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Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Drugs (by Cal) - comments


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:o :o :o

This is just getting better and more intruiging for every chapter, your best fic by far!

I can imagine the dilemma for poor Belle, having to choose between Che and her friends.

Looking forward to the next update :)

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My writing skills aren't the best. :P So the full ....umph? of the story isn't really there, but I'm trying my best. :P

I know what you mean, my writing isn't the best either :lol: but your story is great and at least your achieving it and letting us all read it. (BTW that was a compliment) still can't wait for more

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I like your writing style it's different from the others i read which is a nice change. :)

Great chapter, even though your chapters are quite short they still manage to be descriptive. :)

Hopefully Belle can defend herself.

Can't wait for next chapter. :)

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Think that's the best chapter yet storyline wise - it kept you wondering plus you added a few paragraphs at the beggining as well as the script and that was good too get's you thinking more about the character.

Update soon. :)

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