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Reading My Life

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Type of story: one-shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Most of the cast

Genre: Drama

Warnings: None.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Difficult to explain... The characters read the fanfic on Backtothebay.

"Hey Sal!"

Brad sits down next to Sally, attracting a mean look from Flynn. He holds up his hands.

"I'm with her now. Not my fault you're dead."

Flynn makes a muffled sound and stands up, leaving.

Sally looks at Brad reproachfully.

"He can't help that he's here, Brad. Tess wrote him into a fic..."

"Yeah well, that's not the point. I'm with you in most of them."


He glares at Peter who sits down next to them.

"Now what?"

Sally rolls her eyes.

"Brad is jealous because we date in two fics."


They all look over their shoulders at Diesel, who is sitting in a corner looking at Sally. She shudders.

"I can't believe Sally_Fletcher and Roccoluver made me sleep with him! Eww..."

Brad nods.

"Yeah, they also made you sleep with Johnny. And Rocco. You could lose your job!"

"Like you didn't sleep with Milly in Secret Desires!"

"Good point."

Brad looks up when Flynn taps him on the shoulder.


"Didn't Drew kill you in one of his fics?"

Brad rolls his eyes.

"Go away, Flynn!"

Sally takes Brad's hand, smiling at him.

"Ignore him. He wants me to be happy, don't you Flynn?"

"Well I don't like Brad. He saved himself and let all of you die in Cal's fic about the bird flu..."

Brad glares at Flynn.

"Get over it."

Lucas looks at Martha interestedly.

"Beckyboo was right... we'd be good together."

Matilda and Belle both glare at him.

"In 90% of the fics on here, she's your brother's wife, you sick minded puppy!"

Lucas sighs.

"Good point..."

Jack looks at Martha with a lovesick smile.


He looks taken aback when she frowns at him.

"I'm just thinking... a lot of the writers have some romantic ideas about us... want to prove them right?"

"Not like that. Be a little... romantic."

Jack sighs.

"I'm not that smart. Let's go read another JM fic, maybe it's inspirational."

Martha grins.


They run off to one of the computers, logging on to Backtothebay. Martha grins.

"Oh look! Kaciexox updated You and Me!"

At another computer, Johnny is reading Opposites Attract, watching Sally every now and then – where she's sitting next to goody two shoes Brad.

"She really is something…"

His words attract an evil look from Rocco.

"Don't even think about it."

Diesel looks up.

"She's mine."

Sally turns her head to look at the three guys.

"I'm with Brad! How many times do I have to tell you that? These fics are going to your heads!"

Brad stands up, taking Sally's hand. They walk out, followed by Jack and Martha and the rest of their friends.

Much much later, after almost everyone has left, there is only one person in the building, a pale face in the light of a computer. Charlie reaches over, ripping up a photo of Kim and smiling.

"You know me so well, Perryadams…"

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