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Mon, 28 May 07 - “ When Luke Attacks !!! “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ When Luke Attacks !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 28 May 07 - Episode # 4426)

Note 1 – Peter & Amanda have been removed form the opening credits, but no one has taken their place.

Note 2 - this guide will be mostly in sequence [no A & B story split etc]

After Alf tells Ric that Luke is at the van park, Ric finds Luke near Naomi’s van. Luke tells him about the letter. Luke is waaaaaaaaaaay steamed up, but Ric urges him to NOT do anything stupid [esp. hurting kit & maddie more by telling them]

Cass tells Sally [Noahs] that Jules is a big jerk, whilst Jules [sBH] insists to Drew that the birthday party is the perfect place to get back together with Cass. Jules then tells some unknown students about the party, and when drew objects [supposed to be a quiet affair], Jules thinks that it would be an embarrassment for only 10 ppl or so to be there. Cass & maddie enter the corridor that Jules & drew are in – and Cass bluntly rejects Jules’ advances ounce more.

Tony encounters Naomi outside the surf club. She says that she’s not seen the letter yet – as she went to yabby creek 1st thing this morn. Tony tells her that he felt that it was best to write down his feelings on the situation, and he thinks it makes moire sense that way.

Naomi is clearly distracted by all that’s happened as she starts teaching a class [incl maddie, Cass, Jules etc]. Luke turns up late for class – and he tells Naomi that he hasn’t done his assignment either. Naomi is forced to send Luke from the room as his insurance continues. Maddie, of course, looks way worried at what’s happening.

Brad sees that Luke is siting outside the classroom, and he asks Naomi about it. Naomi insists that she can handle things, but [after brad walks away] when Naomi tries to talk to Luke, he walks away.

Indeed Luke goes straight to the gym where he confronts Tony about the letter. The angry Luke insists that Tony must have REALLY hit rock bottom by doing this. Tony insists that he not know about luke/naomi and that he never meant to sleep with Naomi. Tony pleads with Luke not top hurt maddie & further by telling them. Luke responds – by storming off.

Maddie, Ric & Cass talk about Luke at the diner – Ric is understandably trying not to reveal that he knows anything. Drew & Jules enter – and jules convinvces drew to ask Cass to come. She says that she might, and when Jules invites some other [unknown to us] SBH students, drew wonders why Jules just hasn’t created a website to spread the news.

Maddie [after Cass, drew & Jules bail] asks Ric what she should get drew for his bday. She wonders if a CD is enough for his 18th, and she notices that Ric isn’t exactly paying attention to her.

Brad [sBH] approaches Dan and tells him that drew is failing many/most of his subjects at school. Dan insists that he’ll talk to drew about this. Dan then encounters Naomi in other corridor – who concurs with brad’s statement that drew is in academic trouble, as drew is failing her class too.

Dan then approaches drew and insist that he has to knuckle down and get his marks up, starting with doing an assignment that is due tomorrow. Drew suggest that he can hand it in a day late, but Dan tells that drew will have to have his party some other time [and uninvite the few ppl that he’s already invited].

Drew [beach] tells Jules about what Dan has said. They joke about REALLY needing that website now – but Jules has an idea to hold the party [still tonight] in a place other than Leah’s.

Naomi enters Noah’s - and Tony tells her that Luke KNOWS !!! She’s now as stressed as Tony is.

Maddie [Hunter house] is on the phone, and she confirms with them that the party of now on the beach. Tony enters the house, and he wonders if he can help maddie with dinner. She insists that he shouldn’t have to – esp. since this meal is in celebration of him now only the gym. She also tells Tony that jack can’t make it home in time for the meal.

Near the beach, Ric approaches Luke. Luke is still WAY fired up. He insists that kit & maddie should know what Tony is REALLY like, but Ric suggest that Luke should let the dust settle, so to speak. Luke loosely gives the indication that he won’t say anything tonight.

Ric & Luke go to the hunter house, and Luke still appears to be worked up about things. Maddie has a go at him for his attitude, and Tony & Ric are visibly relieved when Luke says it will be good to have a nice family dinner tonight.

Soon after, maddie gets of the phone – kit is running late form a doctors appointment for baby Archie and she can’t make it either.

Maddie & co sit are all seated at the table and, before they begin eating, maddie insists on saying something before they start eating. She praises Tony for being so strong in this time of crisis, but Luke can’t help himself. He uses maddie’s comment as the start point of his attack on Tony. He angrily tells maddie about Tony/Naomi – and maddie looks at Tony with a look of both shock and esp. disappointment [end of ep]


We hear Tony yell out for help – I’m guessing that Luke that's in danger

Looks like Belle/drew get back together at his 18th birthday [on the beach] party

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s white [gold vertical stripes] top

SILVER – Naomi’s silver spaghetti strap top/white cardigan/mauve long pants

BRONZE – Ric’s yellow [black floral motifs] board shorts/brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t


Brad’s white [grey vertical stripes] button up shirt/blue tie/dark suit

Dan’s black button up shirt/brown jacket

Drew’s SBH uniform

Luke’s black [pink double ended tri motifs on one leg] board shorts/light blue [white diag “naughts & crosses” pattern) t-shirt

Luke’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Sally’s peach top/grey jacket

Tony’s olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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