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Mon, 11 June 07 - “ Goodbye Jules, Hello More Trouble “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Goodbye Jules, Hello More Trouble “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 11 June 07 - Episode # 4436)

Note – this ep guide is mostly in sequence, i.e. no A & B story split

Alf re-enters the vph – as he forgot something for fishing. Brad tells him that news that he’s suspended - and that sally is acting principal. Alf hopes that colleen won’t blab this, but when colleen enters the house to pay her rent, brad kinda angrily blurts the info out. Sally & Alf suggest that colleen should show more discretion this time.

Cass & Alex are walking in the van park when Alex gets a phone call. When off phone, he tells Cass who stole his bike. Alex is livid – as is Cass.

At hospital, dr young tells Dan, Leah, drew & Jules that Jules seem to have mostly just suffered concusion in the crash. Alex & Cass arrive – and Alex immediately starts going off at Jules. Dan & the others suggest finish it elsewhere [as they are at hospital]. When they others have gone, and Cass & Jules are alone, she insists that she can’t believe that Jules has done something stupid AGIN, and “sorry” won’t cut it.

When Leah & co arrive back at her place, Leah can’t believe when she hears about the other bike [boarding school kid] bike that Jules stole. Jules of courts goes off at drew – but drew insist that this really IS all Jules’ fault.

Next day, belle & Cass are walk to school. They talk about relationships, and Cass is overjoyed to hear that at least drew/bell at back together.

Dan, Jules & Leah rtn to her house after they’ve been to the police station. Dan & Leah talk about Jules parents, i.e. how they farmed him off to board school etc. drew enertrs – and Dan tell him that Jules has been charged, and could go to juvenile detention.

Drew talk to belle in the diner about the whole Jules situation. Jules approaches them – and suggest that he will be “:eaten alive” inside.

Sally & brad discuss the day to come – for sally, its taking care of the budget at school etc – as she is now acting principal [for the millionth time], whilst brad is soooo “looking fwd” to all the cleaning in the house & the van park. At leat he’ll have little pippa for assistance, and as Alf & sally bails, brad & little pippa “high 5” each other.

Leah is on the phone at the diner. When off she tells Alex that to get her “misplaced” luggage to be delivered today to the diner will take another “million” phone calls. Alex offers to wait at Leah’s place for then to be delivered. Leah muchly thanks her bro.

As Alex is about to bail, drew approaches him. Drew urges Alex to speak to the police about having the charges dropped. Dre3w insist that Alex WILL get his money back [i.e. the bike WILL be fixed].

Belle & Cass are walk near the beach when Jules approaches. Cass says that she will catch up to bell when she is done talk to Jules. When belle was walked away, Cass insists that Jules just can’t say sorry all the time, and that she’s not going to forgive him this time. Cass then walks off.

Alex [Leah’s place] tells Jules that he went to the police, and the charges has been dropped. Alex says that drew told him about Jules’ past – and Alex knows what it’s like when you make a mess of things. Jules definitely promises to pay for the repairs to the bike etc.

Jules goes to to diner, where he WAAAAY thanks drew for what he says to Alex.

Little pippa is helping brad with grabbing the dirty linen for the vans when they encounter Alf, who is determined to stop colleen for repeating her mistakes [re the paper].when Alf has walked away, brad notices that some drugs [diazepam to be precise] have fallen out of the linen that he & little pippa have just taken out of Alex’s van.

Alex [Leah’s][ is on the phone, and he is way stressed during the call. He ends the call when Leah Dan, drew & Jules rtn. Jules is most surprised when Leah & Dan tell him that they’ve thought things though – and they thinks its best that Jules goes back to live with his parents.

Colleen [diner] is on the phone to the paper, when Alf enters the kitchen and hangs up the phone. Colleen tells him that she was telling the paper to print an apology for his recent actions.

Jules ap[praches Cass [near beach]. Cass already knows that he is leaving. he tells her that he went off [stole bike] because of how Cass invite Alex to the pool party. Cass insists that she wishes Jules had told her that earlier -0 she would have totally “got” where he was coimniung from.

Before bailing, Jules insists that he REALLY likes Cass.

Sally arrives home and she & brad talk nmanbout her day at school [budget etc] and then brad tells sally about the pills that he found with Alex’s stuff. Brad is most suspicious as to why Alex would have a packet of the pretty serious drug but sally suggest that they should stay out of it for the time being.

Alex [Leah’s] is alone and on the phone. When one call ends, he phones someone – saying the goods will be here soon.

Alex is most pleased when a man delivers Leah’s previously missing bag. Ales go into the lounge, and open the bag. He throws Leah’s clothes out of the bag, before he gets to what he wants to see – the drugs [many many packets of diazapan] that he must have stashed in her bag !!! {end of ep]


Is this the end of Kimmy/Rachel???

Alex’s activities [drugs] put other ppl’s lives in danger

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Colleen’s sky blue floral blouse

SILVER – Little Pippa’s sky blue dress

BRONZE – Leah’s purple (velvety) spaghetti strap top


Sally’s black [sky blue floral] dress

Sally’s red top/light grey jacket

Little Pippa’s pink [with unknown yellow motif] top

Leah’s brown asymmetric skirt/bone plunge v neck top

Jules’ red [white ‘seek – ride – Norton” logo] t/grey jacket/denim jeans

Jules’ British Racing Green [‘Norton’ logo] jacket/ white t

Jules’ British Racing Green [‘Norton’ logo] jacket/ white (green ‘Norton” logo) t

Drew’s black [grey naughts & crosses] t/grey jeans

Drew’s black (“juice” with red, white & green floral motif) t shirt

Dr Young’s bluey-grey button up shirt

Dan’s olive green button up shirt/dark jacket

Dan’s green [faded white unknown motif] t

Colleen’s yellow [darker yellow floral motifs] blouse

Cassie’s orange dress

Cassie’s green & white diagonal stripes tube top/white shorts

Brad’s burgundy tie/plum button up shirt

Brad’s black jumper/olive green shorts

Belle’s SBH Uniform

Alf’s yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Alex’s light mustard [green dragon on the back] button up shirt

Alex’s dark blue [with various white motifs on left shoulder] button up shirt

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