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Tues, 5 June 07 - “ Come BAAAAAAAAAAACK, .....“

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,


(Screened in Australia on Tues, 5 June 07 - Episode # 4432)

Luke [van park] realises that enough is enough – and charges towards wazza & his mates. A fight ensues, but [although outnumbered], Luke prevails – I’m guessing as the further kerfuffle from the fight will surely alert someone that something is going on].

Naomi exits her van when wazza & co are gone. She thanks Luke – but he insists that NOTHING have changed. However, when Luke arrives back home [hunter house], he looks all stressed [maybe this isn’t so black & white no to him].

When jack gets home, he talks to Luke about how Luke saved Naomi tonight. Jack tells Luke that he should talk to Tony about what’s happened, but Luke insists that nothing has changed.

Brad [diner] talk to Hugh & Rachel about the attack on Naomi, and the “pack mentality” on the attack.

Jack talks to Naomi in her van. He insists that she should bails fom the bay – as she has a duty of care to her students [esp. Luke in his final year of secondary school].

Soon after, brad approaches Naomi’s van, and as he does, she exits the van. Brad is VERY surprised when Naomi says that she is LEAVING town. She will go to the city and live with her mum for the time being. She insists that she is STILL going to fight to clear her name.

Naomi meets up with Luke near the beach. She tells him that she is bailing. She also gives him back the book that he gave her. Naomi also insist that Luke should write a story about ALL of this [i.e. think of “black heart” story that got him to writer’s circle, based on his feelings after he discovered that belle was cheating on him].

Naomi also suggest that Luke should forgive Tony – and after she gets in her car, Naomi phones Tony, and “suggest” that Luke may need him.

Soon after, Luke is sitting on beach when Tony approaches. He sits beside Luke – who [with more that a touch of pain in his voice] tells Tony that Naomi is gone.

Maddie [diner] tells kit that she thinks Ric is cheating on her.

Soon after, Ric enters the hunter house, where kit tells him about Maddie’s suspicions.

A little later, Ric returns to the hunter house. Maddie is there – and she isn't exactly reading to hear any excuses. Ric then hands her a V small box – that contains Beth’s engagement ring, Ric tells Maddie that he got it re-sized [so it will fit Maddie]. He tells Maddie that the woman was a jeweller, who did that ring thing for free, after he fixed her car for free.

Maddie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hugs Ric

Kimmy [Rachel’s place] is nursing Archie when kit arrives to take her bub home. When Kimmy & kit talk about Archie, Rachel is waaaaaaaaaaay looking jealous.

Later, Limy & Rachel enter the diner, and speak to Martha & Hugh whilst wait for their take-on-the-road-to their-romantic-night-in-the-city coffees. Hugh jokes about joining them in the city.

A little later, Kimmy & Rachel arrives in their hotel room – which has an awesome view of the harbour bridge and the opera house. Rachel is keen ti go to the ritzy restaurant, but he just wants to sleep [on their relaxing time away]. Rachel decides to have a shower – and when she gets out, she tries to phone Hugh, about a complex surgery that he is involved ion today. Kimmy gets up and suggest that they actually DO something on this time away.

Soon after, Rachel starts talk to Kimmy about THEM having a child [via IVF]. Kimmy doesn't exactly look that keen.

When they rtn to the bay, kit is in Rachel’s house [re Archie]. Rachel cannot help herself – she blurts out [to kit] that kimmy/rachel are going to have a baby.

Kit goes home – where maddie can see that kit not look so not. Kit is all teary when she tells maddie about Rachel’s baby plan, and how kit thinks that she is stupid for thinking that she, Kimmy & Archie would be a REAL family.

Kit then goes to next door, and she tells Kimmy that she is LEAVING the bay – to go back to uni {end of ep]


Will kimmy’s reaction [to Rachel’s bub idea] get Rachel & Hugh closer together?

ALEX !!! is back [note - the only good bit about that is that Leah must be too]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Naomi’s dark blue [black floral] strapless dress

SILVER – Rachel’s orange [with stylish brown V on the front] top

BRONZE – Brad’s silver tie/white shirt/black suit


Hugh’s black button up shirt

Jack’s red (mustang motif) t shirt

Jack’s black v neck t

Kimmy's purple (black cougar head motif) t-shirt

Kimmy’s olive green [lime green “coin head” motif] t

Kimmy’s white [with small white eagle head on blue background] v neck t

Kit’s Irish green v neck top

Kit's red (yellow leafy motifs) v-neck top

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top

Luke’s brown & pink polo shirt

Luke’s sky blue t / Luke’s white [with blue stripes on the sleeves] hoodie

Luke’s mauve [surfy themed motifs] t/light blue board shorts

Maddie’s red [with white floral motifs & white band at the bottom] dress

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Martha’s tan top

Naomi’s Irish green singlet top

Naomi’s orange halter neck top

Rachel’s black v neck dress

Rachel’s red top

Rachel’s red v neck dress

Ric’s white singlet [with tied-at-the-waist dark blue overalls]

Tony’s olive green shorts/white t

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