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Away and Home

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Title: Away and Home

Author: Me

Category: long fic if I have readers

Genre: everything

Main Characters: everyone

Rating: T-A

Summary: Sort of a spoof of HAA, if you thought things happened far to often in HAA then you will be really shocked with this story. I promise each update will have at least one character on the edge on death :)

NOTE- This is my first script fic, any problems please tell me

INT. SCENE. Summer Bay House

Sally walks into the lounge. Brad is sitting on the couch looking at a piece of paper.


Hey, your up late


Mmm, yeah

Sally frowns and walks over to Brad


Is everything okay?

Brad looks up from the piece of paper


No, it isn’t.


Jack and Martha are running along the beach, laughing like little children.


Give it back

Jack smirks at her but keeps running


If you want it come get it


Don’t make me hurt you

Jack and Martha laugh, suddenly Jack falls over.


Jack, Jack

Martha kneels down next to Jack’s body.


Are you okay

Martha looks around, then pulls her cellphone out and dials 000.

EXT. SCENE Surf Club

Belle is walking along, Ric and Matilda are sitting at a table.


Hi guys


Hey Belle



Belle continues walking along the path and turns to head down to the beach. She stops with a shock look on her face. Drew is hugging a blonde girl. She lets go of him and wanders down the beach. Belle puts on a fake happy face and storms down to Drew


Hey Drew

Drew smiles at Belle and wraps his arms around her.


Hey Taylor, I’ve missed you so much.


I bet you have.

Drew looks confused.


What are you on about Belle?.


I saw you with that blonde bimbo, we’re over Drew.

Belle slaps Drew and races up to the Surf Club.

INT. SCENE Surf Club.

Alf is stacking things away in the storeroom. Alisa is standing behind him.



Alf turns around and looks shocked


Hogan’s ghost, do I have a brain tumor again?


No Alf, I’m here to deliver a warning


Well strike me handsome, what is it?

There’s a loud slam as Belle enters the room. Alisa disappears.


Have you seen Irene Alf?

EXT. SCENE Some rural dirt road.

Kim is driving and Rachel is in the passenger seat.

Rachel doesn’t look to happy to be there.


Are you sure you know where you’re going?


Of course I’m sure, right over this hill is the nice spot I told you about.


Well if you say so.

The car drives over the hill, all there is dirt and a few scattered trees.


Who moved the picnic area?

Who is Brad's child

Will Jack survive his terrible fall

Who does Drew love

What is Alisa's warning

Why does anyone trust Kim driving?

These questions may or may not be answered next time (or ever)

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Umm, I am trying to write an update for this, I have this sort of one off add on :lol:

EXT. SCENE Ex- Holden house.

The old Holden house is being sold, two real estate agents and there and a new family thinking of moving to the bay. There is Mack- father, Jemma- Mother, Tina- Daughter and Arnie- Son.


It’s a very nice house, but why is it so cheap.

Jemma is clearly annoyed by Mack question.




I’m just saying…

Real Estate Agent 1-

Oh it nothing really, just there’s a slightly higher than normal car, plane and boat crashes in this town.

Real Estate Agent 2-

And a couple of odd stalkers, there only been 3

Real Estate Agent 1-

Only 2 remember, that Zoe girl came back from the dead.

Real Estate Agent2-

Oh yeah, like Peter

Real Estate Agent 1-

Oh my god, super hunky cop

Mack looks at Jemma clearly unpleased at the information. Jemma frowns.


You know I don’t think Summer Bay is the place for us…

Real estate agent 1-

Oh don’t let the little things like kidnappings stop you...

Real Estate Agent 2-

Kidnappings are perfectly normal

Real Estate Agent1-

And there aren’t that many natural disasters

Mack and his family are all making their way to their car. They get in and drive off down the street before spinning out of control and crashing into a pole.

Real Estate Agent2-

Why do we never manage to sell a house?.

Someone makes another return :lol:

and there will be more on Jack,Brad, Kim and Rachel and Alf soon

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