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Summer Bay Heroes

Guest aejdude

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I have been thinking about this for a while, decided to act on my feelings tonight and write something so wrote the first chapter for you all. :)

Hope you enjoy. :D Please tell me what you think.

Title: Summer Bay Heroes

Author: aejdude

Category: undecided

Genre: Fun.Loving.Heroes.

Main Characters: Entire Aus Cast (excluding Alex of course :P)

Rating: T

Summary: Everyone in Summer Bay has a power. But what is it? This fic is based on the TV show Heroes (totally different storylines though) but you don’t need to have seen it to like it all you need to know is everyone has a power.

Chapter 1

It was currently the night time and it was going to stay that way. How you ask?

Belle Taylor always seemed to be a troublesome kid, but there was more to her than people realised. Yes, she had a power and a very good one at that some could argue it was the best power there is. She had the power to change time, for example go back and forward in time and stop time.

So what do you think? Was that a good power I mean she could save lives, saviour a certain moment in time for as long as she wanted, not go to school not sit her exams which no one likes to do. She could do practically anything, go back in time to a part of her life she really misses and enjoy it all over again. Pretty good power eh?

What had Belle planned for tonight? Well an exclusive party for just her and some of her best friends. She had currently stopped time, she was actually in an argument with her mum Amanda at the time so it seemed a good time to stop time she didn’t want to listen her going on any longer all she had to do to stop time was signal a way that would show her wanting things to stop – like simply saying stop and yeah it has happened by accident in the past.

It was midnight, and she wasn’t tired no she lives for the night time. If everyone is frozen because of the stop in time then how can she unfreeze some and not others? Well that answer is easy, all she had to do was simply tap them on the shoulder and they’d unfreeze.

And believe me she has to be careful who she taps on the shoulder, and tapping Amanda on the shoulder in the middle of a party wasn’t a very good idea.

Belle wonders around the bay, thinking who to unfreeze and now she had thought of the people she was going to unfreeze it was just finding them.

She finds Mattie and Ric in a very compromising position but don’t worry kids nothing dirty going on here just a saucy little kiss between the pair I do like to exaggerate I know and who am I? Well that you will not know and why would you want to it’s not me that is interesting it is the story right?

Belle taps Matilda on the shoulder first, so she can see how cute Ric looks when he is kissing. “Hey” Belle says suddenly to Mattie, Mattie acts like she is shocked and completely “normal” even though she isn’t although she doesn’t know this as of yet “How did you do that?” Mattie asks.

“Oh it’s a little thing called time travel!” Belle says with enthusiasm, she’s so happy with her power and no she does not want to be normal different, unusual suits her fine.

“You know that is like so cool!” Mattie says jealous of Belle, she wished she had a power.

“Oh my god!” Mattie says, just as she said that she began to elevate about Belle.

“Okay, now I’m angry you get the power to fly?” Belle responds, although really she isn’t she is perfectly happy with her power.

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She finds Mattie and Ric in a very compromising position but don’t worry kids nothing dirty going on here just a saucy little kiss between the pair

:P :P

Damn Belle, I want Belle's power, and Matties. Damn them both! <_<

That was great Aaron, I can't wait to see what everyone else's power's are! :D

Update now please. :D

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This is awesome, Aaron. I really like how you've written it from an omniscient point of view. I presume we'll find out who's telling the story ...

Great work, can't wait to read more.

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Superpowers in the Bay!! :lol:

That spells trouble <_<

I'd rather have Belle's than Matties though - think about it: you could go forward in time to the time of like jetpacks and maybe even a time humans will be able to fly :P

Belle's cooler :P

Update soon Azza :D

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Glad you're all enjoying it so far. :P

Second part of the story ready and waiting for you all. :P

Chapter 2

“So that’s what this is?” Mattie still floating in the air confused about how this just happened.

“Yeah, it certainly looks it! Anyway get down we have a party to get ready for that’s actually why I unfreezed you but not like you would know that!” Belle says.

Mattie comes back down to the ground, relieved in a way that she is actually standing on the ground not that she doesn’t like her power but it’s just so new to her at the moment.

“What I can do is also cool but how come I can suddenly do this?” Mattie responds, demanding an explanation as if it’s up to Belle what power she has although this isn’t the case.

“I don’t know, but just treasure it for now at least.” Belle says sounding like she knows more than she is letting on but actually she doesn’t.

Belle taps Ric on the shoulder, and now Ric is confused one minute he thought he was kissing Mattie next minute it looks like he is kissing plain air.

“Is this a dream of something how come Tony is frozen?” Ric asks.

They are currently in the Hunter’s house, the main living room with that comfortable looking settee everyone just wants to sit on.

“Well you know it can be anything you want it to be Ric, but I’d imagine if it was a dream we would be in a lot more comfortable outfits like bikini’s perhaps?” Belle says teasing Ric.

Mattie now can’t stop laughing it’s so true what Belle just said, although she hopes Ric would only want to see her in a bikini and not Belle.

“Great, you’re winding me up! And yes I do catch on fast; do you have a power of some sort then? Because if you do I have one too!” Ric says, I bet you are wondering what Ric’s power is?

“What?! You have a power and you didn’t tell me? Oh well, guess we’re even!” Mattie says in a funny way, butting in before Belle has a chance to speak.

“I have you know that you’re correct I do have a power! I can time travel. And what is your power Mr. Dalby?” Belle says sounding a little drunk, but completely sober I mean really I think all this “I have a power business” has taken over and now she’s really excitable.

“My power is… I won’t say until I know my baby’s.” Ric says meaning Mattie incase you didn’t know for all you know there could have been yet another baby storyline with Mattie and Lucas and who’s the father? Fortunately, there isn’t one of these.

“Well my power is I am able to fly, which means a lot more holiday’s for us Dalby I tell you that now! As I need to put this power to use although at the same time I’m sure I was given it for another reason other than romantic vacations with you I guess you usually can’t use these things for personal gain but we’ll see about that!” Mattie says making sure everyone (Belle and Ric) know that she is going to have some fun with her power and not just go down the traditional route of saving lives I mean that’s so meant for the movies and this isn’t a movie.

“Wow, my girlfriend just got a lot more appealing than she already was. That’s a such a great power.” Ric says, preparing to get some stick off of Mattie.

“Oi watch it you, wasn’t I already appealing enough? And you have not delivered your end of the bargain Mr. what is your power?” Mattie asks very annoyed with her boyfriend Ric and when she’s annoyed she gets really turned on but this only happens when Ric is like this with her she doesn’t know why she gets so turned on but nothing can happen as Belle didn’t just unfreeze them just so that they can do it in front of her, not surprisingly that isn’t what she would find entertaining.

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Great update, Aaron.

“My power is… I won’t say until I know my baby’s.” Ric says meaning Mattie incase you didn’t know for all you know there could have been yet another baby storyline with Mattie and Lucas and who’s the father? Fortunately, there isn’t one of these.

I really liked this bit :lol: Very intriguing as to where all this is leading.

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