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Not sure if this would work as the other picture games haven't been to popular, but here goes!

Guess who/what or where in soapland?

E.g. ieguess.jpg

You can answer any questions that give either a yes no answer

- Is it a UK soap? No

- Is it in Summer Bay? Yes

- Is that Irene's place? No

- Is it sally's house? Yes

That sort of thing...


... when it's been guessed! the whole picture is posted and the person how got it right will start us off with them next one!

So what do people think?

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Not sure how it would work, but what about charades. It's just like Pictionary. You get a group of pictures together to show either a film, singer, programme etc... And people have to guess what it is.

I.e Film.


The answer is Housebunny. I know it's a very easy one, but you get the idea. Anyway what do you think?...

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^ I like the idea even though I'm not good at charades. :P

There are a lot of A-Z games but what about an A-Z of movies? :)

Sorry for the delay in replying, Barbara. I very rarely come in here :P But that game sounds like a good idea. I can set it up now. :)

Thanks Cal! :D

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