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When The Cameras Stop Rolling

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: When The Cameras Stop Rolling

Type of story: Entire Cast

Main Characters: Entire Cast

BTTB rating: (A)

Genre: Drama, Action, Vilence,

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings:

Summary: When the Camera's stop rolling you see what the actors really get up to.

Chapter one

Pacing up and down his office, Cameron eventually sat in at on his chair by his desk looking down at the letter in front, he could hardly bring himself to look inside because no matter how long he put it off for he knew that he wasn't going to like what was inside.

Tim laid snuggled on the sofa fast asleep, in a deep sleep that he didn't hear Mark and Chris S enter his room. They both started giggling at Tim as his snoring became louder and louder. Kate walked into the room speaking quite loud on her mobile before she came to a stop as she heard Mark say, “shushhhhâ€

Kate quickly ended her phone call and started laughing at Tim; all three of them couldn't believe how loud he was snoring. It would be cute if he was snorting like a pig as well as snoring. Just as Mark was about to try and wake Tim up, they couldn't believe Tim has turned on to his side and put his thumb into his mouth and started sucking his thumb like a big baby.

Jodi drove into the cark park and quickly got out of her car running into the 7 Studios rushing as if to say, “I'm finally here†because she was really late.

Paul stood holding the door open, grinning cheekily at her, “Come on Gordon, if Martha and Jack are getting back together we need to shoot it like now!†he said jokingly as Jodi just laughed sarcastically and ran towards her dressing room.

Mark, Kate and Chris S were just still watching Tim and had been joined by Amy Mathews and Bobby Morley. Bobby quickly pulled his mobile and started taking pictures at all angles as Tim kept on sucking his thumb, “Bob why?†Kate said laughing.

As Bobby took more and more pictures he looked at them all stood by the door and said, “This is payback for all the times he played jokes on us, if I'm going to get these developed I need good images to sell on Ebay!â€

“He's going to kill you†Kate said laughing at Bobby. “I've got it†Mark blurted out.

“What?†Amy asked confused and watched Mark run out of the room.

After a few minutes Chris S looked at the door, shocked as he watched Mark walk towards the dressing room carrying a bottle of water, “you can't wake him upâ€

Amy quickly said told Mark.

Bobby looked at her laughing, “You don't really think he's going to throw the water on him to wake him up do you?â€

Kate, Chris and Amy just glanced at each other, they couldn't work out what Mark was going to do until they saw him walk towards Tim and Mark began to slowly pour the water onto his beige pants. Bobby stood behind laughing, Tim still hadn't moved an inch and Mark was still slowly pouring the water holding back his laughter hoping Tim wouldn't wake.

Mark shook the last drops out of the bottle and turned away from Tim, “looks like someone still hasn't got out of the habit of wetting the bed†Bobby said grinning enormously at the others.

“We better go before he wakes up,†Kate said laughing at the wet stain on Tim's pants. They all left the room and quietly shut Tim's dressing room door and started to walk to the café.

Jon and Ada sat eating their lunch and talking about the upcoming scenes they had together, “I can't believe Leah is going to cheat on Dan again†Ada said clearly upset.

“It's not enough that Tony slept with Irene but then he goes and sleeps with Leah as wellâ€

Jessica was sitting quietly in her dressing room looking through TV Week when she heard a knock at the door, “Come in.â€

Rhys walked into the room smiling at her, “Hey Jess, how are you?â€

“I'm ok thanks, you?â€

“Yes I'm good, I just wanted to ask you if I could borrow TV Week?â€

Jess looked confused and raised her eyebrow looking at him, “why?â€

Rhys grinned at her, “Apparently there is this gorgeous Home And Away actor in this weeks issueâ€

Jess closed the magazine and handed it to him, laughing as she knew that the only poster in the magazine was of Ray Meagher, Rhys started flicking threw the pages, “He's in here somewhere†Jess started to laugh at him, “Rhys the only person that is in that magazine is Ray, now I know you want to be like Ray but surely your don't want the bold patch just yet†she said still laughing.

Rhys picked up the pillow nearest to her and threw it at her, she looked at him shocked but quickly got up and threw the pillow back, they both got into a big pillow fight and Rhys pushed Jess on to the sofa playfully.

Jodi and Paul sat on Palm Beach looking at the water when Paul looked at her, “Are you sure your ok?†he asked worriedly. “I'm ok why aren't you?†Jodi replied looking back at Paul.

“Yeah I'm good but you just seem a bit different recently like being late to filming, it's well… just not like you that's all†Paul said clearly.

Ada and Tony burst out laughing after Mark and Bobby told them what they just did to Tim, “Well I think this makes up for him re-tuning your guitar†Ada said half-smiling at Mark.

Mark looked back at her shocked as he said, “That was him!â€

“Yes didn't you know†Tony said looking up at him,

“No I thought it was Jess.â€

Tim rubbed his eyes as he slowly began to wake from his deep sleep, he had been so run down lately with all the long hours that he had been working, and he has barely had any sleep.

He stood up and stretched his arms out and slowly started to wake up, he was just about to leave the room when his mobile on the side table started to ring, “G'day mate long time no speak†Tim said smiling on the phone.

“No… is she is ok?†Tim said worried.

“Ok, ok I will be straight there†Tim said quickly and put the phone down and he rushed out of the room.

Preview: Who has just told Tim some devastating news?

What is Cameron hiding from the cast?

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It's the first time I have ever commented on a fic before so you should feel privileged :P. Plenty of comedy was mixed in which is always great, it was very entertaining to read! Poor Jodi :(....maybe she has feelings for Paul :P. Excellent start, I look foward to reading more :D.

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Jon and Ada sat eating their lunch and talking about the upcoming scenes they had together, “I can’t believe Leah is going to cheat on Dan again” Ada said clearly upset.

“It’s not enough that Tony slept with Irene but then he goes and sleeps with Leah as well”

Oh my word!!! Whatever next!!

Its the first time I have ever commented on a fic before so you should feel privileged Plenty of comedy was mixed in which is always great, it was very entertaining to read! Poor Jodi :(....maybe she has feelings for Paul :P. Excellent start, I look foward to reading more :D.

LOL Thank you... *feels priviledged*

I look forward to more comments :P

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I love it :) I love the reality fics :)

Poor Tim, i hope nothing bad happened. Though his wet pants will be front cover news :lol:

Tony and leah, lol, Thats funny.

Whats Jodi up to :unsure: Nice to see Paul care :P

And i hope nothing is wrong with Cameron, and Rhys and Jess, so cute

More please

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Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it :D

Chapter two

Tim ran into the cafe looking at the others who were just sat laughing at him, “Hey Tim how are you?” Mark said laughing.

“I have to go…” Tim said looking upset at the others.

“Where you going… to the toilet maybe?” Bobby said simply.

“No… look guys I just had Nic on the phone, he’s at the hospital with Clare, they have been in an accident”

“owe my god… is he ok?” Kate said worried.

“I really don’t know, all he said was that Clare was hurt and he thinks he’s going to loose her” Tim told them teary eyed.

“I need to get to the hospital now but my cars at the garage” Tim explained.

“I will drive you, I haven’t got ant more scenes today” Amy said as she grabbed her coat from the chair behind and walked over to Tim.

“Call us as soon as you know anything” Kate shouted just as Tim and Amy left the room.

The room remained silent as Kate, Chris, Mark, Ada, Jon and Bobby hoped that Clare and Nic were going to be ok.

Nic sat in the hospital with his head in his hands, frantically holding back the tears. “Nic?” A nurse said as she looked over at him.

He quickly lifted his head as he said, “Is she ok?”

“She is still in theatre but I need to check your arm” she replied worried about his arm that was bleeding and the deep cut just above his eye.

“I’m fine all I want is to see Clare” Nic told her clearly.

After a few minutes Nic got up and headed into the room and sat on the bed as the nurse saw to his arm and head.

Tim and Amy ran up to the reception asking for Nic, Nic heard Tim’s voice and shot up from his bed running out of the room, “Nic” the nurse called out for him to come back.

As soon as Tim looked at Nic, Nic burst into tears wrapping his left arm round Tim.

Tim hugged him as he let Nic cry on his shoulder, “have you heard anything?” Tim asked Nic.

Amy could barely look at Nic, her eyes were filling up with tears as she just watched him cry on Tim’s shoulder. Nic pulled away from Tim, wiping his eyes as he sat on the chair behind.

“Have you had your self checked out?” Tim asked as he saw the state of Nic’s arm.

“Why, I don’t care about me…. I just want to know if Clare’s ok!” Nic said angrily at Tim.

Amy sat next to Nic as she put her hand on his shoulder, “You need to get yourself checked over, what use are you going to be to Clare if you are hurt?”

Nic raised his head giving Amy a quick glance before slowly getting up and walking towards the nurse who was waiting for him by the room.

Kate sat in her dressing room with Ada, they still couldn’t believe what had happened, they were really worried and both waited by their phones for Tim or Amy to call.

“I don’t understand what Nic is doing back in Oz” Ada asked Kate confused, Kate looked back at her as she didn’t know the answer as well, “I have no idea he was meant to be in the UK for another 4 months until November and that’s when he and Holly were coming back for the 20th anniversary.”

Cameron sat looking at the letter still in its envelope, debating weather or not to open, but suddenly he started to rip open the envelope, as he knew he had to open it sometime.

Cam had opened the letter but just as he was about to read it, he chickened out as he threw it in his desk and walked out of his office walking towards the café. As he walked in he noticed how quite everyone was, “Why is it so quite?” he said smiling.

Jon looked at him as he said, “You haven’t heard have you?”

“Heard what?”

“Nic and Clare have been in an accident”

Cam was stunned and shocked as he said, “Are they ok?”

“Nic called Tim telling him that Clare was badly hurt but that’s all we know”

Cam didn’t know what to say, he quickly sat on the chair nearest to him, unable to speak…. He couldn’t believe what Jon had just told him.

Paul headed back into the studies as Mark told him about Nic, “Paul I’m sure Nic and Clare will be fine” Mark said reassuring Paul as Mark noticed how worried Paul looked.

“Yeah I hope so” Paul replied still looking concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

Paul looked at Mark, “Nothing mate”

“You can’t fool me” Mark said half smiling as he walked into his dressing room followed by Paul who closed the door.

Jodi sat in her dressing room looking into the mirror as she started to cry, she never thought this would ever happen but it has and she had to be sure for once and for all.

Nic eventually came from the room where he was being treated for his wounds when he saw a doctor walking towards him with a horrifying look upon his face as he walked closer and closer to Nic, Tim and Amy.

Nic shot up from his seat, “Is she ok?”

“Are you Mr. Bishop?” the doctor asked.

“Yes where is Clare” Nic said quickly.

Tim and Amy looked at each then at the doctor…

“Just tell me,” Nic shouted angrily.


Is Clare alive?

What’s wrong with Paul?

Why is Jodi acting so strange?

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Jodi is pregnant, and its Chris's baby? Unless...ok i wont say.

Clare better be alright. Poor Nic :(

Whats wrong with Cameron?? Everything is going wrong in this fic -cries-

Great chapter though

More please

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