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When No Ones Looking

Guest ~Rosey~

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Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Entire cast

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: What goes on when the cameras are off.

Heya all. I know people are going to say that there are alot of cast fics about, :unsure: but I noticed there really popular and wanted to give it a try. I know this chapters short but thats because its my first andwant to know what people think of it :) So here goes. Please read and review :D

Made up Indiana’s mums name, as I didn’t know it.

Chapter 1 - When no ones looking.

Katrina and Nic pulled away. They were engrossed in a kiss, when Dan had called Nic for a scene. He got up, staring down at the love of his life.

“I love you Katrina.” He said, kissing here once more before walking out of the room.

She looked up and smiled as his fiancé had walked out of the room. She thought to her self how lucky she was to have a man like him in her life. They weren’t going to get married for awhile now which meant more time on the show that they both loved working on.

Indiana was sitting down of a lounge in the studios, crying. Kate was walking down the hallway, when she heard faint crying. As she walked closer to the room at the end of the hall, the crying got louder and louder. She poked her head round the corner of the door and saw Indi they’re sitting on the couch crying, with her head in her hands. Kate walked over to her, sat down and put her arms around her. Indi jumped. She thought she was alone.

“Hey Indi? What’s wrong?” Kate asked her, in a sympathetic voice.

Indi looked over at Kate. She was glad it was only her that was in the room with her.

“L-L-L-Look at the TV” she just managed to say.

Kate turned her body around to the TV, still holding Indi. She was shocked to see the news headlines read

“Mother of well know actress, Indiana Evans has died today. Her name was Lilly Evans. The cause of death is unknown”

The news report flashed off the screen and a TV commercial came on. Kate looked back at Indi, obviously knowing now why she was so upset.

“I’m so sorry sweetie.” She gently told her, hugging her even tighter. Kate knew just how she felt. Indi was only 16. Kate has lost her mother at the age of 5. She felt so sorry for her. Her father had run off before she was even born, and now her mother was gone.

A whistling noise came from outside the room. Then at the door appeared Amy. Amy had a huge smile on her face, but as soon as she saw the 2 girls sitting in here, the smile slowly turned to a frown. Amy walked over to Kate, trying to figure out what was happening. Kate pointed to the TV, which by now the news had come backed on. The newsreader repeated what she had said before, and Amy’s frown quickly turned to a shocked look.

She quickly turned over to Indi, who was now in hysterics. She went and sat down beside her and kissed her sweetly on the head. These 2 actresses had had some very comforting scenes, and got to know each other pretty well Amy sat there, hugging Indi, while Kate went to go get a drink and let a few other people know. Indi fell asleep in Amy’s arms, to tired and no tears left to cry with.

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Chapter 2 - When no ones looking.

[sorry so short]

It was now a few days after Indis mum had died. Practically everyone working on home and away knew, and now she had nowhere to live. She was a 16-year-old girl and couldn't pay off the rent in the house that her and her mum used to live in. Amy had offered the spare room in her house to her, but she said she would think about it.

Indi was refusing help from everyone. She didn't want anyone to help her plan her mother's funeral and she didn't want anyone to grieve with her. She was taking this as if it was the worst thing that had happened to her. And it really was. Even when her dad died, she hadn't really thought much of it. But this was different. She used to tell her mum anything and everything. They spent so much time together and she loved her a lot. Now that had all disappeared. She had no one to turn to even though she knew all the cast members were there for her.

The director had told her she could take as much time off as she wanted. A week later, she walked back into the studios, looking for Amy. Amy saw her before anyone else did and went over to her and hugged her. Once again, she offered her that spare room at her house. She also told her she might feel a bit better if she was with someone she actually knew. Indi smiled and nodded her head, then burying it in Amy's arms.

Paul and Jodi walked out of Room 4. Inside that room, was the 'house; they lived in on the show. They had just finished filming another argument, which was really hard to film, considering they were married in real life. Jodi thought it was unfair. She's married to the man she loves, yet on the show she plays a character, she hates that man.

"I'm seriously thinking of complain to Dan" laughed Jodi, to Paul as they were walking down to the canteen for lunch

"Go ahead. He's not going to do anything." Jack replied, kissing his beautiful wife on the head.

There wedding [3 years earlier] was the perfect day. There had been no explosions, like there on screen wedding had been like. They had now both been married for 3 years.

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