the child in the future etc.

Rachel & kimmy talk in the corridor of the hospital. Kimmy is rally concerned about how clinical this all will be. He suggests that they DO try and pick the donor for their child. Kimmy of course suggest Hugh !!!! Rachel tells kimmy that she would never consider asking Hugh. Kimmy then bails.

Colleen [diner] shows Leah the newsp[parer article [apology etc] before Rachel approaches, ans talks to Leah about the IVF ap[pointment.

Meanwhile, kimmy [near surf club] approaches Hugh, and wonders if he would consider being the donor for kimmy & Rachel’s child. Hugh bluntly rejects kimmy;s request.

Hugh, of course heads for Rachel’s place, where he was a MAJOR go at her – because of kimmy;s request. Rachel insist that this was a misunderstanding, but Hugh is rather seething in his verbal attack./

Outdoors somewhere, Rachel & kimmy, well, argue about what’s happened. Rachel esp. thinks that kimmy is acting like this as he already has a baby etc.

Soon after, Leah is walk on beach. She sees Rachel sitting on the sand. Leah sits with Rachel – who tells Leah her concerns [i.e. she thinks kimmy will be totally great when their baby arrives, but he’s just not keen now].

Rachel returns home. She see kimmy asn wonders if his heart id TRULY into the idea of them having a baby. Kimmy says NO !!!!! [end of ep]


More rachjel/kimmy tension leads to a Rachel/HUGH kiss – and probably more !!!

Also, Maddie tells kimmy how kit feels about him [i.e. “she’s in love with you”]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s red scoop neck t/black skirt

SILVER – Colleen’s red [with orange floral motifs] blouse/blue top

BRONZE – Leah’s purple (velvety) spaghetti strap top


Sally’s black top/grey jacket

Rachel’s black top/black jacket/black skirt

Leah’s yellow (black palm tree motifs) singlet top [with white spaghetti strap top beneath]

Kimmy’s white SB gym singlet

Kimmy’s olive green [lime green “coin head” motif] t

Hugh’s sky blue (with little grey square motifs) button up shirt

Hugh’s red & blue [horizontal stripes] rugby jumper

Dan’s olive green button up shirt/dark jacket

Dan’s apple green [orange coin motif etc] t

Colleen’s sky blue floral blouse

Brad’s olive green button up shirt

Alex’s purple [white crest] t/dark blue board shorts

Alex’s light mustard [green dragon on the back] button up shirt

Alex’s cream [with a curved brown vertical stripe on each side] button up shirt

Alex’s ‘friend’'s blue [with white dots] bandana/grey zip up jacket

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