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Mon, 4 June 07 - “ Memories Of Amanda And THAT ....“

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Memories Of Amanda And THAT Cricket Ball !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 4 June 07 - Episode # 4431)

Note – this guide will be mostly in sequence, as it all related to the whole luke/naomi/tony business

Sally, brad, Irene, Alf & Naomi [diner] are NOT impressed when they discover that a rather sheepish colleen told that paper about all of this [naomi/luke]

Speaking of Luke, he is approached by Tony on the beach, but Luke is still not ready to talk to his dad.

Naomi [sbh] is preparing for her 1st class of the day, and she’s NOT pleased when bad & sally suggest that she should go home for the day. Naomi thinks that makes her REALLY look guilty.

At Noah’s, Alf & Irene are talk about THAT article when Tony arrives – they show him, and he’s NOT happy.

When Luke arrives at SBH, some of the male students [led by wazza] are rather pleased with his “work” [luke/naomi]. They show him the paper, and sally, brad & Maddie all intervene.

Irene [surf club] tells Tony that she’s got a call form sally – that Luke knows.

Maddie & Luke both go to the hunter house, and talk about the Naomi situation.

Alf [diner] majorly has a go at colleen, in the kitchen, because of what she’s done.

Naomi is teaching an English class, and wazza and co makes several comments based on the paper article, Luke arrives late to class – and is soooo not apologetic.

Maddie [hunter house] is holding Beth’s engagement ruing [given to Maddie in Beth’s will] when Ric arrives. Maddie is still way annoyed with Ric, and at Tony too.

Brad [sbh] gets off the phone – and he tells sally that the department are now involved [thank to the paper article and concerned parents.

Meanwhile, Luke, wazza & co are still giving Naomi a hard time in class, and this is still occurring when brad enters the room. He tells the students to go top the library.

In the corridor, Tony & Luke talk to sally about Naomi’s future – whilst in the classroom, brad tells Naomi that the department is involved now, and that she is being stood down pending an inquiry. Naomi fiercely insists that she is NOT going down without a fight.

Tony enters the diner – and [in kitchen] gives colleen a MAJOR “serve”. When he’s done, Irene also has words with colleen – suggesting that paper may be colleen’s only form of employment if she keeps this behaviour up.

Ric talks to Alf at Noah’s about the whole maddie situation. This gives Ric idea on how to help rectify the situation.

Soon after, maddie is walk in the park and she [in the distance] sees Ric talking to an unknown woman. Maddie is clearly not pleased when Ric gets into the woman’s car and they [Ric & woman] drive off.

Maddie’s suspicions [that Ric is "over" her] are enhanced when Ric approaches her at the diner. When she says that she went to the vph earlier and he wasn’t there, Ric responds by saying that he was surfing all day.

Its night time now, and Naomi is in her van when wazza & some of his mates call out to her – looking for similar “action” that Luke had. Naomi checks that the door is locked – but she is further scared when they start throwing things [chairs etc] against the side of her van. Luke is nearby – and you can see that he is in a quandary as to whether he helps Naomi or not.[end of ep]


Rachel tells kimmy that she’s keen on them having a baby

What does Naomi say to love that allows him to “move on”?

The official site has something about a Fan Tour of the Bay

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s red [with white floral motifs & white band at the bottom] dress

SILVER – Irene’s sky blue blouse/peach top

BRONZE – Luke’s mauve board shorts


Alf’s green [red checks] button up shirt

Brad’s yellow tie/white shirt/black suit

Colleen’s red [with white & black floral? motifs] blouse/peach top

Luke’s SBH uniform

Luke’s sky blue t/white jacket

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Naomi’s choc brown dress

Naomi’s Irish green singlet top

Ric’s grey [dark grey horizontal wide stripes] t

Sally’s purple top/grey jacket

Tony’s white [sB gym] t shirt

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