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Fri, 1 June 07 - “ Reason Number 6 TRILION to Kill Colleen !!&

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Reason Number 6 TRILION to Kill Colleen !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 1 June 07 - Episode # 4430)

Dan enters one of the classroom at SBH, where drew is doing assignment. Dan way takes offence at drew trying to text belle – and naturally drew is frustrate by this.

Drew goes to the diner where he sees belle. They argue about drew kissing guitar girl at the party.

When they are back at school, drew approaches belle, he asks that they talk about this at lunch on the beach. Belle agrees, but when drew walks away form belle, he encounter Naomi. She tells him that he is to attend a study group in the library at lunch time. Drew tries to fight this, but Naomi isn’t swayed.

At the start of lunch, Dan sees drew testing someone. He takes the phone form drew [before msg is sent]. Dan insists that drew go to library now.

Meanwhile, belle waits by herself on the beach [with the whole looking at her watch thing going on].

Later, as belle bails form the beach to go back to school, Drew approaches – he tries to explain, but belle doesn’t want to hear another excuse.

Indeed, when they both get back to school, they enter Naomi’s class, and because drew entered before belle, she not only puts her assignment on the front desk, but TAKES Drew’s!!!

When the calls is finished, Naomi wonders why drew not hand in assignment. He insists that he did – and this leads to Dan majorly having a go at drew [Noah’s]. Belle overhears, and looks waaaaaaaay guilty, esp. when drew says that he is going to QUIT school.

Dan [diner] is talks to Irene about drew – when belle approaches. She tell him that she took Drew’s assignment and destroyed it [because of recent everts].

Dan & belle go to the surf club and belle tells drew what happened. Dan also apologises to drew, but the latter insists that his decision stands – he’s NOT going back to school!!!!

Sally & brad [vph] talk about their next move with the whole Naomi thing, i.e. speaking to Naomi & Luke about it, whilst jack [of course] has a go at Naomi when they encounter each other at the diner.

Jack then talks to Luke [beach] about the situation.

At SBH, brad talks to Naomi about what’s happened. She insists that she never knew that Luke was a student here, and that although things were tense tween them when she 1st arrived in bay, Naomi was hoping Luke would get over that pretty quickly, as she made it quite clear that she couldn’t continue etc a relationship with him. Brrd suggest that that was a bit of wishful thinking, he also tells Naomi that, depending of what Luke has to say, he may have to go to the department about this.[note – I’m totally on Naomi’s side in all of this. Yeah, she probably should have mentioned to brad about her & Luke sooner, but if Luke hadn’t lied in the 1st place …. ]

Soon after, brad talks to sally about all this. She is concerned that he hasn’t documented any of this – if this thing become a more formal [go to department] deal.

Meanwhile, Naomi sees Luke in the corridor. She looks as though wants to speak to him, but Luke bails.

Brad speaks to Luke in the diner about what’s happened. Luke tells brad that although Naomi & he had a ‘thing” for each other at the writer’s camp, nothing has happened whilst she's been in the bay. Luke asks brad if he can just drop this whole thing.

Brad goes to Noah’s and speaks to jack. Martha is there too. Jack is annoyed that brad isn’t going to do anything, based on what Luke has said.

When brad bails, jack [still riled] tells Martha that Naomi should be sacked for sleeping with Luke – and colleen [pool room] overhears.

Soon after, colleen [diner] is on the phone to the paper [guess why] – and Irene has a go at colleen for not making the diner her priority. Luke enters the eatery – and Irene wonders why Luke isn’t in uniform. Luke tells her that he didn’t rally feel like going back t school today [or words to that effect]. Jack & Luke then talk about what’s happened. Jack isn’t exactly keen on the way Luke has handled this [i.e. what Luke says to brad], but jack also [frustrated] says that Luke’s call.

Next day, Naomi enters the diner – just as a man delivers the local paper. Colleen looks at Naomi with a look of fear & disdain. Irene takes Naomi’s breakfast order, whilst Naomi looks at the front page of the paper.

She then hands it to the nearby [seated] sally & brad. Both, like Naomi, are shocked at the headline – “teacher caught in student sex scandal” !!! [end of ep]


Rachel tells kimmy that she’s keen on them having a baby – but will his response get Rachel & Hugh closer together?

Naomi is stood down from her job, but she tells brad that she’s NOT going down without a fight!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s SBH uniform

SILVER – Naomi’s choc brown [way stylish] dress

BRONZE – Sally’s purple thin strap singlet top


Brad’s maroon tie/white button up shirt/grey suit

Brad’s yellow tie/white shirt/black suit

Colleen’s bright multicolour floral blouse/blue top

Colleen’s red [with gold floral motifs] top

Dan’s olive green “frontier” polo shirt

Dan’s olive green button up shirt/dark suit

Drew’s black t/grey long pants

Drew’s SBH uniform

Irene’s green long sleeve blouse

Irene’s sky blue blouse

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Jack’s purple [white kangaroos] t shirt

Luke’s red singlet

Luke’s white [with 2 blue horizontal stripes on the back, and a blue stripes on the sleeves] hoodie

Martha’s red [with a black button on each strap] top

Naomi’s red [wide collar] dress

Naomi’s white [raised white horizontal stripes] blouse

Sally’s black top/black jacket

Sally’s black top/grey jacket

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