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Summer Evil (by Reo) - comments


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Excellent your onto another winning here for sure. It gave me the creeps for the simple fact it has subtle echoes of the scariest film i have ever seen It is rare but look it up on google you may even find some clips " The children of ravensback". Cassie is dead already and your only opening up :o. Swearing is occasionally needed to get strong issues across It is rare to see a horror film without at least 3 sh**s and a fair few F'S

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Thanks :D

I havent heard of that movie..But i'll look it up.

I don't really like Cassie and as she is apart of that group I need to get rid of her in some way :P

Swearing in films is fine,But this is a message board,I read the rules and they do have a warning for you to put up about the language,But then when i posted it it came out as *'s so i changed it to add the !. That's why i wasnt so sure,On the rest of the board its a no,But fics are different.

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You've got the language warning, and the A rating, so that's fine :)

The fic itself, I'm a little confused by it at the moment, but this is just the first installment. You'll probably explain the how and what for of this evil later on. I'm just impatient about these things :P

I don't get who Wesley is (well, I might...), but you'll probably explain that too :P

An intriguing start.

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Yep hence why i used world famous ****

I didnt think you would of heard of Children of ravensback it is very rare To get hold of it was made in the early 80's. About a group of kids who;s school bus past through a yellow cloud . they came out a group of "best friends" who loved nothing more than to dispose of adults and "friends" who let the side down nasty stuff.

Your definately onto another good one here Reo look forward to more

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Thanks Emmasi :D

I can't remember the language I used in my FD-SB fic and the stars confused me,So I just wanted to check. :P

More is explained about there powers throughout it,I have written something in the decriiption paragraphs about their 'powers' and then a main cast(Havent decide who) later on explaining all about them to a cop that comes to the bay.

Welsey will also be explained,Who he is,Why he was there and maybe even flashbacks to before he died.

In the next chapter you will know more about what they can do,The chapter after that is about Wesley.

Sounds like a good movie.

Thanks :D

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